The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Just Teased Three Major Superhero Transitions in One Episode

For the weekend, Falcon and the Winter Soldier delivered one of the most impressive opening episodes of the season in the penultimate episode, with the atmosphere of the Civil War shining through. The trio, Sam, Bucky and Walker, fighting over this shield finally made us understand why it is so important. It can mean different things to different people, but it certainly shouldn’t be placed in a museum as a memorial piece. The legacy of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes far beyond one man.

But speaking of legacy, the series has subtly included the appearance of two new superheroes (and a villain), or shall we say, three individuals transitioning into new identities. Those three men were Anthony McKee’s Sam Wilson, Wyatt Russell’s John Walker and Danny Ramirez’s Joaquin Torres. While we’ll certainly see Sam and John don their new coats in the next episode, or at least get a glimpse of them, Torres may need some time to join his future superhero. Still, it’s a great nod to the comics and another charismatic move by Marvel Studios to add new superheroes to the MCU in a modified form. Let’s take a look at these three super-individual teases of Marvel Studios Falcon and the Winter Soldier in Episode 5.

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Sam Wilson becomes Captain America

Although Sam and Bucky did well against Walker and managed to take the shield, the series deepened Sam’s confusion and hesitation to take on the mantle. While he was already struggling to meet the standards Steve set as the ideal patriot, he became even further removed from the concept of America’s most popular superhero after his encounter with Isaiah Bradley, a black super soldier imprisoned for serving his people. But in the end, Sam realizes it’s more important than ever to stand up and prove to the world that a man of color can be capable of doing things a white man can’t (Walker) and trains with a shield. He learns to use the shield in battle, to throw and catch it, and accepts the trust Steve places in him.

At the end of the episode, Sam learns that the flag-wavers are planning an attack on the PRC meeting to rebel against the law, which will deport the post-blip borderers back to their home countries. To mentally prepare for the coming battle, he opens the box Bucky gave him from the Wakandans. Although we didn’t get to see what was inside, a small glimpse, like a part, showed that it was a new Falcon suit, probably in the new blue and white colors to match the shield.

It’s not confirmed whether or not Sam will be flying in the new suit, but it’s clear he will. First of all, flying is in his nature. He was flying with those wings long before he became an avenger. And since he’s not a super soldier, the wings will give him a significant advantage over super villains in future combat missions. And with that, Sam, in his new colors, with the shield of Captain America, flew through the battle arena, he became the new Captain America.

Joaquin Torres becomes Falcon II

One of the classic comic book references in this series is the introduction of Joaquin Torres, played by Danny Ramirez. Torres is introduced as Sam’s assistant for military operations. He is Sam’s husband and confidant who helps him gather information and clues about threats and other types of conflicts. He is also Sam’s technician, marking enemy positions, following directions and connecting the dots for him. In the final episode, Torres visits Sam Wilson after his fight with Walker. He explains the situation to Sam and how the US authorities are panicking because Walker has publicly killed an unarmed man.

Torres then looks at Sam’s destroyed wings in the Falcon suit. Although Sam asks Torres to find a way to repair the wings, Torres does not know when or how he will be able to repair their severe destruction. As Sam begins to retreat with the Cape Shield, Torres asks Sam to take the wings as well, to which Sam replies: Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Joaquin Torres is an important character in Marvel Comics. He takes the torch from Sam the Falcon and becomes Falcon II. In the comics, however, Torres was turned into a human-bird hybrid during the experiments of mad scientist Carl Malus (the character appears in Jessica Jones, but appears to have been killed in an explosion). After saving Captain America’s life, he is promoted to the new Falcon and becomes acting captain. It’s possible that Marvel will take a new approach to the character and eventually include him in future development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Interestingly, Joaquin Torres himself is connected to Ironheart in the Secret Empire story; Ironheart is also being developed for Disney+. So we see these young superheroes come together to form the New Avengers.

John Walker becomes an Americanagent.

John’s plot in this miniseries was a failure. First, he was told that as Captain America he had to uphold American values and principles, but he was not told that these would conflict with his principles as a soldier. The war veteran who didn’t know what to expect faced defeat and humiliation until he realized that power could change his attitude and help him become the true Captain America he was meant to be. But his decision to take the serum backfires, as his anger and frustration at those who weaken him take their toll, exacerbated by his grief over the death of his fellow soldier. And then, in a way, he was betrayed by politics, which seemed to operate according to the same values, plunging him even further into despair.

With the accumulation of frustration over his inability to protect his best friend and his obsession with becoming a superhero, Walker begins to develop his own shield. We see him using hammers and the same colors as Cap’s shield to create his own character. He even has a shield engraved with a US military pin from his uniform. Given the sudden turn of his character and his encounter with a surprise guest in the episode, his character is definitely on a dark path, and we look forward to Wyatt Russell’s amazing performance as the American agent in future MCU episodes.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier significantly expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to these three teases, the series also teased Eli Bradley, who becomes the Patriot in the comics and is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the former Captain America, in this version. Then the MCU introduces characters like Kate Bishop, Ironheart, Miss America, Miss Marvel, and possibly Stinger/Stature (Cassie Lang). Maybe we can look forward to The New Avengers in the future, but who can say for sure?

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ends next week with the sixth and final episode of the series, which airs exclusively on Disney+.

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