Matt Shakman Weighs in on WandaVision’s “Baby Yoda” Moment

WandaVision is the first Marvel series on Disney+, with the first season launching this Friday. However, this is not the first time a film has been released with great honesty. The Mandalorians appeared on Disney+ for two consecutive seasons. They surprised Star Wars fans at the end of the first episode, which immediately captivated viewers and sparked an online conversation that hasn’t stopped since. The Mandalorian’s baby Yoda moment was one of the many surprises of the series, but perhaps the biggest. With all eyes now on WandaVision, director Matt Schuckman hopes the Marvel series can generate that kind of buzz throughout the season, if not at some point.

Who can provide such a thing? I mean, the Yoda baby reveal was so incredible, says Schuckman, resisting the urge to name an episode or a specific moment that he expects to create a huge buzz. loved it as a viewer. I was so excited. And then there’s Luke’s new revelation at the end of season 2, awesome, I mean. These guys have done a brilliant job. My hat is off to them.

With WandaVision, the focus is on a complete story centered around Wanda Maximoff and Vision that Shackman hopes will bring some sensational moments. I would never have dared say we had a Yoda baby moment, Schuckman said. But we’re definitely trying to tell the story of these two amazing characters. These are characters who have left a lasting impression despite their relatively short playing time in the last four or five films. You know, when they, you compete for attention in these Avengers movies with all these different characters and different stories. The fact that Vision and Wanda were such a strong duo, you know. And I think people are very busy. I totally agree with you about his love story. And then we can tell this amazing story. This novel consists of nine episodes, but it is also an adventure story, a mystery thriller and a comedy. He goes to all these different places. Whether you have a Yoda moment for a child or a bunch of little Yoda moments, the bottom line for me as a storyteller is that the combined power of these nine episodes is a truly fascinating journey. And that people are captivated from start to finish.

While Paul Bettany is quick to reveal which episodes he considers to be the biggest in the series, Kevin Feige, the director of Marvel Studios, is taking the same approach as Schuckman. The funny thing is, I don’t know. I mean, each of them, Feige says, which episode will elicit the most reaction. They are all made to surprise and delight, as they say, so we shall see. A few come to mind, but I am very excited for them all and can’t wait to see people reveal themselves for the first time, week after week, and see how they feel. Normally, of course, it’s just an opportunity for us to shoot, and there are moments in the series that excite us, so we would go to the theater to see audience moments. Now we are curious to know how someone behind the scenes experiences what I experienced as a fan episode after episode in Mandalore, namely: Oh, what’s going to happen? Where is this going? What do we think? It will be fun to see what people think of WandaVision.

One thing is for sure, once the curtain is fully drawn on what goes on inside WandaVision, the first few episodes will take on a different meaning for viewers who are in the finale. I think it’s important for any successful movie or TV show that the ending is incredibly surprising and yet completely inevitable. And if you don’t, then you haven’t told your story properly, says Mr. Schuckman. And I think that’s what we’re trying to do. That when you get to the end, you say: Wow. But then you say A.

Feige and Schuckman won’t say if WandaVision will have a final episode or if it will follow the traditional cliffhanger ending formula, as Wanda Maximoff reports directly from WandaVision to Doctor Strange in Multiverse Madness.

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The first two episodes of WandaVision will premiere this Friday on Disney+. If you haven’t signed up for Disney+ yet, try here.

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