Chelsea 3-1 Leeds United: Blues go top after comeback win in front of fans

Patrick Bamford's goal is Chelsea’s first Premier League goal against Chelsea since May 2017.

Chelsea took the lead in the Premier League when Leeds United beat Leeds from behind in their first game for the fans in nine months.

Former Blues striker Patrick Bamford, who spent five years in Chelsea without reaching higher positions, gave Leeds the lead at Stamford Bridge after his arrival between Kurt Zuma’s defender and goalkeeper Edward Mundy.

Then Timo Werner managed to miss a close-up header from Olivier Giroude’s corner, with the German striker hitting the bottom of the crossbar before Leeds was released.

However, Giroude scored her first goal of the season with her fifth of the week. He scored Chelsea’s four Champions League goals in the middle of the week against Seville and took a five-metre lead on a cross by Rhys James.

Chelsea, who welcomed the 2,000 fans back to Stamford Bridge after the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, led the way as Zuma came from the corner of Mason Mount and replaced Christian Pulishich with Werner’s pass, adding the last third.

Chelsea, who started on day three, is one point ahead.

HelpHow to play

Use of 10 players during or after the game. The last whistle sounds 30 minutes after the last whistle.

Depreciation area key1 = enter10 = pure perfection


  1. Team number16 Name of the playerMendi
  2. Team number24 Player name James
  3. Team number15 Name of playerZouma
  4. Team number6Name of the player of Tiago Silva
  5. Team number 21 Player name Chilwell
  6. Team number29 Player nameeHavertz
  7. Team number 7 Player nameEdge
  8. Team number 19 Name of playerMoft.
  9. Team number 22 player nameZijeć
  10. Team number18Girod player game
  11. Team number11 Name of playerWerner
  12. Team number9 Player name Abraham
  13. Team number10Player nameePulpistik
  14. Team number17Player name Kovacic

Leeds United

  1. Team number1 Name of the player Sir
  2. Team number2 Name of player Isling
  3. Team number5 Player nameKosS
  4. Team number 6Player’s GameCooper
  5. Team number 10 Names of playersAlioscopes
  6. Team number18 Name of playerRafinia
  7. Name of the player on team number 15Dallas
  8. Team number23Phillips Player name
  9. Team number22Name of Garrison player
  10. Team number43 Name of playerClix
  11. Team number9 Player nameeBamford
  12. Team number 7 Player nameePoveda-Ocampo
  13. Team number14 Player nameLost
  14. Team Number20Player Rodrigo Name

There’s still some left.



  • 16Mendi
  • 24 James
  • 15Zuma
  • 6Tyago Silva
  • 21Chiliwell
  • 29HavertzReplaced with covat silicate 67’minutes
  • 7Sludge
  • 19Mount
  • 22TargetSubstituted byPulisikat 30 minutes
  • 18Giroud exchanged for Abrahamat 79’minutes
  • 11 Werner


  • 1Arrizabalaga
  • 2Men
  • 5 Jorginho
  • 9Abraham
  • 10Pulis
  • 17Kovacs
  • 28Azpilikueta


  • 1Moscow
  • 2Iyling
  • 5KohZ replaced by Llorentheat 9’minBuchen at 74 min.
  • 6cooper
  • 10AlioskiSwapped for Rodrigoat 69’minutes
  • 18Dias BelloliReserved at 90min.
  • 15Dallas
  • 23Phillips
  • 22GarrisonReplaced by Poveda-Ocampoat 57’minutes
  • 43Klih
  • 9Bamford


  • 7Poveda-Ocampo
  • 11-rapporteur
  • 13 Casilla
  • 14Duck from Lorraine
  • 17 Hélère Costa
  • 20Rodrigo
  • 21Strikes

Real-time text

  1. Chelsea 3 games, Leeds United 1.
  2. The other half’s over, Chelsea 3, Leeds United 1.
  3. Rafinya (Leeds United) has been booked for an offense.
  4. Rafigny (Leeds United) will be punished after committing an offence.
  5. Christian Pulisik (Chelsea) swings in a free kick from the left.
  6. Aim! Chelsea 3, Leeds United 1. Christian Pulishich (Chelsea) sneaks up close to the centre of the goal. With the support of Timo Werner after a short break.
  7. Mateusz Click (Leeds United) will be punished after committing an offence.
  8. Tammy Abraham (Chelsea) wins from a penalty in the defensive half.
  9. I missed a shot. Tammy Abraham (Chelsea) is missing on the right side of the box. With the support of Timo Werner.
  10. The attempt is blocked. Christian Pulisik (Chelsea), who fired a right shot from midfield, was blocked. With the support of Timo Werner.
  11. Offside, Leeds United. Stuart Dallas tries to score, but Ian Poveda-Ocampo is offside.
  12. I missed a shot. The Reese James (Chelsea) title in the middle of the box goes to the left. To help Mason Mount with the cross, follow the corner.
  13. Corner, Chelsea. I admit Liam Cooper.
  14. Ian Poveda-Ocampo (Leeds United) hits his free kick on the left flank.
  15. Rhys James (Chelsea) is punished after he has committed an offence.
  16. Substitution, Chelsea. Tammy Abraham replaces Olivier Giraffe.
  17. Attempted rescue. Ian Poveda-Ocampo (Leeds United) is missing from outside the penalty area.
  18. I missed a shot. The title of Olivier Giroux (Chelsea) from the middle of the box is too high. To help Mason Mount with the cross, follow the corner.
  19. Corner, Chelsea. Dumped by Ilyan Meslieu.
  20. Attempted rescue. A right turn shot by Timo Werner (Chelsea) is deflected to the centre of the area. Supported by Mason Mount.

Round foot - noise Round foot - noise

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