Philadelphia 76ers sending Al Horford, two draft picks to Oklahoma City Thunder for Danny Green

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Al Horford’s experience lasted exactly one season in Philadelphia.

76 players have agreed to trade Horford for Thunder in Oklahoma City for Danny Green, ESPN’s Adrian Woynarowski said Wednesday.

As part of this agreement, Philadelphia will also celebrate its 34th anniversary on Wednesday evening. Place in the design of the NBA, the first slightly limited round of 2025 and send the design of the rights to the Serbian security agent Vasily Micic in Oklahoma City.

Thunder’s gonna send Terrance Ferguson’s guard to the Sixers with Green.

Last summer, 34-year-old Horford signed a $109 million contract for four years with Philadelphia as a free agent, as the Sixers hoped the combination of the divestment of his blood rivals, the Boston Celtics, and the combination with Joel Ambiad, whom he has always kept effective as a member of the Celtics, would pay off. Instead, they were clumsy from the start and never got better, so much so that Horford was taken off the starting line for the first time in his career in favour of sophomore student Shake Milton.

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The deal also provides Sixers with significant financial savings – more than $25 million combined with payroll tax and luxury goods, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

This is the first step the new basketball president Daryl Morey has taken since he arrived in Philadelphia this month after 13 years at the helm of the Houston Rockets.

Later in the night of the project, the Seas and Sixers also treated Josh Richardson and the 36th Sea. version of the project for the Dallas Mavericks and also bought the defender of Seth Curry, Doc Rivers’ son-in-law.

Green, 33, now trading twice a week. It was part of an agreement that ended Wednesday night that sent security guard Dennis Schroeder from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles.

The three-time champion, whose last two seasons with the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Lakers, Green, who shot 40 percent to three points in his career, will offer Philadelphia two things she desperately needs: a better positioning game than Horford and a shot to position herself around stars Ben Simmons and Ambide.

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Ferguson, 22, participated in the first round of the Thunder in 2017, and he gives Sixers another athletic defender on the wing.

Micić, 26 years old, played in the second round of the Sixers selection in 2014 and plays for Anadolu Efes in the Turkish Super League, one of the best teams in Europe. In 2019 he came second in the Pan-European League.

The first-round selection, which Oklahoma City receives at the same time, only adds to the huge military chest of Thunder’s first-round General Manager Sam Presti – a remarkable 17 selections in the 2026 NBA, including this year’s 25th and 28th.

Thunder made three deals last week, all of which brought the franchise back to the first round.

Besides the company of the two Greens, Thunder traded the future family room of Chris Paul and Abdel Nader for the Phoenix Suns for Ricky Rubio, Kelly Obr Jr, Thai Jerome, Jalene Lecque and for the first round of the 2022 show earlier this week.

Later on Wednesday, the Minnesota Timberwolves agreed with Oklahoma City to celebrate their 17th anniversary. Plan to exchange Serbian striker Alexei Pokusevski for Rubio and the 25 and 28, sources told ESPN.

Rubio, an astute ballerina conductor, played for Minnesota in the first six seasons of the competition and is loved by the fans despite a burst of injuries that kept his goals to a minimum.

The Associated Press has contributed to this report.

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