Know more about SWAP and Poocoin, The Emerging Ideas in the Crypto World.

What Exactly Is SWAP (XWP)?

SWAP (XWP) is a cryptocurrency developed by the community with fast transaction times. The cryptocurrency aims for fairness, transparency, strong privacy, a secure blockchain, and simplicity of use. The transaction’s high privacy standards are based on the CryptoNote protocol. Cryptonote is an open-source application layer protocol that is used as the underlying technology in many privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. Swap’s goal is to protect against external attacks.

Furthermore, the SWAP block time is only fifteen seconds, ensuring higher transaction throughput and faster confirmations. The block time is the amount of time it takes a miner to mine. Miners compete against each other to verify a transaction, which results in the creation of another block.

XWP price pools provide a platform for miners to pool with other miners and share block rewards. The SWAP micro pool provides miners with low latency (a measure of delay) and no pool fees.

Another critical feature of SWAP is that the platform is free. The SWAP has no governance fees and follows the feeless governance model. The SWAP incentivizes network security by using miner fees. 

SWAP’s History (XWP)

SWAP’s website went live on February 15, 2019. Light web wallet went live in May 2019. A light web wallet quickly receives and sends SWAP using the user’s preferred web browser. On December 11, 2018, FreeHaven was rebranded SWAP and all coding ties with Haven were severed. SWAP hardware wallet support was added on December 16, 2018. The total number of XMP tokens available is 18,400,000.

What do we know about the features of Poocoin?

PooCoin Multi-Chain Compatibility

PooCoin was initially designed for the BSC network, but it later added support for multiple chains, including the BSC, Polygon, and KuChain networks. A user can switch networks and connect their wallet by clicking on the ideal icons. 

Multiple Charts

PooCoin has a multi chart option that displays multiple charts at the same time. Traders who trade multiple tokens can monitor the price in real time without opening multiple tabs:

PooCoin can support up to 9 charts at the same time. Any contracts supported by PooCoin networks are free to be listed here.

Token PooCoin

The PooCoin token is currently trading at $1.28, down from its all-time high of $15 in 2021. The total supply is capped at 10 million tokens.

On the BSC network, the PooCoin is a reflection token. A reflection token indicates that each transaction is taxed.

All transactions are subject to an 8% tax, of which 4% is burned and 4% is distributed to other holders. The higher a user’s allocation of supply, the higher their reflection awards. This taxation is applicable to all transactions, including the transfer of tokens from one wallet to another.

PooCoin rose quickly after its launch and was listed on sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. However, it was unable to maintain its initial momentum and fell to new lows.

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