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The weekend in San Luis Obispo County went as usual. The 2020 option for holiday shopping and lunch was in full swing, with physical removal, hand disinfection and wearing masks.

On Sunday evening, however, a very restrictive government directive came into force and local businesses and residents expressed their concerns.

Some companies in social networks and other media have protested against the new closure orders. On Monday, Jordan Cunningham, member of the States Assembly, made tea for his next term on his way to the swearing-in ceremony in the state capital.

This is arbitrary, irrational and absurd, Cunningham said, referring to the government’s most recent guidelines.

At his press conference on Monday, the 7th. In December, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, proposed the division of powers between local jurisdictions, while the leadership of the California Department of Health suggested the opposite. The latter also includes San Luis Obispo County in Southern California, which is skewing the local district’s performance toward a tighter closure, aided by the governor’s threats to withhold money for counties that dared to contest the process.

It doesn’t make any sense. The hospital situation in [Los Angeles] is unlike that in San Luis Obispo County, Cunningham said.

However, the MLA recognized the sharing of resources between ALS County and Santa Barbara County hospitals, an agreement he helped develop earlier this year.

Local companies in the ASO district changed and fulfilled their mandate throughout the year, and many of them began to question expensive new contracts.

You can’t play with bullies. You must fight, Mr. Cunningham said. The way to fight when someone who behaves like a monarch is deprived of his constitutional rights is to fight in a court of law.

The mantra of Governor Gavin Newsome of California, who reiterated in February and March that it was questionable and based on evidence, was rejected by his office in favor of arbitrary and reactionary rules, which began drawing up the resistance roadmap in May. Today, the governor, who relies on the plan for a safer economy, has been criticized for ignoring both science and California’s constitution, and several sheriffs have resisted.

Every county in California has its own health history. Of the 793 ongoing cases in the San Luis Obispo district, 779 are recovering outside the hospital. There is one KOVID-19 patient in intensive care, a total of 14 people have been admitted to hospital.

Our resuscitation capabilities are pretty good, Cunningham said. Of the 53 beds, one is occupied by a KOVID patient, and I think that on Friday about 45% of our beds were available at the IC.

According to recent data (Stay Where You Are When You Need Intensive Care), California is geographically divided into five regions that include San Luis Obispo County, from intensive care to San Diego County.

We have a strong argument that a complete stop, a stop based on resuscitation capacity, at least in San Luis Obispo County, is arbitrary and erratic, Cunningham said, referring to a lawsuit in Los Angeles County that required clear evidence that the virus was spread through outdoor feeding.

The companies of Atasquadero, Templeton and Paso Robles have stated that if they closed their companies according to the latest instructions, this would mean final closure.

At local level, there are no reports of the spread of VIDOC-19 or seasonal flu calling for the abandonment of good hygiene and self-sufficiency, but there are warnings from health professionals and doctors that economic and social decoupling is not a way to end public health.

On the second. In December, CDC Director Robert Redfield spoke to Susannah Clark of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about attempts to curb the spread of the virus.

If the American public really maintains a social distance, wears masks, remains vigilant at family gatherings, crowds restricted, maintains ventilation and keeps events outdoors rather than indoors, Radfield said, it will help us gradually.

The World Health Organization told CNN that if 95% of people wore a mask, power outages could be avoided.

CovidCast data from Carnegie Mellon University shows that 94.42% of Californians wear masks, and California has one of the lowest rates of restaurant and bar patronage. Nevertheless, the state is gaining momentum with regard to the new cases it is trying to control.

I’m giving an example of hope, Mr. Redfield. I always thought students were the hardest group to help contain the pandemic.

Mr Redfield had already expressed concern that the students would not take corrective action.

What happened in the fall was that many colleges and universities got active and committed students to actually buy it, Radfield said. They then combined this with a weekly screening of the student body to identify the silent asymptomatic epidemic that occurred in the population.

Mr. Radfield was impressed with the results in the Wisconsin area and the fact that the student population was lower than in the surrounding communities, but that was not the case in our district.

The largest category of confirmed cases in the SLA country is higher education, including students, staff and lecturers from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the College of Cuesta. Twenty percent of all SLO cases fall into this category, which is the fastest growing within four weeks.

A break with the information assessed by the CDC, which is specific to the ASO district, is evidence that broad brushstrokes are ineffective in solving an epidemiological problem. The problems are local in nature, and cities and provinces still have to deal with very different results and ask for different answers.

I encourage the district of San Luis Obispo to file a lawsuit, Cunningham said. You’re the prosecutor trying to get us out of Southern California as part of the final instructions.

Mr Cunningham said he spoke to local restaurateurs, restaurant lobby organisations and local elected officials; it is essential that the residents of the district protect themselves.

The county must be on the stove and claim our rights for us, Cunningham said.

The SLO County Board of Oversight meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 8 March. December, scheduled to discuss reactions to the latest government guidelines. M. Cunningham suggested that residents and business owners write or call local district officials to urge them to act on behalf of the SLA district.

District Council

1. District inspector

John Peschong

P. (805) 781-4491

If you want to send an e-mail to Chef Pesong, please write to [email protected].

2. District inspector

Bruce Gibson

P. (805) 781-4338

If you would like to send an e-mail to Supervisor Gibson, please write to [email protected].

3. District inspector

Don Ortiz Legg

P. (805) 781-4336

No e-mail at the moment.

4. District inspector

Lynn Compton

P. (805) 781-4337

If you would like to send an e-mail to Compton’s supervisor, please write to [email protected].

Comptroller for County 5

Debbie Arnold

P. (805) 781-4339

If you would like to send an e-mail to Supervisor Arnold, please write to [email protected].

Or go to the website of the province.

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