Weber Go Anywhere has a huge adventage over Smokey Joe

In terms of portability, the Weber Go-Anywhere has a huge advantage over the Smokey Joe. Both grills can be easily transported and are easy to clean. The cooking grates are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with a grill brush, soap, and warm water. They also have ash catcher containers underneath the cooking bowl. The legs of both grills fold down to store them when not in use.

The Weber Go-Anywhere offers 160 square inches of cooking space while the Smokey Joe features 147 square inches. The Weber Smokey Joe also comes with a damper system, which makes temperature control easy. The Smokey Joe also has a single damper to cover its cooking grates. While the Cooking Areas of both grills are similar, the shape and size of each unit plays a major role in cooking certain dishes.

The Smokey Joe has a similar design but isn’t as portable. The Go-Anywhere has a locking lid system and is not portable. The Weber Smokey Joe lacks portability, however. It has no carrying handles and can’t be taken anywhere. But its portability and quality make it a better choice for camping and outdoor entertaining. While it’s difficult to compare the two, there is no reason to overlook this feature.

The Go-Anywhere is a more affordable model than the Smokey Joe, and it can be transported easily. Both grills offer the same features, but the Go-Anywhere has a foldable legs system for easy transportation. The Smokey Joe also has a gas-powered variant. You can find out more about their differences and similarities in our comparison of these two grills.

The Weber Go-Anywhere is more portable than the Smokey Joe. It’s more portable and has a locking lid system, while the Smokey Joe lacks the features of a full-size grill. The Weber Go-Anywhere is also cheaper than the Smokey joe. The latter has more expensive features but is still more cost-effective.

The Weber Go-Anywhere is more affordable and has foldable legs, which make it portable. The Smokey Joe, on the other hand, is larger and has a smaller cooking area. Despite the smaller size of the Go-Anywhere, the price difference is surprisingly large. The Weber go anywhere vs Smokey joe is a better choice for most people. A smoker can easily cook in two different ways and the Go-Anywhere is more compact.

The Weber Go-Anywhere is an affordable and portable grill. The premium model includes a built-in ash-catcher, Tuck-N-Carry lid lock, and a rust-resistant aluminum damper. The Smokey joe also has a larger cooking area than the Go-Anywhere. Aside from being more portable, the Smokey Joe is also more affordable.

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