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The calendar of the 10. NFL week is made with a lot of games. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the end result.

In addition, ESPN provides Stats & Information statistics for each match and the Football Power Index (FPI) is expressed in figures with match ratings (on a scale from 1 to 100) and match forecasts. ESPN Fantasy Kyle Soppe and ESPN Chalk Dave Bearman also provide useful nuggets. It’s all designed to prepare you for a busy weekend of NFL football games.

Let’s now move on to the full 10-week program, including the NFC confrontation in the west between the Seahawks and the Rams.

Play the game:

It’s Thursday: IND 34, TEN 17
Goodbye: ATL, DAL, KK, NIDGE.

Sunday, one o’clock. ET | Fox
Corresponding assessment: 70,5 | distribution : TB -5.5 (50.5)

What you should see: Watch out for Carolina’s quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. In the second week of defeat against Books, he was fired five times and put under pressure fifteen times. He made two interceptors, and the Panther attack was never in rhythm. But when Bridgewater was relatively clean, he played well. — David Newton

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A bold prophecy: After their first loss of the season against the Saints on Sunday night, Tom Brady and Bax scored five touchdowns for a 38-3 score. After two early season losses (Saints in week 1 and Bears in week 5), Bucs scored a total of 69 points (nine touchdowns) in week 2 and 6. One of those games was against the Panthers, who always have trouble getting third off the field and can’t reach the quarterback. — Jenna Lane

Find out now: This season the buccaneers are only allowing 77.9 yards for the game and 3.3 yards for the offense, the two best in the NFL. And the Panthers aren’t going after Christian McCaffrey.

Injuries: Panther | Panther

What a fantasy to know: Brady fought all night in week nine to get 2.4 novelty goggles. But in the matches immediately after his last four clean performances, the future Hunger Hall scored a fantastic 21.3 points. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Brady 19-6 against Propagation (ATS) in his career after losing, with 17 covers in the last 20 such games. And it’s 7:1 ATS with a loss of over 20 points. However, Bridgewater’s career has seen 21 to 4 losing athletes, including five consecutive covers this season. Details.

Lane’s choice: Buccaneers 30, Panthers 21
Newton’s Pick : Panthers 24, Panthers 20
FPI Forecast : TB, 64.5% (average 5.0 points)

The equation should be read: How can Brady and Evans get back in line with Bucks? … The Rookie Panther Chinna is harder to replace than McCaffrey… Breaking what went wrong for Bax in Brady’s worst career loss… Bridgewater will give Brady the best look to make the Panther slip.

Sunday, one o’clock. ET | Fox
Corresponding assessment : 47.1 | Distribution : GB -13 (49.5)

What you should see: Packers don’t often lose to such teams. According to ESPN Stats & Information, with Aaron Rogers as quarterback, they are 14-3 in games against teams with a win percentage of 0.125 or less. And Rogers is at least a 12-point favorite 15-2. The only two defeats were in 2018 for Arizona as a 13.5 point favorite and in 2011 for Kansas City as a 13 point favorite. — Rob Demovsky

A bold prophecy: Jacksonville, BC Jake Luton was fired at least four times on Sunday. Packers don’t often knock – they rank 25th in this sector – but what better time to break through trends than when confronted with a new Buy More that just makes a second start? Luton made only four of his 13 passes and was intercepted under pressure for his debut against Houston. Although the Packers have flashed 69 times this season, they have taken home five of their 17 bags. — Mike DiRocco

Find out now: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Green Bay host Duvante Adams was the only player in NFL history, apart from Calvin Johnson (2012), to play three games with at least 10 shots, 150 received yards and TD this season – and Adams has only played six games this year.

Injuries: Jaguars | Packer

What a fantasy to know: Jaguar, behind James Robinson, has six races this season with more than 14.5 fantastic points. The only survivors of many of these games are a few guys you’ve probably heard of: Alvin Camara (eight years old) and Dalvin Cook (seven years old). See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Jacksonville – 1:5 ATS in games after losing this season And Green Bay is 5-1 ATS against teams that have lost the record. Details.

DiRocco’s choice: Packers 31, Jaguar’s 17Election by Demovsky: Packers 33, Jaguar’s 13
FPI Prognosis : GB, 90.7% (average of 17.7 points)

The equation should be read: Jaguar’s Luton QB is back in service for the wounded Minshew… Any luck, bad luck or another word for Packer’s changed trauma situation? The jaguars have had some ingenious little successes, but the following opponents can handle it well… According to Rogers Packers, the virus policy of the NFL has a double standard.

Sunday, one o’clock. ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 38.4 | Distribution : CLE -3.5 (48)

What you should see: Cleveland runs Nick Chubb, who has been out since week four with a knee injury, is expected to return on Sunday. The Brownes led the NFL in a hurry while Chubb was in good health and they will see them back on the field. — Jake Trotter

– Game choose from our experts
NFL – PickCenter | ESPN chalk
More NFL coverage.

A bold prophecy: Whoever the Browns are up against, the team will go 175 yards. Before Chubb met the fourth. When he injured his knee in October, Cleveland quickly took the lead in the championship, but since then he has been in 24th place in one race and finished in 96th place. Chubb can be activated in time from an injured reserve to play with the Texans on Sunday, and the date against Rush’s last defense (Houston allows an average of 159.5 yards of Rush per game) can be a ticket to get Brown’s current game back on track. — Sarah Barshop

Find out now: Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson has played six straight games with multiple touchdown passes, making him the second longest active run in the NFL after Seattle’s Russell Wilson (nine).

Injuries: Texas | Browne

What a fantasy to know: The Texas Fuller V receiver received 2.43 fantasy points per target second among the qualified receivers, just after the DC Metcalfe 2.46. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Houston is the loser with 0-5 ATS and 0-4 ATS this season. In general, the brand Texas 1-7 ATS is linked to the brand Jets for the second ATS. Details.

Barshop’s choice: Brownes 27, Texas 20
Trotter: Brownes 31, Texas 27
REIT Forecast : CBI, 61.7% (average 4.1 points).

The equation should be read: Watson: It’d be hell if a Texan sold Fuller… Chubb’s return will give the Browns the strength… Is Baker better off without an OBJ?

Sunday, one o’clock. ET | Fox
Corresponding assessment : 29.1 | Distribution : FI-3.5 (44.5)

What you should see: The Giants should win the first game, but it could be another Eagles attack they face in a few weeks. Central defender Blake Martinez even admitted it. The Eagles could have Lane Johnson, guard Isaac Cumalo, Running Back Miles Sanders, Dallas Godert’s Tight End and Wide Receivers Alshon Jeffrey and Jelen Raygor playing this time, and that should make all the difference. — Jordan Ranan.

A bold prophecy: Quarterback Eagles Carson Wentz will be responsible for four touchdowns. With the Eagles he had the chance to take a step back and recalibrate after the stony first half. He will calm the voices calling for Jailen Hearts and those calling for Nick Falls (hello, Brett Favre) by taking him on the defence of the Giants, who are in 25th place against the pass. — Tim McManus.

Find out now: QB giant Daniel Jones lost 16 games in a row for everyone except Washington. Part of the problem, of course, is sales. Since the beginning of last season, Jones has played 36 games, most of them in the NFL, and has played at least one of 20 of the 22 games in his career. But Wentz has an eight-game rolling streak, the longest active track in the NFL. Both IB’s were among the top three interceptors this season (Wentz took 1st place on 12, Jones – 3rd place on 9).

Injuries: Eagles | Giants

What a fantasy to know: The Eagles’ Travis Fulham has been one of the top 15 fantastic receivers in three of the last four games, and the Giants are in 10th place in the WR defence this season. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since the start of the 2016 season on the Philadelphia Highway races 23-10-2. Details.

McManus’ choice: Eagles 31, Giants 22Ranan has been selected: Eagles 32, Giants 20
FPI Prognosis : The MRI is 64.8% (average 5.1 points).

The equation should be read: Pederson returns the QB Wentz after Favre’s comments. Better protection for the giants is no longer an incentive for enemy action… Graham, the power and strength of eagles.

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Dan Orlovsky is very surprised by the bad game of Carson Wienz and says he wishes Wienz would take better care of football.

Sunday, one o’clock. ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 18.4 | Distribution : BASE -3.5 (46.5)

What you should see: Alex Smith is again the first quarterback in the NFL. On Sunday he is treated with a broken right leg for the first time on the 18th day. November 2018 goes to Washington. Smith’s Journey is a journey highly respected by the lion players. Linebacker Reggie Ragland, Smith’s former Kansas City teammate, said he would embrace Smith despite COWID 19 protocols, and Kerryon Johnson called Smith’s return absolutely incredible. It’s delicious. — Michael Rothstein

A bold prophecy: Antonio Gibson of Washington, D.C., running backwards, will split 100 yards for the second time this season, but it won’t be enough. Detroit’s CB Matthew Stafford will score two touchdowns this season, reducing Washington’s score to 0-4 against the quarterbacks who reached 18th overall in the QBR. — John Kame

Find out now: Washington has lost five straight games since 2019, averaging 17 points per game in those five losses. But since the beginning of the 2019 season, the Lions have been home with a score of 2-9, the worst home record in the NFL in this period. They are one of the two teams that still hope to win their first home game of the season (the Jets).

Injuries: Washington…

What a fantasy to know: In Washington, J.D. McKissick has returned to the top 27 in three of the last four games and in the ninth he made it to a third of Smith’s final. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since the beginning of last season, in November or later, Detroit is 2-9 ATS, and this season he has not been able to cover it at home (0-3 ATS). Details.

Kam’s choice: Lions 23, Washington 21Election of Rothstein : Lions 27, Washington 24
FPI Forecast : DET, 53.0% (average of 1.1 points).

The equation should be read: Smith in the beginning again… Lions show no signs of improvement… The wrestling matches between Griffen and Peterson

Sunday, 4:05. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 66,6 | Distribution : ARI -2.5 (56)

What you should see: How are the accounts handled with the Cardinal Protector, Kyler Murray? Buffalo have an average of 4.6 meters per shipment and Murray an average of 7.1 meters. He comes out of the first 100-yard game of his career and when he meets Buffalo, where he quit last week, Beals will have to decide who to focus on in defense: Murray or as DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk, by the way. How the Billas decide to attack Arizona will depend on how the game goes. — Josh Weinfuss.

– Tua versus Herbert: The next big buy more rivalry?
– Diggs, Hopkins: The offers paid off
– Beginners influence steelworks, Bengal
– Sihox OL is preparing to face archrival Aaron Donald
– Mid-2020 season reports for all 32 teams.

A bold prophecy: Arizona will attack from less than 350 meters for the second time this season, while the defense of the Medicine Act will continue in the form of 2019. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

Find out now: The Cardinals finished second this season in passing block wins, while the law took fourth place in the rush block wins (ESPN based on NFL Next Gen Stats).

Injuries: Accounts | Cardinals

What a fantasy to know: Murray has been one of three players in the last four weeks with 225 yards and three points behind. Delvin Cook and Derrick Henry are the others. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Buffalo have been ATS 1-4 in the last five games and the last five street games. Details.

The election of Louis-Jacques: Invoices 31, Cardinals 24
Choice of Weinfus : Accounts 34, Cardinals 31
REIT forecast : ARI, 58.4% (average 2.9 points)

The equation should be read: Beals Allen won’t leave after the fans have honored his dead grandmother… He worries me: As teams prepare for Cardinal Murray… Dawkins doesn’t want to compare the 7-2 count to the Kelly era: You hold the crown… Cardes Peterson, who responded to PI’s call, would like to see more referees.

Sunday, 4:05. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 39,4 | Distribution : GW -4 (50.5)

What you should see: Buckle up for the first personal match between the top two rubbers – and former Alabama college teammates – in the historically deep NFL Draft 2020 receiver class. Henry Ruggs III, who ranked 12th, was hot and cold in Las Vegas with only 10 strikes but an average of 22.0 yards per strike. And Jerry Gowdy, number 15, leads Denver with 484 received yards in 30 two-point shots. — Paul Gutierrez.

A bold prophecy: There will be two emergency landings in the Broncos. What for? Because almost everyone has had two emergency touchdowns against the Raiders this season. Six of the eight opponents, including the previous two, had exactly two urgent touchdowns. The Broncos have only seven stormy TDs in the first eight games, and only one from RB Phillip Lindsay. — Jeff Legold.

Find out now: Raider’s quarterback, Derek Carr, is third in the TD Index this season (8.0). He made 16 touchdowns on two interceptions.

Injuries: Broncos | Scavengers

What a fantasy to know: Last week Geoffrey scored more points than the previous three games combined. He now faces the defense of the Raiders, allowing not one, not two, not three, but four receivers north of 22 points to score. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: This season’s games in Las Vegas are compared to those in New Orleans – 7-1, and this season more in New Orleans than in New Orleans. Details.

Legold’s choice: Broncos 24, Raider 21Gutierrez: Raiders 26, Broncos 24
FPI Forecast : LV, 60.6% (average 3.7 points)

The equation should be read: Release the lock: The keys to unlock the quarterback of the Broncos… More than black and silver smoke, the Raiders simply pile up the victories… As a rookie in the Broncos, Jeudy grows up… Gruden: The Johnson Raiders were baptized with games that save the game… The Broncos may show some progress in the second half.

Sunday, 4:05. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 38,9 | Distribution : MIA -1 (48.5)

What you should see: It’s Tua Tagovayloa (election 5 in the 2020 draft) against Justin Herbert (election 6), and while both players can say the right thing this week, it’s in the nature of the league to try to beat one of the other top QBs in their category. Herbert started well, he started his career in week two and lost 17 TD’s in only five breaks. But Tagovayloa started third with a winning lead (2-0 against 1-6) and got away with a tempting performance against the Kayler Murray cardinals. It’s a pretty good duel. — Cameron Wolf

– McShane early 2021. Design of step
First Scores: Kiper | McShay
– Meet the KB | Lawrence vs Burrow
– Late seasons of the KB | Cancellation
More information about the NFL project | Full Scores

A bold prophecy: The linebackers from Uchenna Nwosu have 1 to 2 pockets and 3 to 4 emergency loaders. Joey Bos’ defense will have to find a way to defend the Chargers without putting pressure on their best defender. Novosu has long been ready to play a bigger role. — Shelly Smith

Find out now: The six losses of the Chargers this season were one-point games, which according to the Elias Sports Bureau is the most such losses in the first eight games in the history of the NFL (1944 for the Brooklyn Tigers, 1983 for the Pirates and 2015 for the Ravens).

Injuries: Chargers | Dolphins

What a fantasy to know: After his debut in week 2, Herbert is in 4th place every race in QB4 (24,3). He’s in the top ten at high speed, passing yards and fancy points for passing attempts. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Miami has played four games in a row, is the home favorite 4-1 ATS since the start of the 2018 season and 15-5 ATS since last season’s fifth round – the best result in the league. Details.

Smith’s choice: Chargers 27, Dolphins 23
Wolf pick-up : Dolphins 27, Chargers 23
FPI Forecast : AMI, 64.5% (average 5.0 points)

The equation should be read: Balls hoping for a start on a banner with chargers… The Tagovayloa dolphins were hit a year after a hip injury: I don’t know if I’ll ever grow old, I… WR Williams dolphins with traumatic leg injury reserve

Sunday, 4:25. ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 79.7 | Distribution : LAR -2 (54.5)

What you should see: The Sea Hawks’ attack is one of the best in the league and leads the NFL in goals scored with an average of 34.3 points per game. However, the Rams’ defense, led by coordinator Brandon Staley, yields an average of 19 points per game, making him the second most important player in the league. The attack of the Seahawks will be the biggest test for the Rams, as they fell on the Bill in week 3, who also defeated the Seahawks in week 9. Keep an eye out for Aaron Donald’s defensive takeover in an attempt to sabotage QB Russell Wilson, who he’s fired 12 times in his career, more than any other quarterback. — …Lindsay Tiri.

A bold prophecy: For the safety of Donald and Seahawk’s Jamal Adams at least four bags are combined. Over the past two weeks, the Sihouki have become the most powerful team in the NFL as they try to defend the alley that is burning at an all-time high. And Donald leads the NFL with nine bags and could be in front of the substitution center on Sunday if Ethan Posich’s concussion prevents him from playing. — Brady Henderson

Find out now: This season (5 out of 23) the Rams had the least number of shots more than 20 meters behind the field and are the only team that has not yet allowed a passive TD in such a game. But Wilson has scored seven touchdowns on those shots this season (in the NFL, they’re equal in seconds).

Injuries: Seahawks | Aries

What a fantasy to know: Over the past two seasons, Aries CB Jared Goffe has averaged 331.8 runs in its four games with the Seahawks, and Seattle is holding nobody back. In the ninth. In the third week of this season, KB collected more than 34 fantasy points against her for the third time. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since Wilson’s 2012 compilation, Seattle 23-10-2 ATS as a failure, the best result in the NFL for that period. Details.

Henderson’s choice: Aries 28, Seahawks 26, Tiri pickaxe: Rams 28, Seahawks 26
FPI Forecast : LAR, 55.7% (average 2.0 points)

The equation should be read: The Seahawks were (for the most part) better at protecting Wilson, but here’s Donald… NFC West Roundtable : Why did the Seahawks, the Rams, the Cardinals and the 49ers win the NFC East? Carroll has to repair the leaking Seahawks Rams defense has a sick taste that disappears on saying goodbye, a more complicated part of his schedule.

Sunday, 4:25. ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 79.5 | distribution : NO -10 (49)

What you should see: The Saints have become one of the hottest teams in the NFL. But they have to prevent failure with a team of 49 people destroyed by injuries. The spectacular Superdome victory of San Francisco last season (48:46) should be an extra motivation. — Mike Triplet Everything you need this week
– Full chart | Football Performance Index
– Depth charts per team
– Transactions | Injuries
– Football Performance Index
Other NFL reports

A bold prophecy: Saints’ receiver Michael Thomas will play his first big game of the season at over 110 meters and at least one touchdown. In last year’s game with San Francisco, he set 11 traps of 134 meters and a touchdown. The opposing teams have moved their best receivers to the Niners corner Emmanuelle Moseley, allowing them to take 109.9 points against him if he is the closest defender. If Moseley starts this week, it will not be surprising that the Saints coach Sean Peyton will do the same with Thomas. — Nick Wagoner

Find out quickly: 49 players want to avoid their first series of three defeats of 10-13 weeks in 2018. They have a record of 22-8 with Jimmy Garoppolo (IR, single) as QB holder since 2017, but they have only 5-22 with all the others within reach.

Injuries: 49 years old.

What a fantasy to know: As of the fifth week, 49 players in the last ten (67.9%) are defending the opponent. And Saints QB Drew Brees has played 78.9% of his passes in the last three games. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since the start of last season in San Francisco on the 9-3 ATS, the third largest NFL brand in the lineup, and the 6-1 ATS as station wagon (second largest brand). Details.

The wainwright’s choice: Saint 37, 49er 20
triplets: Holy 30, 49er 19
FPI prediction: NO, 60.7% (average 3.7 points)

The equation should be read: Rice expects big things from 49. Newcomer Iyuk… Leader in NFL pockets: Donald, Garrett and Hendrickson Saints… Forty-nine people, Bourne dropped the charges for violating COWID 19, according to the source. NFC West Roundtable : Why would Sihouki, Rams, Cardinals and 49ers win the NFC East?

Sunday, 4:25. ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 53.5 | Distribution : WELL -7.5 (47.5)

What you should see: This weekend all eyes will be on the QB Steelers Ben Roethlisberger. On Saturday he has the right to withdraw from the reserve list and the Steelmakers are preparing for the game as if he were playing. If he really goes on the field on Sunday, he does so with one team going over the field, and on two knees that were sick after the cowboys were beaten. He should feel comfortable with the fact that the Bengal have only 11 bags this season and have swapped one of their biggest defensive anchors with Carlos Dunlap. Without Roethlisberger, the steel manufacturers could have founded either Mason Rudolph or Joshua Dobbs. — Brooke Pryor

A bold prophecy: The Bengal will have less than 225 meters. Cincinnati recently lost to new quarterback Joe Burrow, but against a quality defense, he was able to play one of the toughest games of his young career. — …Ben baby.

Find out now: This season, the Steelers led the NFL with 32 sacks and came in second in crossover wins, while the Bengals finished second in the NFL with 28 sacks and 27th in crossover wins (the number ESPN and NFL Next Gen Stats wins).

Injuries: Bengali producers of steel

What a fantasy to know: Big Ben has failed to score 15.5 fantasy points in each of his last three league games. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: For the last ten seasons in Cincinnati, 31-16-2 ATC is the second highest percentage of NFL coverage in this situation for that period. In general, the number of losers in the AFC Northern Games since 2018 is 15-6-2 ATC. Details.

A child’s decision: Steal Car 28, Bengal 14Pryors: Steel car 27, Bengali 20
FPI forecast : PIT, 71.9% (average 7.8 points)

The equation should be read: Why the Bengali offensive heralds Taylor’s future… With 8-0, the Steelmakers are still a bit of a mystery. Roethlisberger among the 4 steel manufacturers on the COVID list 19

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Mike Clay and Field Yates discuss a Buy More match between Joe Barrow and the Steelers and whether he can have great fantasies against a hard defense.

Sunday, 8:20. ET | NBC
Conformity assessment: 74,7 | Distribution : BAL -7 (43.5)

What you should see: Can the Patriots play a second game in a row without turning around? It’s your best chance to get angry. The Patriots have a season minus 1 sales difference (tied for 18th place), the Ravens have a plus 4 sales difference (tied for 6th place). — Mike Travel

A bold prophecy: For the first time this season the Ravens will score more than 40 points. In a series of 10 consecutive victories on the Baltimore Tour, quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore forward average more points (32.3) than anyone else on the road. New England, which lost 37 points to the Ravens last season, is working on defense in a short week. — Jamison Hensley.

Find out now: The Patriots failed to score a touchdown per pass in four consecutive games. The fifth consecutive game was the second longest series in franchise history (1983 and 1988), and the franchise record – six games – was set in 1972. One of the targets to watch out for is the big receiver Jacoby Meyers, who has had professional successes in receptions (169), receptions (12), targets (14) and the first crashes (8) on Monday, when the Patriots defeated the Jets.

Injuries: Raven | Patriots

What a fantasy to know: Jackson has scored 40.7% of his fantasy points with his legs this season, not much different from last season (40%). Deep ball has been a fantastic problem, as his baseball attempts have dropped 36.3% this season. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: In the last 15 seasons the Patriots have only lost three times at home and have won every game with a final victory. Details.

Hensley’s choice: Raven 41, Patriots 24 flight choices: Patriots 20, Raven 17
FPI Forecast : BAL, 66.3% (average 5.7 points)

The equation should be read: Harbo’s mother as Bryant. The Newton Patriots say his neck hurts from the big guns… Crows show resilience after a hard week… Patriot coach Belichick describes saying goodbye to the Jets as one of the most beautiful moments of my career.

Monday, 8:15. ET | ESPN
Appropriate rating: 49.6 | Distribution : MIN -2.5 (43)

What you should see: Coach Matt Nagy Bears is under enormous pressure to solve the worst injury crisis in the league, but since his lead in 2018, he is under pressure and loses 4-0 to the Vikings and 2-1 in Monday Night Football. For Steak Nagey to continue against Minnesota, Chicago’s attack must first wake up. On average, the bears scored an incredible 19.8 and 82.6 yards per game, while taking third (32.3%) and 31st place in terms of yards per game (4.81). On the other hand, the Vikings made their opponents score three times more than 30 points in 2020. — Jeff Dickerson.

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A bold prophecy: While the Vikings are walking backwards, Dalvin Cook will encounter a ton of loaded boxes. The Vikings may need to play a game with Kirk’s nephew’s quarterback to win this game. The Bears defense knows how to exploit Minnesota’s weaknesses and will do so by shooting five shots at the nephew and not letting him play a 6-yard pass across the field. — Courtney Cronin

Find out now: Cousins – 0-9 in their football career on Monday, the biggest losses by the KB holder in the early days of his NIF career and the longest losing streak by the KB holder in NIF history.

Injuries: Vikings | Bear

What a fantasy to know: Drew Bree and Alvin Camara were great, weren’t they? They’ve scored 83.5 points in the last two weeks. Well, Cook has 87.8 points on this ticket… …alone. See week 10 evaluation.

The nugget bet: All five games of the NFK Northern Division have been played this season, after last season the score was 9:3. Details.

Cronin’s choice: Bear 20, Vikings 17, Dickerson’s choice: Viking 21, bearing 16
FPI prognosis : MIN, 59.1% (average of 3.1 points)

The equation should be read: The Viking protection is operational again, but can it stay there? … The Bears’ losing streak will last three games… Bear line O is a mess.

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