‘Wives of the Deplorables’ group is for women married to Trump supporters

And he is: Yes, of course, she lost. She’s a terrible person, she says.

It’s like the lights are out for me. And I thought: Oh, my God, we’re gonna have a problem.

For the next three years, Katherine felt she was experiencing an alternative reality. Her husband was her high school sweetheart. A renewed love after the first marriage, the children and the divorce. They barely fought the first 11 years of marriage. And now they have overcome major ideological differences.

I didn’t know he was against abortion. I had no idea he was so immigration-sensitive, Katherine said. You and I never really filled those problems with flesh and blood.

Ventilation space

The same goes for many women who are currently part of Katherine’s private Facebook group, which was founded last year. The group is called The Wives of the Sorry – an article about Clinton’s infamous commentary on some of Trump’s supporters during their presidential campaign in 2016.

Catherine founded the group in October 2019 to find out how to talk to her husband about politics – without shouting. The group includes women throughout the United States of America, Democrats, whose husbands are Republicans; many of them are supporters of the Krup.

Many of them joined the group and said thank God you are here, Katherine said. I’m so glad I found this place where I can be myself and not feel crazy.

Participants usually meet on his Facebook page, where they post their personal disappointments.

One contribution reads: There’s a wall between us that’s bigger than ever… We’ve been married for 45 years and I love her. On top of that. I have friends at the GOP, and I love them. But it’s hard to be married to a man I thought had the same values.

And another thing: I have no interest in the survival of my marriage. I don’t admire someone who can’t empathize with others. I may be bitter… but the absence of the intimate part of marriage, such as deep conversation and unity, seems empty to me. I want my partner to walk, resist and share my ridiculous idealistic opinions!

Others publish articles and talk about how to keep the conversation at home neutral:

It was a deal we made earlier: Neither Fox News, nor MSNBC, Gretchen Weisehart spoke out in a recent call for Zoom from half a dozen members. I’m smuggling The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal online. I totally admit it.

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Unlike many women in the group, Wiseheart is not a newcomer to politics. She and her husband, Tom Ellis, ran for the local office in Pennsylvania. She’s a Democrat, he’s a Republican. He was Trump’s delegate in 2016. At that moment they were engaged and wanted to get married, but that choice almost ended their relationship.

For three days she wouldn’t talk to me, Ellis told me.

As Weisehart said, anyone who took part in the ERA march with my mother in the 1970s really seemed to be the culmination of decades of work. It was absolutely terrible that it didn’t happen.

It was a difficult choice. But eventually we came back and we got married. And we’re still discussing politics, Ellis said.

Much of Wiseheart’s relationship with Ellis is rooted in his love for the American government. Both studied political science at the University of Pennsylvania. And they make a joke that it’s customary for one of them to take out his copy of the federalist papers to test each other.

I think we both understand the American dream. We both believe in American principles. But sometimes we have a difference in the way we do it, Ellis said.

Duration of marriage

A study carried out in 2016 showed that less than a third of marriages between people of different political persuasions were concluded. In these couples, a man is Republican twice as often and a woman is Democrat twice as often.

This gap could widen even further.

In the 2020 race Joe Biden achieved an average of 25 points in the women’s race. This includes a margin of 34 points in a CNN survey published in early October, the largest margin in history.

White women in particular distance themselves from Trump. The CNN polls held since April show that Biden brings the registered white women to the ballot box with about 13 points. By comparison, the white women trumps in the final months of the 2016 race leads with an average of five points.

Over the past few weeks, Mr Trump has been trying to appeal to women during the campaign. At a campaign meeting in Lansing, Michigan, on Tuesday, the president nominated himself as the female candidate in the suburbs because he is putting your children back in school and your men back to work.

Vizihart said his language was condescending, misogynistic and classical and had the potential to be a retreat.

I’m a woman from the suburbs. I’ve got kids. I go to work every day. Many women voted for him in 2016 as the least evil. But his constant rhetoric, the way he humiliates women, scares women away. It points them in a different direction. I hear that from a lot of people, she says.

Weisehart first encountered the wife of the sad Facebook group this summer when she appeared in his ass.

When I saw this. I said: Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! This is my tribe here. These women will understand.

Effect of the pandemic

Catherine has seen an increase in the number of members in recent months, she says, largely thanks to Covida-19 : We’re stuck in a house with these guys. She was joking.

Trump’s recent remarks about suburban women are pretty strange. She says if Trump really cared about women, he would have handled the pandemic better in February.

He’s already shown who he is, and I don’t think any of them will change their minds at the last minute just because he’s trying to take care of them now.

Recently she said she felt her husband’s feelings about Trump’s deportation. She told how he climbed the stairs at Trump’s recent press conference about the pandemic and asked what the hole and the boss said today.

And that’s what I am: I love you! I love you!

We have had some very good conversations lately, and I can say that we agree more than I think. And I’m so glad about that.

But that doesn’t mean it will be easier for them if Trump is no longer at his post. In any case, she has followed an intensive political awareness course over the past four years. And she won’t give up.

He wants everything to be prepolitical. But that’s just it. Their relationship has changed forever. In the name of good and evil. And, you know, there’s a little bit of both.

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