Fantasy Football Week 8 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em: Wide Receivers


You may not know about fantasy football right now. Tyler Lockett could have killed you last week. James Robinson could have done the same.

In the meantime, you may have founded Cam Newton and received a negative opinion. Or maybe Patrick Mahomez didn’t give you his usual 25 points and you missed a closed game.

It goes without saying that week seven has been absolutely crazy when it comes to fantasy football. It could have made you love the game or just not want to play it anymore. Unfortunately, for those who are disappointed, you can’t play. Well, you could, but you’d still get L’s and probably get kicked out of the league.

So, for those who are looking for answers this week, let’s look at some of the main beneficiaries. Who do we start at week eight and who do we sit with?

FP after the beginning of week 8

Cole Beasley, Buffalo Beals.

Cole Beasley has been the absolute monster of fantasy football lately. The weird thing is, he still has a good chance of getting into your league.

Let’s take a look at this year’s Buffalo Beals wide receiver games.

From the first week four receptions at 58 meters. Then five shots at 70 yards, then six shots at 100 yards. Then he had three 32-yard shots and a touchdown, then six 53-yard shots. After that, Beesley had four 45-yard shots and a touchdown, after which he had 11 112-yard shots in week 7.

So far Beesly plays fantasy football every week. He hasn’t had a bad game yet. His only three-stroke game also had a touchdown. In one of the two four games he also saw a touchdown, in the other game he drove 58 yards.

For example, Bisley’s worst game of the year in the PPR-league still earned him nine points (or 9.8 points, depending on the score). All you have to do is feel good when you start every week.

The fact that he gets a double-digit score every two weeks of the year should tell you that he not only has to be a good start, but that he can help you win literally every week.

Now he’s gonna take on the New England Patriots. It’s hard to deal with. However, you must remember that Bisley is not the primary beneficiary. Stephon Diggs will get the most attention. So Beesly remains a safety shield, and he blossoms and develops in that role for quarterback Josh Allen.

At this point, it seems certain that Beesly will drop at least 10 points. After the last two games it looks like it’s about to start.

Rushard Higgins, Cleveland Browns…

Odell Beckham Jr. suffered a tragic cruciate fracture in week six. This will obviously slow him down for the rest of the year.

It’s a terrible wound, and you feel sorry for him. She opened the door for Rashar Higgins.

Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver used that door. Last week he took six pictures (one of which was the best of his career) for 110 yards (the new career the best). You probably think that’s a good start, don’t you?

What about his last two games? Nothing incredible happened at the receptions or at the shipyards. He made three 31-yard catches, one play and one 13-yard catch. But both also added a touchdown.

Okay, now we see Higgins’ touch hock and Higgins’ parties and classes.

It certainly turned out to be a decent weapon, and Baker Mayfield loved it last week.

And now the Brownes have joined the Las Vegas Raiders. You can expect to earn a lot of points in this game.

In this context, Mayfield will probably throw a lot. After the last few races Higgins should be on your launch radar.

Hunter Renfrowe, Las Vegas Raiders.

Speaking of which, let’s turn around and go to the Raiders. That’s where we’ll find Hunter Renfrowe.

Renfrew hasn’t been so hot lately. In the beginning of the year he had some big games, but two games ago the wide receiver recorded only one 42-yard round, then four 42-yard rounds in the next game.

It’s not that bad, but you shouldn’t get too upset about it.

Then why did you find Renfrowe? This last game indicates a used promotion. But more importantly, the shooting.

Like I said about Higgins, it was going to be a very difficult game. That means a lot of passports. Renfrow – the man with the volume. So it could easily thrive in this environment.

It may seem a bit risky, but we are now on the eve of weeks of farewell. If some players are injured and others are on the buses, you may need to put someone in touch.

Renfrowe has a legitimate potential of more than 15 points. Connect him to your imaginary soccer team and let him work on those moves.

FP on weekdays 8

Julian Edelman, the New England Patriots.

Julian Edelman is one of the biggest slotters in the history of the NFL. The Patriots are one of the great dynasties in the history of the NFL. But 2020 is not their year. The Patriots are now 2 to 4, and they’ll be in the seventh round. We’re going to have an incredibly difficult game.

This year Edelman has 21 appointments at 315 locations. Not terrible, but not good. Add to that the fact that he doesn’t have a touchdown and it’s even worse.

If we dig a little deeper, the problem is even worse.

In the first two games Edelman had 13 shots of 234 meters. Since then he has made only eight shots at 81 meters in four races. This corresponds to an average of two 20.25 yards per game over the last four draws.

If you want another reason, you’ve seen the Patriots show in week six, right? Right now, you can’t trust any of their abusing actors. Stay away from Edelman until he proves he’s back to his usual way.

Chase Kleipul, Pittsburgh steelworks.

Chase Kleipul has touched everyone’s heart with this crazy showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.

That’s why everyone got on the Kleipul train. And according to the law, the new wide receiver will be the superstar of the Pittsburgh steelworks for a long time to come.

It’s fascinating to look at and easy to process, which only makes it worse. But don’t stop rejoicing. He’s new on the team and has a lot of great weapons. So she won’t always be brilliant. Look at last week, when he was only about two feet away.

It was against the Tennessee Titans and their incredible defense! You’re crying. Well, the steelmakers have now stumbled upon the Baltimore Crows – no rest for the weary.

Claipul will bring you more great games in 2020 and will undoubtedly be a starting point on the road to success. Today he is still the third version of a newcomer, at best against an excellent defense. Don’t let him start the seventh week.

Marquesa Brown, Baltimore Ravens.

We stay in the same game, even if the teams are upside down. When we talk about protecting crows, it is only fair that we give the steel producers all the credit they deserve.

Pittsburgh was closed that year. This was not the time to have fun confronting the mistakes.

Marquisa Brown is the number one of the Ravens. It is a great receiver that many people are waiting for to become a full-fledged superstar soon. So far it still has some holes. Besides, Baltimore’s position is not that strong.

Even the Rooks seem to know this, as they solved their main reception problems by adding Des Bryant to their coaching staff earlier this week.

Positive questions allow the teams to focus on Brown. Yet he can still call solid fantasy football numbers. Even if he doesn’t do much, he’s a big threat. At any moment he can score a huge 80-yard touchdown, and suddenly he can end the day with a single action, and you’re still happy with his fantastic day.

That’s why Brown is never a bad start. That’s as close as he can get. This year we’ve already seen some of his failed performances (as evidenced by his two 13-yard shots against Kansas City), so it’s a scandalous fight.

Pittsburgh’s defense is too good. So if you have other viable options, let Brown run them. It’s too risky to use it against the Steelers.

Bills, Josh Allen.

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