Men’s Cowboy Hats: An Iconic Style Accessory 

Men's Cowboy Hats: An Iconic Style Accessory 

Men often run out of options when they need to dress to impress. They cannot think out of the common styles to come up with a look entirely different from the usual. Seldom do they give it a thought to try out new accessories. It’s not always that the attire has to change. Accessories can alter a look significantly. Trying out hats with your existing attires can be an easy way to modify your appearance. When a cowboy hat is worn with a pair of simple blue jeans and a white t-shirt, it drastically changes your image.

Western hats: the most tested and tried hat style

Western hats have seen various modifications thorough the ages to cater to the changing needs of the consumers. And the enthusiasm to use these hats is stronger than ever before. They are no doubt head-turners. A man walking down the street with a cowboy hat on is sure to grab the attention of the young and old. The moment you put on a western hat, you can instantly witness the change in your persona.

But many are hesitant to try out this bold look. Probably they are not sure whether they would be able to carry out the style or maybe are at a loss as to how to put all the things together to get the desired look. Well, then you are at the right place to know what you need to know about this iconic hat.

Terms associated with western hats

Suppose you decide to walk into a hat store, and the owner, while guiding you through the different hats, mentions various terms to define them. And everything seems not-so-cool to you. That experience might kill all the excitement of buying a new hat! So, you must be aware of the general terms that you may come across while purchasing a cowboy hat.

A typical cowboy hat is described by the shape and design of its –

Crown: The topmost part of the hat that sits on your head is known as the crown. Usually, western hats have pinched crowns.

Brim: The extended portion of the hat that shields the wearer from the harsh sun rays is termed as the brim of the hat. It may be flat or curved. The brim encircles the crown, unlike a baseball cap that extends only in the front.

Hatband: Often, you might have noticed a band at the base of crowns. Those are called hatbands. They can be made out of cloth, leather, cord, or other materials. These bands solely serve the purpose of enhancing the design of the hat.

Crease and dent: Many consider both the same, but they have a small difference. A dent is a depression most likely found on the top of a crown. On the other hand, you will find a crease at the sides of a crown.

The popular styles for you to try

So far, you have become quite acquainted with the terms used to describe the western hats. Here are the various popular styles for you to explore. Cowboy hats for men’s can be a game-changer if you know which style will suit you the best. Here goes a summary of the most prominent types of western hats of all time.

The Pinch Front: The front of the crown has a pinched appearance caused by indents on both sides. It resembles the shape of a ‘V’ or a wedge.

The Cattleman: Probably it is the most sought-after hat style among the men’s cowboy hats. They have three creases on their crowns along with curved brims.

The Gambler: A flat low crown and a large brim are the distinct features of a Gambler hat. You usually get these hats in white or black colors.

Nevada: It has a flat crown and flat brim, and these features make it difficult to differentiate from the Gambler hat style. The latter has a slight depression in the middle, and the Nevada hat style lacks that.

The Brick: It’s a mixed hat style that combines the features of a Cattleman hat and a Gambler.

Other western hat styles include the Gus, Dakota, Open-crowned hats, etc. But one thing you must keep in mind. As days have evolved, so has the taste of men. Hatters have tried their best to cater to the requirements of the fashion world. Many a time, they have combined the different features of various hat styles to create a new style. So, there’s no hard and fast rule that a hatter follows while making them. And you, too, must not adhere to a particular type. Rather, trying out the evolving trends would be the wisest thing to do.

Material options

When it comes to choosing the material, the occasion you are most likely to wear the hat should guide you to pick the right one. The available options are –

Leather: A leather cowboy hat has a classy appearance but needs proper care to make it last longer and retain the look. You can wear it to any occasion like an evening party or a wedding.

Straw: Straw is a lightweight as well as breathable material. Often cowboy hats are made with straw as they also serve the purpose of protecting the wearer from the heat and glare of the sun. People working outdoors prefer to wear them in the summer months as straw hats keep them cool. But they are not fit to be worn during rainy days as straw is not a waterproof material.

Felt: When these cowboy hats came into being, felt was the chosen material for making the hats. Still, they are used largely to manufacture these western accessories. Felt hats shield you from all the weather elements, be it snow, rain, or the sun. Their only drawback is that you cannot use them during warmer days.


After going through the article, you must have gained the much-needed confidence to give the cowboy hats a try. Styling a western hat entirely depends on the choice of the wearer. So, do not shy away from trying different outfits with a particular type of hat. Who knows, you might end up becoming a trend-setter!

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