Zack Snyder Wanted Carla Gugino as Catwoman in the DCEU

While Zack Snyder has failed to create his own version of Selina Kyle for DC Extended Universe, the director of the Justice League says he wants to see Carl Gugino in the role of Catwoman. When we first met Batman at the DCEU, it was an old version of Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck. The previous character has only been mentioned, and we DC fans have never seen Catwoman in this extraordinary cinematic universe. Although Snyder never explored this part of Batman’s story in his DCEU films, that doesn’t mean he never thought about what happened to him.

This week Zack Snyder appeared on a live stream during a video interview with The Nerd Queens on YouTube and Gugino’s Catwoman theme appeared during the chat. Although Snyder agreed that she would be perfect for the role, he also found a way to get her into the DCEU and suggested that Batman and Catwoman get back together after an eventful history and years of separation.

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a big surprise. I’d say Carla’s cat lady. I have to say there’s a memory of ten years ago, when they were something. And then he had to stop her, I don’t know what happened, or he had to let her go, and that pushed him. And now, who knows what she’s doing, she runs some kind of international antiques or something, and he has to retire, and they get together. Yeah, I think Carla… Yeah, she’s fine.

Maybe Carla Gugino, who plays Catwoman, is not in the cards, but Gotham’s most experienced cat burglar will be back on the screen soon anyway. Zoe Kravitz currently plays the equivalent of Robert Pattinson in the role of Bruce Wayne in the film Batman, which takes place in an autonomous universe unrelated to Snyder’s DCEU films. The images of Kravitz have been released on the set and can also be seen as a character in an earlier trailer.

Many actresses have played Catwoman in the past, both on the big and small screens. Julie Newmar, Lee Merriweather and Erta Kitt alternated in the 1960s in the original Batman television series and her feature film. In 1992 Michelle Pfeiffer played the role of Batman on her return, and Holly Berry reinterpreted that role in Catwoman in 2004. Anna Hathaway will later appear as Catwoman in the 2012 series The Dark Knight rises, while Kamren Bikondova will play a younger version of Selina in the Gotham prequel series.

As far as Gugino is concerned, she has since achieved a lot of success with the famous Netflix horror series The Haunting of Hill House. She is back to play a new character in the upcoming series Ghost of Bly’s Manor, which was released this year. Together with Karen Gillan, Lena Hedei and Angela Bassett, Gugino can also be seen in the upcoming thriller Gunpowder milkshake.

DC fans will also be able to see more Affleck than Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League film – a four-part series that will rethink the Justice League film with alternative shots and scenes. We get this message from nerd quins on YouTube.

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