Heisman Watch — Mac Jones takes a lead over Trevor Lawrence

Welcome to our weekly Heisman watch for the 2020 college football season. Throughout the season, the authors of ESPN.com will vote for their top candidates for the Heisman Trophy.

To obtain the final evaluation, we use the following methodology: 15 voters, five votes each. Points system: five points for first place, four points for second place, three points for third place, two points for fourth place and one point for fifth place.

The voters: Andrea Adelson, Kyle Bonagura, Bill Connally, Heather Deanich, David M. Hale, Sam Khan Jr, Chris Law, Harry Liles Jr, Ivan Meisel, Ryan McGee, Adam Rittenberg, Alex Scarborough, Mark Slabah, Tom Vanharen, Dave Wilson.

Total points: 57 (first place: 5/15)

It’s remarkable: Jones pushed Bama’s offense further and won another victory, this time with 291 yards and four touchdowns. Alabama has scored at least 38 points in every game this season and Jones has scored 17 TDs (16 assists) in six games.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The attack on Alabama this season didn’t miss a single shot with Mac Jones behind the center. Gary Cosby Jr / Toscalusa News about US Sports TODAY

I’m quoting: What impressed me most was his ability and willingness to throw the field – he doesn’t sink or dive. 1.80 m alarm, 2.80 m alarm, takes pictures with millimetre precision. — Mel Keeper, Jr.

Heisman’s chances: +125

Total score : 55 (first votes : 6)

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It’s remarkable: Lawrence, who is the clear leader this week, missed the race last weekend and will miss next Saturday’s race due to a positive KOVID 19 test result. In six games Lawrence made 17 assists and only two steals with four quick points.

I’m quoting: He will attend every meeting and we will be able to educate him in practice so he can stay involved and make comments and things like that to support these guys and travel with us, said Clemson’s coach Dabo Piggy.

Heisman’s chances: 4-1

Total score: 52 (first votes: 3)

It’s remarkable: Fields has only played two games, but he still shows why he was close to the top of Heisman’s list, even before Ohio this season. Against Penn State on Saturday, he lost four touchdowns and 318 yards.

I’m quoting: Another 300-yard game and four more touchdowns. The best news for the state of Ohio: The campaign game looked great without having to rely on Fields as a runner. — David M. Hale

Heisman’s chances: +150

Total number of points: 23 (first votes: 1)

It’s remarkable: Etienne continues to set records for the Tigers. In the first quarter of the return of Saturday, TD Etienne scored a touchdown in 42 games with his victory at Boston College, setting a record for the FBS. In the third quarter he then set a fast career record for the CCA.

I’m quoting: Piggy said Clemson has some very, very good backfield players, and so does this league. That’s an incredible record. I’m just so proud of Travis and his full development. He’s a full player now, and when he came here he was a one-dimensional player, and now he’s a Swiss army knife. He can do anything.

Heisman’s chances: 28-1

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Zack Wilson threw three touchdowns and climbed to fourth place in a 41-10 victory over Kentucky Western.

Total score: 17 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: Wilson continues to recruit large numbers of invincible pumas. After beating Kentucky West on Saturday, BYU QB made three touchdowns and chased another, scoring 18 of 32 passes in 224 yards.

I’m quoting: Quarterback Zack Wilson was determined, even impressive, against West Kentucky and an excellent performance against the Broncos on blue grass would have increased his chances of winning the Heisman Trophy final. — Chris Lowe

Heisman’s chances: 33-1

Total score: 10 (first place: 0)

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It’s remarkable: Although Harris failed to find the end zone on Saturday, he still had 21 transfers of 119 yards out for Bama’s 41-0 victory over the Mississippi. Oh, and he added six for 36 yards.

I’m quoting: He could be in the first round. Harris is good at running between bowls or jumping out; he has a lot of patience to find his hole. He’s improved like a catcher. And he can make some tough yards of his own. — Mel Keeper, Jr.

Heisman’s chances: 25-1

Other votes:

The total number of points in brackets: DeVonta Smith, Rhode Island, Alabama (5); Kyle Trask, QB, Florida (4); Brace Hall, Iowa (1); Dillon Gabriel, QB, UKF (1).

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