5 Things To Do In Minecraft Survival

5 Things To Do In Minecraft Survival

For all the things Minecraft allows us to do, the game can get pretty stale at one point. Gamers that spend hours building their home or an extensive rail network will eventually reach a point where they need something different to keep them entertained. If you feel this way, do know that there are other things to do in Minecraft Survival.

Minecraft Survival is one of the four game modes. The other three include creative, hardcore, and adventure. In Minecraft Survival, you have to collect resources manually. That means chopping wood, mining cobblestone, etc. The beautiful thing about Minecraft survival mode is that it takes much longer for you to get bored. But it can happen, nonetheless.

So, what things should you be doing to keep yourself entertained in Minecraft survival mode? Here is a definitive list everyone should try.

Dive Deep Into the Nether

Most Minecraft gamers are familiar with the Nether. The Nether is one of two dimensions where the player can enter through a portal. Building this portal is a difficulty in itself. That’s because you’ll need Obsidian. To build a Nether portal, you’ll need to acquire 14 blocks of Obsidian. The base of the portal must be four blocks wide and each side five blocks high. You’ll also need flint & steel to power the portal.

Once you go through the portal, you’ll enter the Nether. This dimension resembles hell, although it’s not that scary. But there are tons of foes, some more deadly than others, and tons of stuff to do. Navigating the Nether is the tricky part. If you get lost, it can be difficult to find your way back. That’s why you should always navigate the Nether in a straight line and build a landmark to act as a lighthouse. The Nether is also endless.

So what should you be doing there? One of the most exciting things in Minecraft is looking for chests and treasures. You can find chests in abandoned structures or dungeons. The dungeon in the Nether is the Nether Fortress. The Fortress is a massive structure full of deadly foes and free goodies. But finding the Nether Fortress is a difficult thing to do. Check out this article on how to find a Nether Fortress in the Nether.

Play With Mods

The beautiful thing about Minecraft is that you can install mods to make the game more interesting. The community creates all kinds of mods that are free to download and essentially offer something new to the game. You can view an extensive list of the mods available in Minecraft by visiting their official mods website. Browse through the list and download the mods that appeal most to you.

These are community-created content that enhances your gameplay. For example, the Optifine mod gives you better graphics options. In short, it makes the game run in HD. However, Minecraft is huge, and you will need a better PC to run some of these mods.

Another interesting mod is the Decocraft mod. This mod is perfect for those who want more options when decorating homes. These are only two mods in a sea of thousands. Download the ones that appeal to you the most and experience Minecraft like nothing before.

Build A City

The ultimate project of many Minecraft survival gamers is to turn a small village into a metropolitan area. You’ll need to build a small village to attract villagers. You can even settle next to an actual village. But what better way to take things to the next level than to build an entire city? You’ll need plenty of resources to do that, and you’ll be making plenty of runs to the mine for cobblestone. So before you take on this project, you’ll need to acquire the resources.

Building a city in Minecraft survival tests the inner architect in all of us. It’s time-consuming but very rewarding. The options are endless, and you can even download a texture pack to make things look even more beautiful.

Tinker With Redstone

Redstone is a resource in Minecraft. You can find it underground, and it is essentially a valuable commodity that very few people know how to use. For those that do, it opens the game to a whole new level. Redstone can be used to power machines and automate certain mechanics. For example, you can use Redstone to build a mob-killer device. To do that, you will first need to locate a mob spawner and build the contraption around it.

Once the mobs spawn, the contraption will kill the mobs and provide all kinds of goodies in return. These so-called mob farms are very popular among Redstone enthusiasts. Other options include building smelters that don’t require you to manually put resources in, piston doors that automatically open, and sugarcane farms that automatically harvest and plant. These are only a few ideas that you could get into.

Look For Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks can be found all over the world. While they’re mostly found underwater, they also spawn in other biomes. Build a boat and venture out into the open sea to look for sunken boats. Shipwrecks have chests inside. These chests could contain anything from coal to diamonds and rare potions. To find a shipwreck, you’ll need to look underwater as you paddle with your boat.

But there’s an even better way to do it. You can give fish to dolphins, and they’ll take you to one. You will need to farm tons of fish, so craft a fishing rod and start fishing. According to the Minecraft Wiki, some shipwrecks can have two and up to three chests!

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