Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase October 2020 recap

Surprisingly, Nintendo released another Direct Mini today: Partner Showcase, and it looks like it’s the last one this year, said the presenter. Despite the scale of the event, several unexpected announcements were made during the online event, including cloud versions of the operating system and the upcoming launch of Hitman 3, which is headed towards the Nintendo Switch. Below is the full version of Livestream, followed by a short description of each of the announced video games, so join us.



  • Bravely Default II – A new trailer for the next role-playing game has broken a number of characters and their classes in battle. They’re the bard, the vanguard, St. John’s wort and the player. Nintendo has also announced the release date: the Nintendo Switch will be released on November 26th. February 2021.
  • History of the seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City – This title in the shape of a moon forces you to leave the big city to take over and restore your grandfather’s Rundowski farm. They will carve wood, repair, plant new crops and tame wild animals to bring the farm back to life. You can even look for hidden mines and neighbors, make friends and/or get married. Almost 23. March 2021.
  • Surviving the consequences: The post-apocalyptic designer will take a risk with the Nintendo Switch next year. The trailer shows the course of the game during the construction and defense of the new colony. From the spring of 2021, you fight to protect your new house in the middle of a fallow land at the fair.
  • The Immortals: Fenyx Rising, an action-adventure game inspired by Greek mythology, is released in Switch. Play for Fenyx, an adaptable hero who can explore an open world full of monsters and gods on foot, under water or even in the air. The phoenix will be released on the 3rd day. December to free the gods from the wrath of the Titans.
  • Bakugan: Vestroy Champions – This role-playing game is based on a series of successes and forces players to recruit powerful monsters called Bakugans, form the best teams and fight with other Bakugans and other teams to win. There is even a competitive multiplayer mode online. The exclusive release of the Nintendo Switch takes place on the 3rd. The month of November takes place.
  • Grifflands: Nintendo Switch Edition : In this upcoming RPG, you will be able to test the negotiation skills of Switch players. Griftlands is a famous turn-based role-playing game in which players agree on how to behave in situations where they are collecting the right cards for the game, recruiting allies and looking for work. They will have to wait until the summer of 2021 to see how they negotiate.
  • Tropico 6 – The popular dictator simulator comes to the switchboard as El Presidente, you control the daily routine on the island. Take control of the daily lives of your citizens. Send agents to steal the monuments. Building a nation with resources and much more. All this will be presented on the 6th. November for the purchase.
  • Control: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 Cloud Editions – If you didn’t think Jesse Faden and Agent 47 could harm the Nintendo system, you would have been wrong. The two checks: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 are available for streaming to the cloud, provided you have fast and reliable internet access. The ex is even available today. The latter will sneak up on the console around 2021.
  • No More Heroes III – Наконец-то у нас реальный геймплей нашего любимого убийцы в действиии. In Heroes III, Travis Touchdown and his allies will no longer face an intergalactic threat this time, as he must destroy the alien superheroes who have come to Earth to seize power. Moreover, from today the first and second races will be open to those who feel that the madness of NMH is far from over. The NMHIII will start the changeover to the euro around 2021.
  • Part-time UFO – Turns out Kirby’s maids have been working hard all this time to get his weirdest title change. In a partial UFO the players play the role… Well, uh… …a cute UFO who does weird things. This includes the construction of locks, fish shops, stacking facilities and much more. There’s also the feature of a two-player co-operative where friends can work together, each using a joy controller. It’s being launched today.
  • The Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Like its predecessor, Hyrule Warriors, this game features large-scale battles similar to Dynasty Warriors, while Legend of Zelda is played worldwide. However, this title was introduced 100 years before the Breath of Nature. Today Nintendo is releasing a demo version of the game that will allow people to play the game before the full version is released on September 20. November to try it out.

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