Rick Moranis Attack Suspect Has Been Identified and Arrested

At the beginning of October, a man accused of unintentionally attacking actor Rick Moranis was identified and arrested. The first one. In October, Moranis was walking near his house in Central Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when the suspect approached from the other side. Apparently the alleged idiot Moranis hit his head unprovoked, ripping the actor off his feet and inflicting minor injuries. All studies were recorded on videotapes made available on the Internet.

At the time, the police published photographs of the man on social networks and asked the public to help arrest the perpetrator. Although there are no credible leads, the authorities have continued to prosecute the assailant shown on the video. The moment the suspect finally arrived on Saturday, when he was seen by officials in the subway a few blocks from the crime scene. After his arrest, the suspect was identified as the 35-year-old Marquis de Ventura, a man with a long criminal record.

The noisy nature of the incident had little effect on Sergeant Dennis and PO Merlino’s determination to catch the attacker, it was just another case of New York City police taking care of their New York City counterparts, according to a Twitter feed from NYPD Transit, which noted that this year alone was the seventh time police were able to catch the attacker. For the attack on Rick Moranis, the marquis is accused of an attack in the second degree.

The noisy nature of the incident had little influence on Sergeant Dennis and PO Merlino’s determination to catch the attacker, it was just another time the NYPD was dealing with his New York colleagues. This year, a 35-year-old suspect is outside the seventh floor. Attacking and charging the battery. https://t.co/a2LsAujGl6pic.twitter.com/DOw8wsDed9.

– 14. NYPD Transit (@NYPDTransit) November 2020

A strange aspect of Moranis’ attack is that it took place very soon after his return to the public. After giving up his Hollywood career and focusing on raising children as a single parent, Moranis recently appeared on a small screen where he and Ryan Reynolds were filmed as a cameo for a Mint Mobile commercial. After the attack, Reynolds went on Twitter and apologized for choosing 2020 as the year to bring Moranis back.

I should have known Rick wouldn’t expose Rick. Glad to hear he’s okay. He wrote the star of Deadpool.

Besides the Mint Mobile ad, Moranis has also appeared in Disney+’s Prop Culture series and the upcoming Canadian television series An Afternoon on SCTV. He also drew for the remake of his role as Wayne Salinsky in the movie Frank and restarted the movie Honey, I’m Frank with Josh Gad as Wayne’s adult son. This will be Moranis’ first live-screen role on the big screen in 23 years, since his last performance as Wayne in the sequel to Honey, we will recover in 1997. Despite his return to the theatre, Moranis will not appear in Ghostbusters: Life after death.

In a year full of a steady stream of bad news, it’s good to see that Moranis at least got some justice for the terrible attack he suffered last month. Weeks later, it looks like the suspect was never apprehended. The Marquis will now stand trial for what he would have done to Moranis. We’re getting this message from NBC News.

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