How The Flash Movie Should Address Its Place in the DC Multiverse

After years of development and many creative teams, The Flash is the film closest to the big screen. The release of the film, which will be Ezra Miller Scarlet Speedster’s first solo project, is currently scheduled for June 2022, with shooting starting in March of next year. Although we still do not know much about the project, we do know that it will be immersed in the multi-version of DC Comics, especially with the confirmation that the film will show Michael Keaton’s Batman iteration. We know that Barry Allen’s Miller’s version of Barry Allen has experienced – or is about to meet – a multiple reverse head-on collision after crossing Grant Gustin’s flash iteration in The CW’s Endless Earth Crisis Crossover television show earlier this year. Not only did this moment absolutely exceed fans’ expectations, but it could also be the smart way for The Flash to define themselves – like everything else in DC’s core continuity – as unique within a larger multiverse – like Earth One.

After the end of the crisis it was a bit easier for the fans to create a new live multiplayer DC map – the main arrow of the earth is now Earth-Prime, Stargirl exists on earth 2, Dum Patrol exists on earth 21 and so on. Even part of the country that was not shown in the post-crisis finals – especially the country where Batman Keaton lives, technically known as Earth-89 – received some sort of official award, and it was assumed that it would somehow be restored to a new multiverse. The only way out was to go to Earth, where Miller’s lightning lives, because his only big crisis cameo didn’t have the Earth’s number. Miller’s appearance in the Speed Force took place in the fourth hour of the crisis, while the Multiversion was technically destroyed, except for a few bags.

The question remains what exactly is the miller of the earth, the events of the Flash film and almost every living DC film in which the Man of Steel exists. Although it can be said that this continuity will take place on an entirely new issue of Earth One – which has not yet been said in the DC Comics canon – the circumstances of the post-crisis multi-version leave open one important option – Earth One. Earth One had different qualities in the decades of DC Comics, and the name was first used (along with Earth Two) to distinguish between silver and gold editions of some characters. For many years, Earth One was essentially considered to be the standard universe of DC for storytelling, only to move on to the New Earth or the First Earth after the events of the Infinite Crisis. 52 Later, Earth One was renamed a more modern and updated version of some of the DC cartoon characters, a principle explored in a series like Superman: Earth One and Batman: Earth One. This classifier is largely stuck in the current continuity of DC Comics, which is still evolving today.

Previously, the basic continuity of the arrow was called Earth One – which made sense from different angles. This not only allowed the Flash TV series with its early cartoons (including the story of the crossing flash of the two worlds from the Silver Age) to be performed on a relatively small scale, but perhaps it also seemed an appropriate nickname for the approach of the arrow to his characters. Now that this franchise has been around for almost a decade – and in the final hours of the crisis has changed to Earth-Prime to integrate Superstar and Black Lightning into the DC continuity of the main set – Earth-One is technically ready to go, which may well suit the DC continuity of the main set.

Although the main continuity of DC Films has already started in eight films, there is still a lot to learn and develop in the upcoming sequels and new franchises. To some extent, the approach to building your own universe resembles the fairy tale of the Silver Age of the Earth – in that, until proven otherwise, everything is by default inferior to the main universe, and the emphasis is on expanding individual film series rather than building a crossover across the franchise. Moreover, the voice of DC Films Earth-One’s most important continuity would give the film the importance it deserves in all its versatility, but its place would make it relatively easy for the general public of the Flash film to understand it.

Do you think the Flash movie should reproduce the main universe of DC Films Earth One? Share your thoughts with us in the following comments!

The Flash version is currently available for the 2. June 2022 is planned.

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