Paul Pogba: Manchester United midfielder made ‘stupid mistake’ with Arsenal penalty

Paul Pogba admitted that he had made a stupid mistake by giving Arsenal the victory in Manchester United.

United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thought Sunday’s fight at Old Trafford was 0-0 until Pogba ran into Hector Bellerin halfway through the second half.

Bellerin was in a desperate position when Pogba arrived and only hit the Spaniard with a punishment that Pierre Emeric Aubameyang used to settle the case.

Maybe I was a little out of it, and that’s what made me this stupid mistake, said the French International Sport.

I felt like I was touching him a little and I realized I was in the box. I shouldn’t have punished you like this.

I’m not the best defender, but I can learn and work.

For the third time 27-year-old Pogba missed a penalty during the Solskiers-period as United-manager. Nobody gave up more than one.

Paul raised his hand, said Solskjär, who has just celebrated his 100th birthday. I watched the game as a United executive.

He knows what he could and should have done better in this case. He knows it’ll be all right if he stays up, because the boy’s not going anywhere.

The Cogba apologizes for one stupid mistake.

What does Pogba expect in the future?

The Pogba error will again cause negative headlines around the player, resulting in extreme reactions, both positive and negative.

No one will ever know what the future of pogby would be like if the coronavirus pandemic hadn’t penetrated the financial structure of Europe’s biggest clubs.

The boss of Real Zinedine Zidane has made no secret of the fact that he wants to bring his compatriot to the Estadio Bernabeu.

But even for the last seven months, Real’s finances have not reached the level at which the US was looking for a player to buy Juventus for £90 million in 2016.

OOO Man never showed up. – Solskjaer.

There was no chance that this happened during the last stoppage period and it is no coincidence that Pogba’s known and contradictory agent Mino Rajola recently spoke about renewing the contract.

An option of one year has been set, postponing the current Pogba Agreement until 2022. However, its effectiveness on the ground is still the subject of a huge debate.

Even after an Arsenal penalty, he combined the mixed statistics of good passing – 87.5 percent, the best offensive players in the U.S. – with the fact that he lost possession of the ball 15 times when none of his teammates gave up the ball more often.

Scott Mactominay was the only teammate to cover more than 10.26km of the Pogba, but no shots were fired, a poor performance for anyone considered an attack threat.

It is clear that there comes a time when an important decision has to be taken. If United were to offer a new contract, it would be huge. If they don’t, they can lose him for nothing. Depending on the available data, both options can be considered as games of chance.

Solskjaer urgently needs more from a player who wants to book his most effective performances on the international stage.

We have to do better, the team and I, but it starts with me, Pogba said.

I cost us a fine today, but it was a bad team play. We have to do much better.

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