Michael Jordan Does 30-Minute Interview To Talk About Luc Longley, The Last Dance, And The Chicago Bulls Three-Peat

A lightly edited version of this interview appeared in an issue of Sports Illustrated. In an interview conducted by Mike & Mike, a show consisting of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, Jordan discussed Luc Longley’s longevity (Jordan played with him for 7 years), what he learned from that time and his thoughts on the Bulls, the team’s three-peat and how the team’s front court is doing. Jordan also discussed the Bulls’ new additions, his thoughts on LeBron, his father, the Larry Bird days and more.

In the early 1990s, Michael Jordan was arguably the most dominant force in basketball, and he led the Chicago Bulls to three straight NBA championships (1991, 1992, and 1993). But in 1997, Jordan was diagnosed with a degenerative spine condition that would eventually make him retire from the sport. Today, he sits down with Brian T. Smith of the “Chicago Tribune” to talk about his three-peat, the time he infamously missed the ball during the three-peat, and his thoughts on the “last dance”.

A few days ago, I found myself in a restaurant. We were seated at the same table, and we were all talking about things we were interested in. It was a totally normal experience, and there wasn’t one thing going on that would seem extraordinary.

Michael Jordan Does 30-Minute Interview To Talk About Luc Longley, The Last Dance, And The Chicago Bulls Three-Peat

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Michael Jordan has been a difficult figure to track down in recent years. Jordan has made a concerted effort to remain out of the public spotlight since the conclusion of his NBA career. He doesn’t give many interviews and doesn’t make many public appearances. Jordan seems to have recognized the media’s over-involvement in his life and was constantly bombarded with invasive inquiries. Jordan has maintained a cautious distance from most members of the media now that he is no longer an NBA player. He communicates with the media via his agency and issues press releases whenever he has a big announcement to make. 

Jordan got down with ABC Australia to speak about Luc Longley for a docuseries on the Australian center, which came as a surprise to most fans. During Jordan’s second tenure with the Chicago Bulls, Longley and Jordan played together. Longley wasn’t even mentioned in the 2020 docuseries ‘The Last Dance,’ so it’s only right that he gets his own docuseries on his career. 

Jordan covered a wide range of topics throughout his conversation. He spoke about returning to the Chicago Bulls after a two-year hiatus and coming out of retirement to play once again. However, when he returned to the Bulls, things were quite different. He spoke about his initial encounter with Luc Longley, how Longley’s approach to the game differed greatly from his own, and their relationship. Jordan did speak about why Longley was left out of The Last Dance, and he expressed remorse for his decision. 

Jordan was questioned towards the conclusion of the interview why he sat for such a lengthy interview. Jordan said that Longley was significant to him, and he thinks that his story should be shared. Jordan also said that Longley aided him in his development as a person and a player, and that he has a great deal of respect and affection for the Australian power forward. 

“He is significant to me. He is important to me, and his tale must be shared. And I’m certain that I can illuminate it from my viewpoint and, you know, convey his significance to me as a colleague and a competitor. There’s good and evil in everything, but it’s all a part of life. You’ll have pals about whom you have both pleasant and negative feelings. We did, however, go through the trenches. We shared a lot and competed against one other. And I’d pick him over anybody any day of the week. If I had to compete again, I would. There’s no way I’d leave Luc Longley off my squad if I had it to do all over again. There’s no way. Because he was significant. He made an impression on me. He assisted me in growing as a person. When you hear that they recognize him, you may wonder, as most people do, what they could possibly say about him in a documentary. You have a lot to say about the man. I’m living proof of what he meant to me and how he helped me grow as a player and as a person.” 

Jordan also told a tale about Luc Longley from the 1998 NBA Finals versus the Utah Jazz that was very humiliating. Not only does the tale provide insight into how the Bulls fared in the Finals, but it also provides insight into Jordan’s reactions to his teammates, both favorably and negatively. Jordan’s willingness to sit down for this interview demonstrates his admiration for Longley, something few NBA players can claim about ‘His Airness.’

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