Elopement Wedding Photography: A Complete Guide

Couples looking to marry are moving away from high-pitched fanfare-filled traditional weddings with many ceremonies. They are looking for something small, cozy, and a warm affair with a select few friends and family. 

Elopement wedding: Ushering in the trend

There is a paradigm shift in the wedding industry. The new vogue is minimalism over materialism and weddings are reflecting that. People are looking for stress-free and flexible budget weddings over traditional weddings. A small intimate event that portrays the values of the couple’s lives is revered over a high-stress and expensive wedding with a humongous guest list.  

A downsized wedding represented by a small guest list of close relatives and friends is referred to as an elopement wedding. The term elopement is used to represent couples who ran away to break free from familial and social bondages and live together as a couple. It often was regarded as a shameful act. But, now it is a hot and trending concept to get married by eloping. 

The best feature of an elopement wedding

A wedding, however grandiose or simple, needs to be memorable and appropriate captures that reflect the mood and vibe will help keep the nostalgia alive after a few decades. The best feature of a small event sans the fanfare is investing in good elopement wedding photography that will paint the emotions into a canvas to create magic in a frame. 

When couples strip away from the daunting experience of a traditional affair and choose one they believe in, spending the day with each other in a manner that represents their emotions and close-to-heart places and people, it needs to be documented through pictures. And that’s exactly what an elopement wedding photographer does. 

They take candid pictures while they listen to the story of a couple in love through their reminiscences. The merry on the face of the bride and groom, when they chat about each other will bring out the best looks that cannot be recreated. The photographers write the story of the couple through pictures that say everything in a single shot. 

What to expect from elopement photography?

If you or a close friend is getting married and looking for an experienced elopement photographer to complete their wedding shoot, then there are tips that one has to keep in mind. Here are a few pointers that can guide the expectations of one looking to avail of the services of a photographer:

  • Check the previous work

A wedding photographer’s job is not static. There can be a hundred different poses that are in every photographer’s arsenal for the perfect picture but the nuances of a relationship are caught through sincere, honest, and candid gestures that represent the sea of emotions that we carry in our tiny chests. 

So unless you check the previous work of a photographer, hiring one that can match a couple’s wavelength is difficult. 

  • Pricing is important

The pricing of a photograph demands the number of hours that needs to be spent on an assignment. Most elopement weddings feature photographs taken at a scenic location. While the jaw-dropping landscape does half the job for capturing some mesmerizing couple moments, it needs to be noted that the traveling cost of the photographer’s team till the locations will be part of the price that you will pay.  

  • Clear the ground

What you expect and how the pictures turn around may be different. If you have been inspired by looking at a perfect elopement wedding photograph of a couple, then discuss the same with your photographer. If there is a reference picture, show it to them. Let them decide and tell you if they can recreate something similar or better for you. 

A lot of the factors that influence the outcome depend on the weather conditions and natural lighting of the location. Your photographer will be the best person to guide you about the feasibility and it is good to know beforehand if the plan is doable or not. 


An elopement wedding offers the freedom to experiment with different concepts as it is on a flexible budget. You can overspend on things that matter most to you and give the least importance to the ones you don’t. If you love pictures then remember to take lots of them on your elopement day. 

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