What Happens If You Get Into Truck Accident Without Insurance

Getting into truck accidents without Insurance can be dangerous for you. Hire a Utah Truck Accident Lawyers. Why? Because almost every country requires its citizen to have at least a minimum amount of Insurance. There are different situations where you have to deal with different consequences.

Getting into Truck Accident on other Truck Drivers at Fault:

Whenever you hit a truck with an uninsured vehicle, you can file a claim against the driver.

  1. The first step is to gather as much evidence as possible from the incident
  2. The second step is to contact the police if your vehicle is not insured

as soon as possible.

The driver will be held responsible for the fine, but you can get compensation from him. You may also be penalized with a traffic citation, a fine, or even the loss of your license.

If you are at fault and Uninsured:

It is dangerous to know that driving a vehicle uninsured and getting someone into an accident can cause too many consequences. You will not only compensate the truck driver from your pocket. But if you get injured, you will be paying your medical expenses. You will also get fined, and your license will be suspended.

You will be going through consequences like:

  • Fulfilling medical loss of the other person.
  • Paying for repairing the damaged vehicle

There are two kinds of States in terms of Insurance because they follow either No-Fault Insurance State or Fault Car Insurance State.

No-Fault Insurance State:

Many countries follow No-Fault Insurance. In this state, if you come up to meet an accident, it is your fault. If you have no-fault Insurance, the person against you cannot sue you in court or file a claim.

Fault Car Insurance State:

These states have Fault Car Insurances, where if a person gets into an accident with you, you are at fault. He can sue you, and if he doesn’t have Insurance, he can still file the case against you. If that person is at fault, and he has Insurance, but you don’t have it, you will still have to face such consequences due to not having an insured vehicle, but you can still file a claim.


1. What happens if another driver hits me and he doesn’t have Insurance?

If a driver hits you and doesn’t have Insurance, you can file a claim against him to get compensation for your vehicle’s loss and emotional or physical loss.

2. Can I get Insurance after an accident?

A person can get Insurance at any time, but the point here is that if you are getting Insurance after the accident. This Insurance will be for future accidents and situations. Anything that happened before this incident will not be countable.

3. How long can your license be suspended for the accident?

If your licence is suspended because you got into an accident due to an uninsured car. Your licence may suspend for up to three years along with the registration unless you provide them proper coverage of the incident.


In conclusion, living without Insurance can cause many problems when you are driving an uninsured vehicle and cause an accident. You will still be charged a fine if you file a claim against the other person with fault. Insurance is important in both ways if you are at fault or not. If you are at fault and you don’t have minimum Insurance, another person can sue you, and you will have to pay the compensation on your own. It may be possible that your assets may be blocked.

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