NBA Fans Blast Jason Kidd’s Coaching Style After Excerpts From Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Biography Reveal He Forced Players To Practice On Christmas

Forget the Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors or even the Philadelphia 76ers – it’s the Milwaukee Bucks who many say are the most average team in the NBA. Embarrassing performances on the basketball court have prompted many fans to call for head coach Jason Kidd to be replaced, and that has been the case with one player in particular.

Jason Kidd, who was the head coach of the New York Knicks, has been criticized for his practice habits, and it has been reported that Giannis Antetokounmpo, a star player for the Milwaukee Bucks, also participated in practices on Christmas. Some say Kidd was being too strict with his players, and it was being too much for them to handle. Others say Kidd was a tough coach but that Antetokounmpo was being too harsh in his treatment of the players.

On Christmas day, every NBA player took time to reflect on the year that was. But for Milwaukee Bucks point guard Giannis Antetokounmpo, his thoughts were not about the season he had played, but an entirely different season — a season in which he forced his teammates to practice on Christmas.

NBA Rumors- Jason Kidd A Strong Front Runner For Mavericks Coaching Job

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Coaches play an important role in the NBA’s development of players. Many athletes have shown gratitude to their coaches for their assistance during their careers. A poor coach, on the other hand, may be harmful to the athletes at times.

During the summer, the Dallas Mavericks hired former Maverick Jason Kidd as their head coach. Previous players like Tyronn Lue have had success as coaches, while Jason Kidd is a former head coach. However, many people have questioned Jason Kidd’s tactics when parts from Giannis Antetokounmpo’s biography emerged lately. After a defeat to the Charlotte Hornets, Jason Kidd forced his players to practice over the holidays, according to one passage.

The Bucks, on the other hand, were having trouble, losing a game to Charlotte on December 23, just before Christmas. The players were sad and quiet as they returned to the dressing room. Everyone was looking forward to spending the following two days with their family.

“Do you believe this was a winnable game?” Kidd said, looking to Pachulia but addressing the group.

“Yes, it was a game that might have been won,” Pachulia remarked.

“Do you believe the following two days off are deserved?”

Kidd had placed Pachulia in that position, threatening to destroy Christmas, and he couldn’t believe it. Pachulia attempted to adopt a conciliatory tone when he said: “Coach, I’ll tell you something – I understand your annoyance. We’re all upset since we were expected to win this game. We did not put up sufficient effort. On the other hand, this is a holiday. Our families place a high value on Christmas. It isn’t about us; it is about our loved ones. Guys have devised a strategy.”

Kidd then turned his attention to Dudley. “What are your thoughts? Should we take a break for the next two days?”

Dudley, too, responded diplomatically.

Kidd, on the other hand, was unsatisfied. “I’ll see you all at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.”

Players exclaimed, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” “What do you mean?” says the narrator.

“We’ll have practice the next day.”

“We arranged flights to several locations!”

“It makes no difference to me. You’re paid to perform a job, therefore you’ll be doing it tomorrow. Things shift.”

During the session, it seems as if Jason Kidd singled out Larry Sanders, a former Milwaukee Bucks player. Sanders spent the night in the hospital following that practice, according to the biographical extract.

The next morning’s practice was a disaster. Sanders was the target of Kidd’s wrath. He was referred to as a “piece of crap” and a “poor player.” The squad sprinted like a college team, running and running and running. Knight adds, “I don’t believe I’ve done that since I left J-Kidd.” “It was out of the ordinary.” Players had to complete a fast-break exercise in twenty-two seconds, but the team’s best time was twenty-seven. They repeated the process until they succeeded. Some people were hunched over, panting and cramping. Kidd had the players lift weights and perform pool workouts after a three-hour practice. Even though half of the squad couldn’t swim, Kidd had everyone run in the pool.

“No one was thinking about Christmas since everyone was so exhausted,” Pachulia adds. “We didn’t have the energy to unwrap presents.”

Kidd, on the other hand, proceeded to chastise Sanders, calling him “pathetic.” Sanders couldn’t take it anymore. He felt his whole body turn to jelly as he constricted from head to toe, no matter where he was in his life, his profession, this practice, all of his errors, all of his disappointments. Sanders explains, “I experienced a full-body convulsion.” “My body had finally given up. I couldn’t handle it physically, and I couldn’t take it psychologically.”

Sanders requested that he be excused to use the restroom. As Sanders went away, Kidd replied, “Oh don’t worry.” “We’ll wait, then run some more,” says the narrator. Sanders left the institution and went to the hospital, where he stayed the night. Few people knew what occurred thereafter, and he didn’t have the energy to speak about it at the time.

“”I don’t believe he’s a terrible guy,” Sanders says of Kidd, “but he sorta brain screwed me a bit psychologically.” I used to say things like “I love you” and “Kiss you on the cheek,” but today it’s all about the money, and who cares about your mental health or your body breaking down?”

“I’m content. Now I’m in a lot better position, “he declares “I’m sorry it had to end out this way.”

NBA fans have a lot to say about Kidd’s coaching approach, with many criticizing his tactics as being excessive. There have undoubtedly been coaches who have achieved success and won titles utilizing less severe methods than Kidd.

Kidd’s coaching approach has undoubtedly generated a lot of controversy in the NBA world. The fact that a player had to go to the hospital after a training session demonstrates Kidd’s severe attitude, and the objective of coaching is not to injure your own players. Jason Kidd, if he stays with the Dallas Mavericks, should adopt a different approach.

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