Top 9 Best Water Activities in Washington

As summer approaches, Washington’s weather quickly transitions from being mild to uncomfortably hot and muggy.

Naturally, when high temperatures start appearing around May, anyone in Washington might begin looking for some fun ways to cool down.

Luckily, we list the nine best Washington water activities below.

Let’s jump right in.

1) Fishing

Each state in America was ranked according to fishing destinations, and Washington made it in the top ten.

Since the state borders the Pacific Ocean and has hundreds of lakes and rivers scattered throughout its land, you can fish for hundreds of saltwater and freshwater species.

You may even bring home luxury dinners like king salmon, swordfish, and abalones.

2) Scuba Diving

If swimming deep in the ocean next to various unfamiliar creatures doesn’t freak you out, you will be glad to know that Washington is one of the top scuba diving locations in the country.

In fact, Washington has three world-famous diving locations that are on many people’s bucket lists.

  • The Puget Sound
  • Bellingham
  • San Juan Islands

If lucky, you might see Giant Pacific octopuses, wolf eels, rockfish, and Puget Sound crabs on your dive.

3) Rockhounding for Precious Minerals

Washington is the most glaciated state in the country and has over 3,000 glaciers.

As glaciers form, they collect various rocks that they have come in contact with along their travels which will later be released as the glacier melts. Also, as glaciers move, they carve the surrounding land, allowing other rocks to break free.

If you are looking for a fun water activity, consider spending some time along Washington’s shore, and you may find minerals like sapphire, opal, jade, gold, and even diamond.

4) Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is an extreme sport that allows you to surf the water via a wind-powered kite.

If you are new to kite surfing, you can rent equipment from popular places like Big Winds or Kite Paddle Surf and spend the day on the water with some friends.

Kite surfing is a fun way to stay cool in the water, but it can be dangerous, so come prepared with a bit of research and courage.

5) Rafting

Whether you are looking for an adrenaline boost or a way to relax, rafting can provide a perfect day on the water.

White water rafting is the more dangerous form of rafting and takes you along a fast-flowing river in an inflatable raft and requires you to travel among rocks and trees as water violently crashes around you.

The calmer version is also done in an inflatable raft, but the water is steady, peaceful, and free of obstacles. Many people love to lay back in a raft with their family and enjoy lunch in the sun.

6) Whale-Watching

Whale watching is a well-liked activity for many Washingtonians because it is educational, family friending, and exciting.

Depending on where you go, your whale-watching outing will take place on a tour boat with many other guests.

The tour guides will bring the group along whale and dolphin hot spots and teach everyone about the characteristics and habits of varying species.

7) Jet Skiing

If you are looking for a high-energy activity that’s both exciting and a good workout, jet skiing is perfect.

There are tons of jet-ski rental locations scattered throughout Washington that will teach you how to use a personal watercraft.

Jet skiing is not the most simple water activity to prepare an outing for because it requires a way to transport the craft and knowledge of how the craft works and safety protocols.

However, jet skiing is worth the effort and may just become your new favorite summer hobby.

8) GreenHouse Gardening

Greenhouse gardening is the perfect activity for anyone that prefers to stay home or doesn’t have easy access to a body of water but still wants to enjoy the water during the summer.

In a greenhouse, you use a sprinkler or air mist system that waters your plants, similar to how a grocery store keeps its fruits and veggies fresh in the produce section.

You can spend hours enjoying the sun in a light sprinkler while growing your own food or cannabis in a greenhouse.

Remember, cannabis plants in Washington are only legal to MMJ card holders, so be sure to apply for your card at Marijuana Doctors before popping your seeds.

9) Waterfall Viewing

Waterfalls are beautiful, relaxing, and perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Check out some of Washington’s best waterfalls like:

  • Narada Falls
  • Comet Falls
  • Nooksack Falls
  • Christine Falls
  • Snoqualmie Falls

If you have never stood near a waterfall, you will be surprised to feel how much power they have.

Washington has a plethora of fantastic water activities perfect for those wanting to stay cool, relax, or have an adventure.

Consider doing water sports like jet skiing, rafting, or kite surfing or participating in some relaxing activities like greenhouse gardening, whale watching, waterfall viewing, or rock hounding.

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