Anderson Silva stopped by Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night, won’t say MMA career over

Uriya Hall and Anderson Silva knelt together on the carpet and held their hands. Both received an emotional expression of a different kind of respect after a hard fight in the UFC. Blood came out of Silva’s face.

I love you. Told Hall to Silva. You’re still one of the biggest.

The crowd stopped Silva by the TKO for 1 minute 24 seconds of the fourth round on Saturday at the UFC Fight Night main event in Las Vegas. The room was circumcised by Silva, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the MMA, with her right hand, and then ended with a barrage on the ground.


The fight was paid for by the promoter as Silva’s last fight for the UFC. Silva went on to say that this was his last show for the UFC fans and the UFC family. However, when asked if this would be his last MMA fight, he did not accept that this would be the end.

I don’t know, Silva said. I’m gonna go home and visit my team and all that. We’ll see about that. Because it’s hard to tell if it’s my last or not. That’s my tune. This is what I do with my life and my heart. Well, let’s see.

After the card, UFC president Dana White told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that it was time for Silva to hang up, adding that if he wants to continue his MMA career, it’s not the UFC. Silva, 45, still has a fight ahead of him under his contract with the UFC, and he said he would compete in other competitions if the UFC didn’t want him.

White said he and Silva agreed before the signing of the Sabbath agreement that this would be Silva’s last fight. The UFC leader said he hoped Silva would come home and that his family could convince him to hang up his gloves. White said he was sorry he let Silva fight on Saturday.

I made a big mistake, Mr. White. I shouldn’t have let him fight tonight. But out of respect for him – he’s a legend in this sport, a legend in this company – I did something I didn’t agree with. … Anderson Silva must never fight again.

White said the gym is one of the UFC’s shy fighters and if Silva continues to fight, it could be dangerous.

If you fight one of those savages, [Silva] will be in big trouble and he will suffer… a lot of punishment, Mr. White said.

White said he was not sure that the PDU would release Sylva from the contract, but admitted that other promotions would probably sign Sylva if he was released. White said it would be disgusting if the sports committee continued to allow Silva to compete.

I’ll never let him fight here again, Mr. White said. I want him to retire. I hope when he gets home, his family will tell him. … He’s almost 46 years old. If you’re not trying to protect your life or your family, don’t fight a 46-year-old man. period.

Silva was very playful in his defeat, especially considering his age. In the first round there were the best fans Silva had seen in years. He dictated the rhythm and interfered with the right combinations. Silva made some progress in the second and third round.

In fact, the third round was his best fighting trick – until the end. Silva wounded Hall’s left eye with a quick shot in the third period and made more powerful shots. But just before the bell, Hal Silva hit Silva, with his right hand in his ear, and almost shot him on the ground. Sylva saved the bell.

That could have been an omen for the fourth round. Silva was aggressive in this round and suggested combinations and punches. But Silva left herself open, and the room in capital letters with his right hand, then with the last brushstrokes.

It was an honor to share this moment with him, Hall said in an interview after the battle.

When those two were nailed in the octagon, Silva told Hall: Enjoy your moment today. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thanks for doing this for me.

The map took place in front of the Apex UFC Corporate Campus, which is located on the other side of the UFC Corporate Campus.

Hall (16-9) has won three in a row and four of the last five. A Jamaican training at Dallas’ Fortis MMA was promoted to the next potential Silva after the reality show Ultimate Fighter 2013 showed a drum kick in the back. Le Hall, 36, won seven of the nine UFC KO/TKO wins. His seven rounds of UFC middleweight elimination ties are tied with the third-place finish in the history of the competition. According to studies by ESPN Stats & Information, Silva and Thiago Santos are initially linked to eight.

Silva (34-11, 1 NC) has the longest winning streak in UFC history (2457 days) and the longest winning streak (16). For the first time in the history of UFC, the Brazilian Spider is connected to the highest number of KO’s (11). Silva won against Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, Richard Franklin (twice) and Kale Sonnen (twice). Between 2006 and 2013 he won the UFC World Championship in the middleweight category.

But the last seven years have been difficult for the greats of all time. Silva has only won one victory since 2013 and has not passed two drug tests, although in the second place he has been relieved of any responsibility for violations.

Uriya was the best today, Silva said. He came to win the fight. I’m enjoying the moment. Sometimes it’s very hard for us to stop. But today is the last day and I am very happy to be here and give my last show for the UFC fans and the UFC family.

If this really is the end for Silva at the UFC, Hall said, it would be an honor to share this moment with him.

I can’t describe it, Mr. Hall said. There are so many emotions. He’s done so much for the sport.

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