How to Choose the Best and Right College for Law 2021?

The nation is in the middle of a pre-law crisis. The shortage of college slots for law school is so acute that the top high school graduates are flocking to the University of California (UC) at Berkeley, which has more than 200,000 applicants for just 6,500 seats in the fall. The number of applications to Harvard went up by 40 percent from last year, and the Ivy League school admitted 6 percent of applicants, the lowest percentage in seven years. Many students at top colleges are flocking to the UC system, which has announced it will launch a seven-year plan to open four new medical schools by 2025, which will bring the total number of UC campuses to seven.

The best college for law may not be the ideal college for you. You don’t want to waste money on a degree that won’t help you in the long run. You want to know how to find the best and right college for law that will get you higher grades and better opportunities in life. You want to learn how to choose the best and right college for law that will help you complete your education, regardless of your choice of major.

There are three phases to getting a law degree: 1. Law School 2. Bar Exams 3. Practice Law There are many factors that go into choosing the best law school for you. For example, some students choose to practice law in a city that has a strong legal community, while others choose a smaller city to start their career.

Looking for information on how to choose the right law school?

Studying law at a prestigious university and starting a career in the profession is a dream that many students achieve in their lifetime.

Today, India has 950 law schools with 4 to 5 million students every year.

Nearly 60,000 to 70,000 law students are starting their careers as professional lawyers, according to the Indian Bar Association’s 2021 report.

After earning a degree in law, jurisprudence or law, students can look forward to a variety of well-paying career opportunities.

The best way to choose the right law school for your legal education

You will learn what the best factors are to choose the right law school.

Training programme

Before applying to a law school, it is important to find out what curriculum is being taught.

The program must be relevant to the current scenario and market value and, of course, comply with the BCI’s rules and guidelines.

In addition, the total number of teaching hours per year, the total number of hours spent on law-related extracurricular activities.


Whether a student is looking for a graduate degree or a career in law, there should be a wide range of specializations available. The most common specializations in law today are

  • Civil law
  • Tax law
  • Criminal law
  • Company law
  • Patent law
  • International Law

Therefore, before enrolling, students should make sure that their chosen field of study is available in the institution.

Teacher-student ratio

A good law school should have a good faculty to student ratio. According to the UGC rules of 2020, there should ideally be one teacher for every ten students.


A good national ranking is an important factor in choosing a law school. But these criteria are only one piece of the puzzle. Other factors should not be overlooked when making the final choice of a university.


A well-stocked library is essential to a good law school. When choosing a course, students should consider whether the law school library has a sufficient number of legal journals, legal reports, e-books, and independent law books.

Access to technology and books should take place not only in libraries, but also on college campuses.


Before choosing a college for an LLB program, a student should check if the college is affiliated or accredited.

Clinical programme

This step is very important when choosing a university. If a law school is good and reputable, it should have pro bono associations such as Legal Aid Cell, ADRS, Moot Court Society, Mock Parliament and a research center in certain areas of the law.

This will help students familiarize themselves with their future jobs and responsibilities.


While choosing the best law school in India, don’t ignore the geographical aspect. Although a good university, number one in the country, trumps the location.

However, if the institution does not have such a reputation, you should be judicious in your choice.

When choosing a law school, make sure the school is close to the city, offers the opportunity to work and has a good life after graduation.

Also, choose a university in the same geographical area, otherwise you will spend too much time traveling, which will lead to student fatigue.

Five years of history

A law school with a good reputation should offer its students good jobs for many years.

Therefore, when looking for a good law school, you should carefully check the enrollment list of the past five years and see if the university has placed enough students so far.

Students should be confident that they will have a good and lucrative career after graduation.

Famous graduates

Although this point is not very important, it should not be overlooked. Prominent graduates of a university state that the quality of education at that university matches that of industry and that the chances of a successful career are high.

Financial assistance

This is probably one of the most important factors in choosing a law school. About 75-80% of colleges charge tuition fees of 1-4 lakhs.

However, a prestigious institution may charge high tuition fees. At the same time, there should be financial support or scholarship so that even financially disadvantaged students have a chance to study law and start a good career.

Traineeship opportunities

Internship opportunities are another very important factor in choosing the best law school in India. Industry interface is a factor pursued by every law student and a good university should have this capability.

Matches won by the College

A good law school should participate in various inter-university competitions like debates and perform well.

This university degree means that the quality of education and training students receive at the college is good enough to be admitted.

Do the costs justify your future career?

Tuition varies from law school to law school. While the cost of college should not affect the student, the college should have sufficient reputation to justify the cost in the context of the student’s future career. If students feel that a university is too good to meet all the criteria, they should try to find scholarships.

Voltage level

One factor that also needs to be addressed is the level of stress that law school creates for its students. A certain amount of stress is helpful in motivating students to perform better in their studies, but beyond that, stress can be a silent killer. So make up your mind and try to assess current and former students to understand stress levels.

The snack bar

Studying law in India is a good option not only for future career opportunities but also for overall dazzle. A young law graduate can start a career in law with Rs 20,000 per month, which can go up to more than Rs 50,000 per month, according to Indeed.

Thus, it is the right decision that a student makes by choosing a college that meets all the requirements.

Do not get emotional while choosing a college, it is better to make a checklist for each of the above points and mark yes if they meet the criteria, this will help them to choose the best college to study LLB.

  • Lawyer
  • public services
  • Legal Advisor
  • Competence
  • Education
  • Legal Outsourcing
  • Private companies
  • Higher Education
  • Education

There are various exams at national and state levels in India to get the key to admission in law school. According to

Some good universities, like BML Munjal University, even organize CLAT practice tests for students who are preparing.

After passing the entrance exams, the next step is to choose the right institution to get the right education and meet the current requirements and standards of the market.

Example – salary bonus Karnataka for the year 2017.

So, let’s look at the basic features that every law school in India must have and students should check before enrolling in any of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if law school is right for me?

It is no secret that many people choose law school over a lot of other careers today. However, many people feel that law school is not the right fit for them. This is usually because they are not sure if law school is the right choice for them. They also may not know what type of law school they want to attend and what career path they want to follow. Schooling is stressful. With so many factors to consider (location, cost, prestige, size, etc.) it can be a little overwhelming to know where to begin. For many, the decision to go to law school seems to be easy: it leads to a degree that is challenging and pays well. But is it always the best choice?

Which Law College has best placement?

The job market for law school graduates is a tough one. Law school is expensive, and law school graduates struggle to find a job in the legal field. So how do you choose the right law school for you? The answer is simple: look at the schools that are offering classes in your area. If more people are going to law school in your area, then that means there are more job opportunities and the job market is stronger for jobs in that area. If there aren’t many jobs for people in your area, then law school is probably not going to be the right choice for you. Choosing a law school is a very important decision. It may be one of the most important decisions of your life if you are planning to study law, and you would be making a commitment to a life of learning and to a profession that will help the people around you. This is a big decision, so it is important to understand the factors that will guide you to make the right choice. Although this decision may be a bit overwhelming, it is not impossible. If you follow the law school rating mechanism, you will have a clear understanding of the law schools that meet your needs and the costs.

Is 34 too old for law school?

While many law schools are still accepting students, the 2017-2018 admission cycle has begun. And with it comes the anxiety of whether you’re too old for law school. While there isn’t a definitive answer, statistics show that most law school graduates are in their mid-to-late 20s. But there are some data points that indicate things might be different for older students. As an 18-year-old student, I was excited to start my first semester of law school, and to majoring in international law. However, after attending a few lectures, I was already feeling stressed out by the workload and the fact that I don’t know much about the law yet.

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