What qualifications do I need to pursue a data analytics course?

Data analytics careers are taking the world by storm and the demand for qualified professionals is skyrocketing every day. This is due to the increased reliance on data in today’s digitalized world. Pursuing data analyst courses has become a commonplace thing among students who wish to build a secure and lucrative career.

Various data analytics courses are available today in the educational sector allowing students to choose the one that suits them the most. Basic language requirements and high school education can let you secure admission to these programs and start developing your skills.

Read this article to know more about the qualifications required to pursue a data analytics course and the opportunities in the field.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics refers to the process of examining large amounts of data to identify hidden patterns. This allows a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends and enables effective and strategic decision-making in business organizations. You can make use of advanced software, technologies, and programming languages to perform data analysis.

What are the qualifications required to pursue a data analytics course?

Studying data analytics is a piece of the cake if you have a basic understanding of certain technologies and programs. However, even if you do not know any of these, a data analytics course prepares you with the right skills and knowledge essential to start a career in the industry.

A high school education with an above-average aggregate is required to get admission to any data analytics courses. This is to ensure that you have the basic knowledge in certain subjects that can be useful during the program.

Knowledge of English as a language for the curriculum is also a requirement for most programs. Most colleges teach their curriculum in English which makes it necessary to know the language to understand the curriculum and communicate well. So, non-natives are often required to attend the IELTS or TOEFL test and score a minimum of 5.5 or equivalent to get admission to the data analyst program.

As the data analytics course focuses on the use of technology and programming languages, students who enroll in the program must have access to a personal desktop or laptop with minimum configurations as listed by each institution. Although computer labs are available in colleges, having a personal system is necessary to ensure the smooth progression of the curriculum.

What will you learn from data analytics courses?

The data analytics program teaches you the skills necessary to become a successful data analyst. This includes lessons in modern technologies, software such as Structured Query Language (SQL) and SAS, and programming languages like Python, Java, and C++. You will learn the theoretical as well as practical aspects of data analytics which include data auditing, collecting, and handling, and also how to use data visualization tools like Qlik Sense, Tableau, and D3.

Graduating from a data analytics program opens before you several lucrative career opportunities such as data analyst, database analyst, data miner, etc. in the corporate industry. So, why wait? Enroll in a data analytics program today.

This article is written by Anu Augustine.

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