The Addams Family Fans Want Johnny Depp as Gomez in Tim Burton’s TV Reboot

While Tim Burton is developing a new version of The Addams Family for television, many fans ask Johnny Depp to play the new Gomez Addams. This week there was a rumour that Burton was working on an updated version of a classic TV series that would put Wednesday and his crazy parents in a more modern environment. Despite the fact that the project is said to be in the middle of a bidding war, the production has not yet officially started and it is not yet known who could be part of the cast of the Reset show.

Of course, a lot of Tim Burton fans rushed to ask Depp to play against Gomez. Given the number of times these two people have worked together in recent years, this decision is obvious. From Burton’s classics such as Edward and Ed Woods Scissorhands to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, Depp has been involved in the director’s projects on numerous occasions. In fact, Depp has already directed Burton’s remake, based on a series of classic horror comedies and set in the 2012 adaptation of Burton’s Dark Shadows.

POWERFUL: The restart of Addams Family Television comes from Tim Burton.

For the fans who want to see Depp in The Addams Family, it all boils down to a lot more than just the Burton connection. On social networks, fans post pictures of Depp with a moustache in his suit, and it’s not hard to compare him to Gomez. Not only does he have an outward appearance, but thanks to his many proven roles in previous projects, Depp seems to have the necessary charm to get an idea of such a favourite character. Of course it won’t be easy for an actor to follow John Astin and Raoul Julia, who have both been so iconic with their own portraits, but Depp certainly has potential.

Johnny Depp is the only way for Gomez Addams to revitalize the Addams family. You can’t make me change my mind, a tweeting fan who adds stupid black and white GIFs in a suit to a stripe. If Johnny Depp doesn’t play Gomez in Tim [Burton]’s new Addams family, I’ll be so sad, another echo. As a more expressive tweet reader, Tim Burton brings the Addams family back to television, and I can’t think of anyone better for Gomez than Johnny Depp Place Place.

Other celebrities swim in social networks because good fans want to see the star of Burton’s Addams Family series. Besides Depp, Oscar Isaac and Rami Malek there are other options for Gomez. Meanwhile, names like Eva Green, Winona Ryder and Burton’s ex-wife, Helena Bonham Carter, have emerged as casting proposals for Morticia. Until the project gets the go-ahead and starts filling the cast, fans are likely to keep thinking about who could be a great addition to the newly loaded series.

While fans wait for the Burton version of The Addams Family, the franchise evolves in all directions with its animated iterations on the big screen. After the success of last year’s cartoon, The Addams Family 2, the family returns for Halloween 2021.

Johnny Depp is the only way for Gomez Addams to revitalize the Addams family. You can’t make me change my mind.

– Strawberry fields ミ☆ (@sunflxwervolsix) 22. October 2020.

If Johnny Depp doesn’t play Gomez in Tim Burton’s new Addams family, I’ll be very sad.

– Millie (@adorexalaska) 24. October 2020

Tim Burton brings the Addams family back to television, and I can’t think of anyone better for Gomez than Johnny Depp Pleasure Johnny.

– In Flavorred Tang (@Bibingkaah) on the 24th. October 2020.

I can’t think of anyone better suited to relaunch the Addams Family Show than Tim Burton, damn it, yeah! Can he also play Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp as Morticia and Gomez?

– △⃘⃒idmar (@AidmarMermaid) 25. October 2020.

Ever since they re-released the movie #AddamsFamily, I’ve had some casting ideas:

Johnny Depp as Gomez Addams
Eva Green as Morticia Addams

– DaDDy BoO (@whaaack_art) 23. October 2020

Johnny Depp as Gomez Addams and Eve Green as Morticia Addams!

– Support Johnny Depp (@MyGrindelwald) on the 22nd. October 2020.

The #JohnnyDepp manifesto in the Addams family begins again as…

– Fanatik⚽️ (@FollowFaves) 26. October 2020.

JOHNNY DEPP FOR ADDAMS GOMEZ! Try to change your mind!

– Prison (@jayleenr09) 23. October 2020.

Okay, but why doesn’t anyone talk about the idea of hiring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder as Gomez and Morticia Addams? They want to blow up the SPRING2012 project.

– ༉ (@deppboss) 22. October 2020.

#JohnnyDepp as Gomez Addams in TimBurton’s Addams family show would be more than perfect !!!!

– Sandra G. (@GONE_iam) 24. October 2020

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