Madison LeCroy ‘Furious’ As She’s Blamed For Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Split


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Madison LeCroy is reportedly furious over rumors that she was responsible for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s breakup. The Southern Charm star, 30, is getting slammed for his relationship with the former MLB star, 45, but an inside source says she’s the one who’s upset.

An insider revealed to The Sun newspaper that LeCroy is furious that Rodriguez never took on his role in their relationship before breaking up with the superstar singer.

According to the source, LeCroy was surprised by the A-Listers’ breakup, even though she knew Alex had issues with Jennifer and LeCroy was upset and worried about the impact it would have on her life.

She’s angry that Alex never took responsibility for his role in her communication and tried to pretend he didn’t know her, the insider adds. It was shady from day one. He initiated their communication and even had them sign a confidentiality agreement so that their relationship, or whatever you want to call it, would never be revealed.

LeCroy has not publicly responded to ARod’s divorce and has disabled his comments on Instagram.

LeCroy previously admitted to texting Rodriguez while he was engaged to JLo, but she said the relationship was never physical

GettyAlex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Rumors of LeCroy and Rodriguez’s relationship surfaced during the reunion of Southern Charm season 7, when Craig Conover accused LeCroy of traveling around the country and sleeping with men.

Married men. Former MLB players, Conover said, according to Us Weekly. They went to Miami to play with a former MLB player.

LeCroy’s ex, Austin Kroll, also called to accuse him of always treating the famous athlete with verve.  Southern Charm star Shep Rose told Us Weekly that a confidentiality agreement was signed between LeCroy and Rodriguez for their relationship.

In a statement to Page Six, LeCroy admitted to communicating online with the former New York Yankees player.

He never physically cheated on his fiancée with me, said the mother of one of them. I don’t want anything bad for his family and mine. We are certainly innocent of this.

But a source told Page Six that the Madison LeCroy scandal was the reason Lopez called off her engagement to Rodriguez.

There were issues, but Jennifer was very embarrassed, according to a JLo insider.

LeCroy has faced criticism on social media for her role in the breakup of one of the world’s most famous star couples.

On social media, JLo’s fans quickly responded by criticizing the Southern Charm star for her role in the breakup. Many have criticized LeCroy’s statement that his relationship with Rodriguez was never physical.

Call me crazy, but when Madison LeCroy claims he was never physical with AROD, my pickle blood boils. Emotional deception hurts more than physical deception! one person tweeted.

Others have called LeCroy a baseball player and home invader. And another referred to LeCroy’s past romance with former NFL pro Jay Cutler.

So, ladies, if you are married or engaged to a former professional athlete and want out, Madison LeCroy clearly offers a service. Contact JLo or Kristin Cavallari for help, a Twitter user wrote.

Well, Madison cheated on another #SouthCharm man, so it’s no surprise to see her with another man, wrote another.

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