World Series 2020 — The oddest of World Series ends with the most 2020 moment of the season

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ARLINGTON, Texas — In those strange years, in that most unusual baseball season, there may not have been a brighter picture of the United States around the year 2020 than a COWID-19 positive man sitting on the floor, unmasked, next to a cancer survivor, with an indelible smile scattered across his face. Sport is and remains a metaphor for society.

On Tuesday-evening, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series and shortly after that, the world learned that Justin Turner, the third baseman of the team and the heartbeat of the club, had contracted the coronavirus. We’ve asked Turner to isolate himself. He disobeyed. He entered the field where his teammates celebrated their 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in the sixth game and joined them. He took off his mask to pose for pictures with his wife, whom he kissed. He hit the ground when the team gathered for a photo to commemorate the first Dodgers’ championship in 32 years. On his right is Dave Roberts, the manager of the Dodgers, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma ten years ago. On Turner’s left, brilliantly, he was sitting for the World Series trophy.

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The strangeness of the scene was unmistakable. The Dodgers have spent the last three weeks in a resort in Irving, Texas, about 20 minutes from Globe Life, which is reportedly buzzing with activity around the world. They had to get from the hotel to the stadium and back, and nowhere else. Security personnel patrolled the area to make sure no one was violating protocols, whether they were players, coaches, front-office personnel or family members joining them. Almost two months passed without a positive result of the player test. Baseball, a sport that was almost shut down at the beginning of the season due to outbreaks in two teams, was about to be crowned champion without complications.

Then came the eighth inning, when Roberts Turner took out the game. It was strange, the first Turner left this post-season game before it was over and he was in the middle of it. Finding out why a moment that would be so joyous has turned into something more difficult – a referendum on behavior, choice and responsibility. As for America and its response to the pandemic, more than nine months after it landed on these shores, it remains the most controversial issue at the most delicate moments.

Justin Turner signed off on the sixth. February 2014 signed a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. For more than two months, he looked for a guaranteed settlement after the New York Mets let him down, he said, and told him he wasn’t really worth the money he’d make in arbitration. He then signed a contract with the Dodgers in the Junior League, took the team out of spring training and scored .340 points. The next season, he won third base and has since earned more than $50 million and the all-star team.

Turner has evolved over the years from an inverted metropolis to an emotional pillar that the Dodgers have built up over the years. When they played three games against one in a National League series, Turner was a player texting his 27 teammates: It’s a chance to do something special. Despite all the brilliance of Clayton Kershaw, the future Hall of Fame starter, whose weaknesses in the playoffs had long irritated him, is the stability of Kenley Jensen, who was closer to falling back in the ninth set, a good thing, is no longer his, all Corey Seeger’s talent as MVP and the indomitable Mookie Bets and the ace Walker Buller, Turner, his red beard – the folkloric metaphor of the fire with which he played – is the conscience of the Dodgers. For the Dodgers, for Los Angeles, a championship without them wouldn’t be like a championship.

He’s part of the team, Betts said. We’re not excluding him from everything.

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So Turner appreciated what he did, what they did – how they probably felt the shame of postponing the 7th World Cup by a few days.

Since the beginning of spring training, the Dodgers have been the favourites for the World Championships. The 11th. In February, two days before pitchers and receivers reported for spring training, they ended their exchange with Betts, a star player considered one of the best baseball players. The Dodgers have won the NL Western Division titles for the past seven years. They lost two World Series – the first in 2017 in seven games against the Houston Astros, who was later sanctioned for the fold they stole the shields and handed them to the fighters in real time, and in 2018 against the Boston Red Sox, who was sanctioned that year by a Major League baseball team for his own illegal fold, who considered the league much more limited and influential than the Astros.

This was all chewed up by the Dodgers, including Turner. When Commissioner Rob Manfred described the commission trophy awarded to the winner of the World Series as a piece of metal, Turner was already insulted that the competition had granted immunity to Astros players involved in the theft of the shield.

At this stage, according to Mr Turner, the only thing that devalues this trophy is what the commissioner says.

In less than a month, baseball was closed. There was panic at the highest sporting level. Whatever the officials did to the infection specialists for this new virus, they couldn’t know anything about the unknown. The coronavirus was and remains a mystery. And the idea of playing baseball in 2020 just wasn’t something they wanted to talk about, not the way the pandemic hit the country.

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Playback round, calendar and other

Soon the competition officials started making plans for the future. The idea of a bubble was born, which did not create enough tension between the players or the hosts. The league and the players have been fighting for money for almost two months. The MLB wanted to play at home, allowing the players to stay with their families, but making them more vulnerable to possible transfers. Manfred has set up a schedule for 60 matches. The shortened training camp, which was missed by dozens of players and employees with positive KOVID results, ended on 24 January. July, opening day. Two weeks after the epidemics of Marlin in Miami and Cardinal in St. Louis, outbreaks of the disease have been reported. In St. Louis, baseball was about to end the 2020 season – or to end it.

The fear among the Dodgers was palpable. The team that came this season thought she was so good – she was. Bumps and kicks. Young players and old players. The play-offs would suck, but they always do. Never before had there been such an incarnation of the Dodgers, led by baseball president Andrew Freedman in the office, Roberts on the bench, Turner and Betts and Kershaw at the club, who believed in the group as much as they did.

The Dodgers would not suffer the same fate as the Marlins and the Cardinals, not under Turner’s supervision. The 31st. In July, he sent Alana Rizzo, who handles the Dodgers for the television channel SportsNet LA, a text message for the iPhone in which he described the protocols the Dodgers would follow so that no teammate would dare express his anger.

All players on the dugout wear protective covers, the first row is counted.

An exciting six meter distance and face covering in the stable where the boys might have to sit on the stands to make room, he continued.

The need to avoid public discourse for marketing purposes was also stressed, he added.

Yet the Dodgers realized that no matter how hard they were, they were not immune to the complications of COWID-19. Jansen, who underwent two operations to correct an irregular heartbeat, contracted it before his arrival at the camp. The symptoms were severe. And he hasn’t felt so good since.

KOVID’s recovery has been difficult, Jansen told ESPN Ramone Shelburne this week. You still feel the side effects from time to time. Your body feels… I don’t know, I just can’t stand it.

Throughout the season, some circles of the game were uncomfortable to see that even baseball was played – with the number of corona deaths in the U.S. exceeding 200,000, baseball was Marie Antoinette’s season to leave her in the pie. Others applauded Manfred’s approach, arguing that a year without baseball would be devastating for the sport, especially as the NBA and NHL ended their seasons in independent bubbles with a small COVID 19 case.

After years of disappointment in October, Clayton Kershaw left the field with a standing ovation and leadership. Jeff Pasan

Baseball was in many ways a microcosm of the country, a still messy balance, a polarization. The League was wrong to take the side of those who see the pandemic as something terrible. Camouflage was compulsory, socialisation was extremely daunting. When two Cleveland Indians pitchers came off the field after a game in Chicago and were caught, they were relegated to junior leagues. Although exposure to the virus rarely leads to complications in strong, healthy men in their 20s and 30s, players were not the only ones to participate in this real-time experience. There were trainers, instructors, staff at the front – people from the fifties, sixties and seventies who were much more receptive to the circumstances that existed.

Whether it’s fear of a dangerous season, better compliance with protocols, or a combination of both, the cases of KOVID-19 more or less disappeared as the baseball play-offs approached. And no one was better than the Dodgers. They won 43:17 – 116 victories in the standard season. They beat their opponents on average by more than two passes per match. Only four teams have done so, the last ones are the New York Yankees from 1939.

The Dodgers were Jaggernauts. They worked together around Betts, who loved being a Dodger so much that he refused to test the agency free this winter and signed a $365 million, 12-year contract the day before the season. They admired the rebirth of Seager, their incredibly talented 26-year-old shortstop, who played on the field with a grace that showed his greatness and hunted in the bad fields as if he was calling them with a duckling bell. Of the five pitchers in their first rotation, the one with the lowest ERA score was the most talented, Buhler, and the off-season chase with him, and Kershaw, and Dustin May, and Tony Gonsolin, and Julio Urias felt unfair.

Only the Dodgers have been collecting this juggling action for years – with money, yes, with a salary financed by their outsider contract with local television, with years of hustle and bustle filling the Dodger stadium, with all the benefits they have. But also with the process that worked. Friedman cut his teeth with spokes and turned them into household winners. When he joined the Dodgers, his goal was much higher. He wanted to build a ruthless machine, a machine that included analysis and focused on detection, a machine that was better designed and developed than any other, a machine that would not only open a window to win the championship, but would also take the damn machine out of its loops.

Whatever the Dodgers’ weaknesses – their depth of soul, a way of thinking, or sometimes Roberts’ decision making – their talent always seemed to cloud them on paper. Even at the age of 35, when his contract expired at the end of the season, Turner managed to enter the .307 to get 40% of the time on the base. On the sixth floor. In the first game of the NLCS, he hit a homerun on the 1st, which proves that victory is a must. He went home in the first round of the World Series 3 and again in the fourth game. Just like on the team photo he took in the end, Turner was at the heart of the action.

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After Justin Turner was taken out of the game due to a positive corona test, he joined his Dodger teammates on the field to celebrate his championship.

On Monday, the Dodgers presented the same COVID-19 memory tests they have been performing for several months. During the season tests were carried out every two days. The playoffs are coming, the frequency is increasing every day. The tests were sent to a test laboratory in Utah, which was transformed into a nerve centre for coronavirus testing. After a few errors in the initial phase of the tests, which raised doubts about the effectiveness of the MLB plan, the system turned out to be good enough to eliminate the complaints. One of the Grand Masters, who was very skeptical about the reason why the competition is even worried about the season, said Tuesday morning: The MLB should be proud. Actually, he did.

It’s not clear when the tests arrived in Utah on Monday, nor when the lab performed them. However, a source who was aware of the tests indicated that the results, which usually arrived before the games, were delivered too late. How that happened before the possible World Series vowel – and what the competition protocol says – will be one of the questions Manfred will answer in the coming days.

Los Angeles knew he’d get an MVP. But part of what Mookie does best goes way beyond what’s on the back of his baseball card. Alden Gonzalez Why did Boston trade with Mookie?

In the second set of game six, the MLB received a call from the lab, according to sources on ESPN. One test proved inconclusive: Turner’s. It has shown that there are some characteristics that, according to some sources, are associated with a positive test, but the efforts to strengthen the results of the doctors who carry out the tests have not been able to say this with certainty. Non-proprietary tests are relatively common when it comes to detecting coronaviruses. There are no known cases where the league has removed players from matches due to inconclusive tests. When Cincinnati outfielder Nick Senzel was tested on KOVID-19 with a positive result, he was immediately informed and removed from the handshake line.

The received tests for the sixth race arrived at about the same time as the inconclusive result. Instead of repeating it, the lab was asked to speed up the Turner test performed on Tuesday. The results will take two hours. Meanwhile, the World Series has been won.

Blake Snell, the Reyes’ starter, was ready to force game seven. He knocked out Betts, Seeger and Turner in the first set, knocked out the rest of the Dodgers and knocked out the Dodgers three times a second time. Los Angeles was helpless in the face of its many terrains: a fast ball that accelerates to 98 miles per hour, tight as a spring in the straight out bend at 90 miles per hour, a slider he spun with bad intentions at 89 miles per hour, and a curveball that bends at 80 miles per hour. Snell won the Cy Young American League award in 2018, and given his opponent’s situation, he may never have looked better.

In round six, both the Turner event and the Dodger spell. The Rays live and die during the game, and they watched game six of the World Series, adhering to the principle that they don’t want the swimmers to see the pitcher go for the third time. It wasn’t hard and fast, but with a sixth round out, with Race leading 1-0 in Randy Arozarena’s first homerun, with Austin Barnes’ receiver after the singles, with Snell on 73 pitches, with two goals, no steps and nine hits next to his name in the boxing score, Race Director Kevin Cash came out of the bunker. Snell has an explicit one. That was his game. It was his season.

Cash is not acceptable. He took the ball and handed it to Nick Anderson, the regular season super-kicker, whose death at the end of the season led his opponents to score the last six goals. Bets broke a double line at third base. The Wilderni site has left its mark on Barnes. Ray’s field has shifted. Seager’s video for first base was sent home. Just like in the first game, Betts slid his head forward and won the shot. Six locations after the departure of Snell, the flights arrived at 2:1 am.

Turner’s results came in in the seventh inning. Tuesday’s test showed a positive result for KOVID. The lab contacted the union. The League has made contact with the Dodgers. The Dodgers have filtered the nut to the shelter. Roberts took Turner out until eight o’clock and brought in Edwin Rios.

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The manager of the Dodgers, Dave Roberts, says he can’t explain why Justin Turner was removed from World Series 6.

In the ninth round Roberts sat with crossed legs on a dugout, calm and cool. The Betts came in at the bottom of the sixteen and took out extra insurance. Urias, who closed the flag with three crazy sets to finish the seventh game, was ready to do the same in the World Series. Willie Adams watched the final pitch, a fastball at 97 miles an hour piercing the inside bend. Barnes put the bullet in his back pocket when he went to kiss Urias. Kershaw materialized from the detention building, hands in the air, the expression of joy on his face. Betts threw his hat and ran to the dog branch.

That’s it. That’s it. This is what Los Angeles has been waiting for. This team is releasing a champion in this insane year. And not a champion with an asterisk, because despite the short season, discipline in accordance with protocols, a keen mind and a lively spirit were enough to play the games for the fans, with all this being done against a backdrop of uncertainty – more than the word deserves. Error! The file name is not specified. Photo by Eric Gay/AP

How Justin Turner returned to the field to join his teammates – a question asked early on Wednesday morning when the Dodgers cheered and the scene spread quickly.

A director wrote a text message: The Superspreader event is live. Welcome to the year 2020. A famous player once said: What the hell is… …what’s going on.

Of course, the 2020 season has only just ended. No, we have no idea how it’s gonna go out of season. We always play against all 30 teams.
To an early performance appraisal

The answer is as follows: Turner ignored a protocol that required the isolation of COVID-positive players. He did it with the support of his teammates and his organization. Besides, no one has been as important to the Dodgers as Turner in the last seven seasons. They spent time with him in a bubble, took the bus to the stadium, shared a club with him. He was their leader. And if that meant the risk of contamination, if that meant that the observers got angry, then that was the consequence that they were willing to suffer.

Every day, as we live in America and around the world, there is a behavior, a choice and a responsibility. Why did Justin Turner decide to do what he did – ignore Manfred, who said after the match against Fox that Turner was immediately isolated to prevent the spread, only to be lured to the field to receive the commissioner’s trophy? Was it personal? Did Turner think he was the one who insisted on protocols when baseball was closing? Or was it something simpler, a behaviour and a choice that went beyond any responsibility one might feel? What was the one moment he couldn’t miss, that he couldn’t miss?

The chance to take a photo with a trophy, Friedman said, was incredibly important and meaningful to him.

Turner didn’t talk to the press after the game. He sent out a tweet that said: Thank you all for your help! I’m fine, no symptoms. I just went through every emotion imaginable. I can’t believe I couldn’t be there to party with my boys! I am so proud of this team and incredibly happy in Los Angeles #WorldSeriesChamps.

And finally, as soon as the coronavirus is back, as soon as the world is back to normal or something, the result will be announced on the 27th day of the event. October 2020. It will be the day the Dodgers win the World Series again, the day they bring the city and history to ecstasy for themselves.

So far all this can be seen through Turner’s action lens. Video and photo. Among the hundreds of people in the field. Among the questions, how are the Dodgers going to get through the next few days, apart from the quick test they plan to take on the way back to the hotel. It doesn’t matter that Turner was irresponsible or that he just got what he deserved. And we will fight, because all we do is fight, fight, fight, run, and it always ends, the parties go apart, each of them is convinced that it is the right thing to do, the American hobby is real.

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