Mexico border wall could go on the backburner once Joe Biden takes over

During his election campaign in 2016, Donald Trump promised to build a border wall in Mexico. He stressed that Mexico would finance it, but it would not. Trump won’t get a second term in the White House either. That’s why Joe Biden is taking over now. Looks like he wants to stop building the wall as soon as he takes over. Part of the already built wall will be preserved. According to rough estimates, the Trump government has spent $15 billion on various activities related to the Wall. This includes the strengthening of certain areas and the construction of basements. Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat, said the voters who didn’t vote for Trumps were the ones against the border wall.

He said it was a referendum on the wall.

The Daily Mail U.K. reports that Cuellar represents the Texas region from San Antonio to the US-Mexico border. He was always opposed to the administration’s budgetary manoeuvres to organise the financing of the construction of the wall by military means. Joe Biden is the president-elect. During his election campaign he swore to put an end to the border wall project. Donald Trump, on the other hand, had visions of a wall that could not be climbed. Its purpose is to control illegal immigration and prevent drug traffickers and criminals from entering Mexico and finding their way to America.

Work on the boundary wall does not pass through

Those who support Donald Trump see the border wall as a deterrent to illegal activities from abroad.

It’s about smuggling and illegal immigrants. Immigration lawyers have criticized this last step and called it an insult to immigrants. The Daily Mail U.K. reports that Trump’s management only added 12 miles to the new wall and updated parts of it. Prior to election day, the official stated that the 450-mile border wall would be completed by the end of 2020.

The purpose of the wall seems to have been to slow down the pace of work of people with criminal intent, so that customs and border guards can intervene. Despite the border wall, smugglers have cut off certain areas in order to continue their activities. President-elect Joe Biden has indicated that he will not stop the new buildings, but that he will postpone the project and focus on the refugee issue.

Environmental disaster caused by the boundary wall

According to NBC News, the border wall in Mexico is destroying the ecology of the regions. In March, building brigades destroyed the national monument of cactus organ pipes. It is an ecological reserve on the border between Arizona and Mexico. The wall has moved centuries-old cacti and cut off the migration routes of wild animals such as jaguars and wolves. In short, it has affected the ecological balance. In Arizona there was resistance to the wall. This led to protests last month, roadblocks and even tear gas deliveries. Environmentalists and environmentalists expect Joe Biden’s new government to change this policy.

Boundary wall extension not environmentally friendly

Over the past four years, Trump’s administration has made a number of decisions that were not environmentally friendly. People pin their hopes on Biden. During the campaign Biden promised to stop the border wall NBC News quotes Nat Mund – Vice President Biden spoke about the environmental protection platform, the strong commitment to fighting climate change and the strong commitment to improving environmental justice. Mund is director of federal affairs for the non-profit Environmental Law Center South. He added that President-elect Biden’s team must work to achieve these goals. Incidentally, the cost of the wall will be around 15 billion dollars, most of which will be diverted by military means.

In January 2019, the government behind the border wall was officially dissolved.

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