How To Become An officer In The Indian Army?

For anyone who is willing to serve the nation and be a part of everyone’s security, the Indian Army seems like a good option. The objective of maintaining peace in the country and protecting it from outside attacks is crucial. The Indian Army has a total of seven commands – East, North, West, Central, Southwest, South and Formation. This large area and the location of the border to avoid threats make the Indian Army the fourth largest force in the PCP. More than 1.2 million people work in the country.

Applications may be made by those who meet the minimum requirements and have a satisfactory overall examination score. However, becoming an officer is not an easy task. Many students apply for the army officer exam, and if you want to be selected, you need to make sure you tick all the required boxes. For starters, early preparation should be your priority. Since there are many officer positions, your skills will determine what you get. Here are all the things you need to know about

Eligibility criteria – NDA, TES and CDSE

To become an officer in the Indian Army, you can choose any of the following options:

Eligibility in accordance with the National Defense Academy (NDA).

  • To join the NDA, candidates must have completed Grade 12. pass the first class of a degree program at a recognized university.
  • Candidates must be of the minimum age to participate in the NDA. (The age limit is 16,5 to 19 years).
  • Candidates must pass a written examination that may be administered by the NDA for the course.
  • Qualified candidates who have passed the above tests may be required to undergo a physical and medical examination.
  • These candidates have to undergo a three-year course at the National Defence Academy (Pune) and a one-year course at the Indian Military Academy (Dehradun).
  • Upon completion of the program, candidates will receive an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • After the training, the candidates are deployed in the Indian Army.
  • Another important point is that only male candidates can join the Indian armed forces through the NDA.

Suitability according to the Technical Admission Scheme (TES)

  • If you have obtained a 10+2 degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with an overall score of 70%, you can apply for the technical admission scheme.
  • Candidates must agree to a written exam, which will be administered in the form of the technical application.
  • Qualified candidates must complete one year of training and enroll in the Officer Training Academy.
  • Candidates also complete a four-year training program and become members of the Cadet Training Wings.
  • All interested candidates who want to join the Indian Army will also have to meet the age criteria. The minimum age is 16,5 to 19 years.
  • Upon completion of the training, candidates will be assigned a position with an engineering degree.
  • For more information, visit the official website of the Indian Army.

Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) Eligibility criteria

  • To join the Indian Army through CDSE, candidates must have a degree from a recognized university or similar institution.
  • The minimum age to apply to CDSE is 19-24.
  • The candidate must be single.

How to become an officer in the Indian Army

All the candidates who want to become officers in Indian Army should follow the above steps…..

  1. claim assessment
  2. Interviews and psychological tests
  3. Medical test
  4. Final preference list

Examination of applications :

After the verification of the application form, you will receive an appeal letter from UPSC. Candidates participate in an NDA written examination held in April and August. In addition, the CDSE organizes a written exam in April and September. Qualified candidates move on to the next stage.

Interviews and psychological tests :

Candidates will get a chance with one of the army units in Bhopal and Bangalore. After their selection, candidates are subjected to a psychological test, group sessions and an interview. If you have potential and a lot of courage, then you should join the Indian Army.

Test Description:

The psychological test plays an important role in verifying the psychological stability of the candidate. The interview is a personal conversation that can be conducted by the interviewer. Your presence of mind makes your conversation more effective and impactful. Candidates can also prepare for the physical tests.

Medical test:

Eligible candidates will undergo a medical examination by the selection team.

Final Merit List :

The final list of deserving candidates was drawn up on the basis of the candidates’ performance and taking into account the results of the medical tests. At the same time, the Army Staff will issue letters for the training of candidates.

Employment opportunities for army officers

There are many opportunities in the Indian Army. The Indian armed forces are divided into several divisions. Which one you choose depends on your skills, qualifications and productivity.

  1. Panzer Corps: This category is one of the combat weapons of the Indian army. The armoured corps includes armoured vehicles and tank battalions.
  2. Infantry: Infantry is also known as the specialization category of the Indian Army. They fight and attack the enemy on foot with different types of equipment, such as rifles, machine guns and automatic rifles.
  3. Army Engineers: This is one of the main categories of the Indian Army which can be responsible for the construction of roads, bridges, heliports and improvement of airfields. You will also find various obstacles to the advance of the enemy troops.
  4. ASC – Army Service Corps: The CSA category is responsible for the regular movement of troops, weapons and armaments. These officers can manage rations. The CSA is also responsible for the safe storage of the equipment. They can provide soldiers with clothing and food.
  5. SRO Signal Regiment Officer: In the Indian Army, the SRO is responsible for the sudden execution of communications. During the war, the SRO contacted headquarters and passed on any information on military activities.
  6. Army Medical Corps: This category provides medical assistance to the families of military personnel and officers. In this category, physicians will be responsible for treating military personnel.
  7. Intelligence: They can perform various analyses and provide information about the enemy.

Top universities for careers in the military

By choosing the best school or college, you increase your chances of being selected. Based on your skills, units and other aspects, it seems easier to find a good school. Here are the options you can consider

  • Army War College
  • National Defence Academy
  • National Defence Academy
  • Institute for Military Law
  • high altitude war school
  • Artillery School
  • Armed Forces Medical College
  • Defence Staff College

On this list, the National Defense College is the most prestigious school because of its higher selection for the military. If you cannot be admitted to one of these institutions, some private schools and colleges may be considered.

Salary of the officer or pay scale of the army:

A candidate’s skills, achievements and experience will determine a position in the Department. Depending on the position, the Government of India may fix a particular pay scale for the officers. So, uh…

  • Lieutenant 15600-39000 per year
  • Signature – 15600-39000 per year
  • Major- 15600- 39000 per year
  • Colonel – 37400-67000 per year
  • Brigadier – 37400-67000 per year
  • Major General 37400-67000 per year
  • Lieutenant General 37400-67000 per annum
  • Total number – 80,000 per year

In addition to salary, an Army officer receives many government benefits and allowances.

Careers and employment opportunities for officers of the Indian Army

The Indian armed forces are part of the public sector. There are no opportunities for the armed forces in the private sector. Candidates who have the physical strength and courage to serve the country can get a job in the Indian Army. After they have passed the written test, the doctoral students are trained. Candidates will be placed in a position commensurate with their skills and will receive a satisfactory salary.

Drive yourself.

Apart from gaining admission to the best universities, it would be better to start with the physical preparation of the body. There are many exercises you can start with to improve your performance. These exercises

  • Mileage of 5 kilometers per day
  • Push-ups for 60 seconds (do your best)
  • Pull-ups for 60 seconds (do your best)
  • Sit for 60 seconds.
  • Stretching for flexibility

These exercises during the first few days and the extra time to build up your endurance will prepare you physically.


It pays to choose institutions that offer quality training and allow them to perform any military task with ease. To pursue a career in the military, choosing a college from our list of the top 8 options can offer many benefits. You will train for every military, combat, law and administrative challenge. It’s best to prepare early for physical activities such as running, jumping, press-ups and other exercises that increase endurance. Strength is the key element, and the ability to solve unusual problems is the most important skill of an army officer.

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