Lionel Messi: La Liga president Javier Tebas ‘ready’ for Barcelona star’s departure

Javier Tebas Javier Tebas will be elected President of the League in 2013.

La Liga president Javier Tebas says he’s ready to leave Lionel Messi – so he criticizes Manchester City, a club he thinks he can sign.

Messi applied for a transfer to Barcelona in August – to which he joined at the age of 13 – but withdrew after they refused to release him.

The attacker coincided with Josep Maria Bartomeu, who then resigned as Barca president in October.

Tebas wants Messi to stay in Spain, but he thinks La Liga could have done without him.

He stated that competition continued after Neimar’s departure from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 and Cristiano Ronaldos’ departure from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018.

We would have preferred Messi to have stayed in the league, but Ronaldo and Neimar left and we didn’t notice the difference, Tebas said. I’m fine. I’m fine.

Argentina International, 33, will be available for a free transfer at the end of this season.

Tebas pointed out that Messi’s favorite Premier League destination would be Etihad Stadium if he went to England – although sources in the club pointed out that no one in town had ever talked about signing a contract with Messi.

President La Liga has criticised the city on several occasions, after he had already made numerous accusations about its structure, including financial doping, before the sports arbitration tribunal dropped the indictment of serious FFP violations in July.

When he appeared Tuesday, he was even more critical of them.

Tebas said: It seems that the only Premier League club that talks about registering Messi is Manchester City, which plays outside the rules. I’m not the only one saying that.

I’m not too worried about her. I often criticise what they do. It doesn’t matter if we do it again. The city is not affected by covids, pandemics or the like, because otherwise they are financed and it is impossible to fight them.

The city decided not to respond to Tebasus’ comments, despite the conviction that it was fighting the financial consequences of a coronavirus pandemic – and limited Pep Guardiola’s manager to £31 million in the final transfer window.

Barca excludes insolvency proceedings

At the end of the one hour presentation Tebas talked about the financial situation of La Liga after the broadcast window was closed on the 5th. October.

It is particularly interesting to note the situation in Barcelona, where, as he said, their budget has been cut by 43%. In July, the Club showed that its debt had more than doubled from EUR 217 million (GBP 194,5 million) to EUR 488 million (GBP 437,4 million), compared with an annual loss of EUR 97 million (GBP 86,9 million).

A journalist asked if Barca might even have to surrender to the administration, although Tebas refused.

Barcelona isn’t considering insolvency proceedings, he said.

Their debts may be a bit higher, but for Covid they were fully solvent. But Kovid came in and took a lot of money. They are unable to pay off their debts, so their wages should drop.

This is an important factor for most clubs. It’s not because they’ve been abused before.

Under new coach Ronald Cooman, Barcelona ranks eighth in La Liga and has won three of its first seven games.

Most of the club’s problems fell on Bartomeu, who left the club in October and said he had entered them for the European Super League.

According to Tebas, this statement has not received support from other organisations.

It was a clandestine competition, 10 minutes after Bartomeu said they would join, he said.

I’m sorry about Bartomeu. He said it, but no one else said he’d join him. This project is not financially viable for competing clubs or others. It would really destroy the ecosystem we created.

Mr. Tebas said he expected the transfer costs to remain low in January, but added that the financial constraints imposed on the two main Spanish entities would make them healthier in the future.

Mr Tebas said that clubs in the League have a much greater responsibility than other leagues in reducing transfer costs by 66% to £392.6 million. He referred to the Premier League, whose clubs have spent over £1 billion on new players.

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