Media, fans praise McCaffrey’s performance & attitude against Penn State

Luke McCaffrey’s era in the Nebraska Haskers began with his victory at Penn State last Saturday. On the eve of the season, McCaffery was expected to support Adrian Martinez in his quarterback position. However, the rookie in the red jersey impressed head coach Scott Frost in practice, causing the Haskers to use a double quarterback system in the first two games. McCaffrey showed encouraging results in his Cameo Bench with two defeats in Ohio and the Northwest. Frost finally succumbed to the pressure of the fans and defeated McCaffrey against Martinez vs. Penn State. The second impressed the fans and the media with his confident game.

McCaffrey seemed confident when he was first launched in Nebraska

According to 247 Sports, McCaffrey made 13 of 21 passes in 152 yards and a touchdown. He also added 67 yards on the ground and a quick touchdown to lead Nebraska to a 30-23 victory over the Nittany Lions. Despite McCaffrey’s interruption, many media analysts were impressed by his balance and confidence in the game. The Hasker fans are also confident that the sophomore quarterback will lead the team to a record win this season. After the match, McCaffrey admitted he was nervous before his first match for the Nebraska Haskers.

After the team’s first victory of the season, the charismatic quarterback should be the starter for the rest of the season.

Sources say Luke McCaffrey will be the Nebraska quarterback. # Hacker

– Hasker Howie (@HowieHusker) 14. November 2020.

CoachFrost admitted that McCaffrey’s decision to replace Martinez was a difficult one for.

After beating Penn State, Scott Frost admitted that appointing McCaffrey as the starting quarterback of the team was the hardest decision he ever made while at Haskers.

The former UCF coach was happy with McCaffrey’s performance and thought that a victory would give his team the impetus it so desperately needed. Coach Frost noted, however, that he still believes in Martinez, although the third quarterback can now act as a replacement.

Nebraska is McCaffrey’s quarterback and pays an early dividend when the Huskers win their first win of the year against Penn State!

– Jake Jones (@JakeJonesKCAU) 15. November 2020.

It will be interesting to see how Martinez deals with his demotion to the reserve bench of the substitutes in the coming weeks.

Some fans have already hinted that he could end up on the transfer portal if he doesn’t win the quarterback position. Martínez arrived in Nebraska in 2018 and had a spectacular rookie season in which he lost 2,617 yards and 17 touchdowns. Quarterback, six-foot-five and weighing 220 pounds, he stepped back in 2019, losing yards and 10 touchdowns in 1956. He started the 2020 season with a 230-yard pitch in the first two games without a touchdown. At the last press conference, Coach Frost asked Martinez to be more precise in his shots and it was clear he was considering switching quarterbacks. The McCaffery era now begins in Nebraska, and fans hope the team will become competitive in the G-10 conference.

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