Transformers: War For Cybertron: Earthrise Review

Those of you who have seen the first Netflix and Rooster’s Teeth entry in Transformers: The War For Cybertron trilogy presents an elegant and more mature version of the beloved franchise with a cliffhanger. Now it’s time to finally dive back into this universe with the last chapter of the trilogy, Transformers: The war for Cybertron: Earthrise and fans in a wild ride that offers the same exciting action and stunning visuals, while strengthening the connection to the larger Transformers universe, including a few appearances and introductions that will definitely delight fans of the franchise for a long time to come.

Some time elapsed between the end of the first series and the beginning of Earth Rise. So there aren’t many plots that jump forward, and few changes overlap quickly when the Earthrise begins. However, Earthrise assumes that you have seen the first episode. So if you’re new, at least check out the finals of the original series before you start, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

Those who have seen the series can embark on the adventure, however, as Earthrise tells the double story of Elite One’s struggle to save the oppressed on Cybertron and recover the Decepticons and Optimus Prime and Autobots on the Ark who desperately try to recover AllSpark, which was lost after Optimus threw it across the space bridge to free it from Megatron’s hands.

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At the beginning of the series, the events at Cybertron are much more exciting, because even though the forces of the Elite One Autobots are only a fraction of what Prime had to work, she seems to be getting better results because she and her team have been a thorn in Megatron’s side since the other Autobots left. It is a real pleasure to see them work, thanks to the perfect convergence of the personalities and skills of the group, especially the dynamics between Jetfire (Keith Silverstein) and Elita-1 (Lincey Russo), who really took the lead and finally found his right hand in the former Decepticon. With Red Alert (Todd Haberkorn) and my new favorite Autobot Chromia (Georgia Reid) you have a team of which I want to see 10 more episodes.

Slow down a little when a larger area opens up and follow Optimus and the crew in their search for the AllSpark. In the beginning we meet a new group of mercenaries who will certainly play a role later on, and this also opens the way for a greater threat from the enemy who introduces them. However, although they both play a role in the season in the following episodes, they don’t seem as consistent as one would think and, frankly, one could swap them with other characters and get the same effect. They serve their purpose, but I wouldn’t say they gave the show their unmistakable stamp.

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This aspect of the plot becomes much more pronounced in the middle of the season when the richness of the conflict between Optimus and Megatron begins to surface. Going back and forth between Optimus (Jake Fushi’s voice) and Megatron (Jason Marnoha) on an action level is wonderful, but it’s the small conversations between them that really bring out all their luggage, and there’s a surprisingly honest dialogue between the two big rivals and some small but important glimpses into their past.

Episode 5 builds beautifully on all this, and although I have no surprises in store for you, let’s just say that if you’re an old fan of the series, you’ll be excited in the best possible way. There are two conversations in this episode that not only serve the fans well, but also offer intriguing possibilities for the series, while the two main stories are developed in an exciting way.

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We won’t spoil the way it all ends either, but suffice it to say that this series manages to create a convincing ending that allows the viewer to guess what’s next. However, the end of the season and the season as a whole are not as satisfying as the original, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting started, because what you’ll find is a great action-packed adventure with a core and character development, and the next chapter can’t come soon enough.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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