Louis Riddick: Lions Should Build Around Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford.


Matthew Stafford wants a touchdown against the Packers in 2020.

The Detroit Lions have a big decision to make about the future of Matthew Stafford, and their choice certainly depends in part on the decision of the director.

If Louis Riddick is selected, the Lions have a man in the GM-seat who sits completely in the corner of the advancing quarterback. Riddick was recently asked by ESPN about the future of Stafford in Detroit, and frankly, what he would do if he was director. The answer? Try to build a Stafford.

Twitter user Owen recorded the moment when Riddick was asked about Stafford, and his answer to that question was quite clear.

ESPN broadcast a segment on Matthew Stafford and whether Lions should trade it. Look who was in the group when this topic was discussed. As embarrassing as it may be, Louis Riddick (interviewing for the GM Lions position) said that an employee wouldn’t go anywhere if he GM…. fun was this is so embarrassing pic.twitter.com/XBba5uvFwQ.

– Owen (@SirOwenThaGRT) 25. December 2020

Riddick said:

Matthew Stafford is a good quarterback. Matthew Stafford is a very good quarterback. He’s got a good left tackle, a good cross, two good backs. They’re having some problems with the free agency. Matthew Stafford must withdraw. Detroit’s building around him, they’ll be fine.

This statement is essentially micro-management with regard to the quarterback and its potential future in Motor City, at least in the possible Riddick mode. Of course, that answer won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s clear that Riddick has a plan for the Lions, and the quarterback is part of his push.

Louis Riddick defends Matthew Stafford.

It is clear that Matthew Stafford is a player who will dominate the headlines in terms of CEO and off-season searches in the coming months, but with Riddick in the mix, it is more than interesting to see the candidate’s comments on the subject. Riddick has been in Stafford’s corner before and says the team’s problems are more a product of what’s happening around Stafford than the quarterback himself. Apparently after the interview, when he doubled his efforts, he made no secret of the fact that Stafford would have stayed if he had been in charge.

How can this affect the search for CEOs? This is a fascinating question, and a lot will depend on what the Lions owners want to do and how much they appreciate Stafford.

Louis Riddick Lions Summary

The work of Mike Mayock and John Lynch, who recently left the broadcast booth to become general manager, makes Riddick an interesting name for Lions in the off-season. Riddick has had little chance to be interviewed for roles in the past, but with the Lions looking to expand their reach, he will be a very smart option for the team to keep in mind. Prior to television, Riddick was a scout and professional human resources manager in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Riddick has been out of the NFL leadership ranks since 2013, but he has stayed close to the game through his work in television and knows he will be a big boost in Detroit. In this respect he is very different from Matt Millen, who had no team management or front office experience when the Lions hired him from Fox in 2000.

Riddick is clearly in Stafford’s corner, and that will dominate and shape his potential bid for Detroit.

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