Football before lockdown: Your last football match before lockdown

I lack anticipation, joy, despair and a sense of togetherness. I miss the memories of all the games from the past and the hope that all these games will come.

Norwich fan Sarah Greaves sums up how it will feel to have a large number of football fans in 2020.

With England still facing a new national blockade, the return of fans to the football fields seems further away than ever.

With this in mind we ask you to contact us and remember the last live match you saw. These are your stories.

As if my son was standing next to me out of nowhere with abullet.

Ulus Hussain Ulus Hussain took the ball home after Manchester City beat Manchester United in March.

Hassan Hussain, 40, of Kleipol, Lincolnshire, has taken his son Ulus, 12, to see Manchester United compete in the eighth World Cup. The march on Old Trafford defeated Manchester City. Scott Maktominei ended the victory by sending a long-distance 2-0 shot to goalkeeper city Ederson in extra time.

When the ball hit the net, we all went crazy, and then out of nowhere, my son was standing next to me with the ball in his hand, Hassan said. We were both surprised at how it ended, and you can see on TV that the players had to wait a few minutes to start again, because no one knew where the ball was.

What we saw later that day was that Ederson downloaded it to the disgusting fans. Didn’t we know it would be a game ball for the last game we saw at Old Trafford for almost a year?

My son still hasn’t hit the ball outside, and he has room on the fireplace in his room.

The embodiment of why we love football

Will and Jessica (30) from London Will and Jessica Slinger observe the Argentine side of San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Bournemouth Will and Jessica Slinger, both 30 years old and from London, went on their honeymoon to Argentina and attended the festival of San Lorenzo de Almagro on the 8th day of the festival. In March in Buenos Aires, Lanus beat him 4-3. Former Newcastle captain Fabrizio Colokini played for the owners.

The crowd was incredible – passionate, vocal and partisan to the end, Will said. People noticed we weren’t singing and were happy to know we were British – we were warmly welcomed and there were rumours that we were a member of the British head of the San Lorenzo fans.

It was an incredible experience that embodies why we love football so much. I can’t wait to go back to the dean court to see the mighty cherries again and feel the same excitement and euphoria.

The atmosphere was just one of the big families of football.

Sarah Grieves, a Norwich fan from South London, took her 12-year-old daughter Naomi to her sister and father-in-law in a 1-0 victory over Lester on 28 June. February on the road to Carrow in the Canary Islands. A month earlier, Sarah’s father, Barry, an old Norwich fan, had made a viral appearance by leaving 100 pounds in his will for the players to toast.

Sarah Greaves with Naomi's daughter Sarah Greaves with Naomi’s daughter

What a game, what a night, Sarah said. In the club shop after the match there were fans from New York and Teemu Pukki fans from Finland – the atmosphere was just intense and cheerful.

In retrospect, the atmosphere was that of just one family – one big footballer family. People sitting next to us talking about my father to a guy in New York who changed his flight home to make a game.

And now we watch the games, but it’s not the same; we send them messages, but it’s not the same; we take our Norwich kit to South London on game days, but it’s not the same, and we see our seats in the club videos or during the games, and we can’t wait to go back.

Going back to a family of soccer players and going back to your soccer player’s house – the sound of that first return match will be very emotional.

Memorable for all the wrong reasons

David Clift, 89, of St Albans, was a Southampton supporter for 75 years and watched his first game in Fulham in 1945. The last game he played was a 9-0 loss for Lester on January 25. October 2019.

I remember it for the wrong reasons, and I sincerely hope I can erase it from my memory and see them win again, David says.

Covid-19 has seriously intervened here and since I am 89 years old, it can be very difficult for me to travel from home. My son promised to take me, but who knows when we can do it. I live in hope.

My father was a follower of the saints since 1906, and my grandparents before that until about 1890, 130 years in all, and my son continues that tradition.

We met José.

Dave Freeman, 58, of Norton’s Chipping, travelled to Germany to attend the 10th annual meeting of Norton’s Chipping. Mars Tottenham at the Champions League in Leipzig, which took place on the 16th. Walk to Leipzig. The Spurs lost 3-0 and pulled 4-0, but Dave, his son Joe and Quinny’s friend finally met Jose Mourinho, the leader of the Spurs.

Jose Mourinho with Dave, Joe and Quinny Jose Mourinho with Dave, Joe and Quinny

While we were talking, we saw a group in Spurs colours coming towards us, and it was Jose and his team – it would be rude not to ask for a photo, says Dan. I’m sure José will remember our meeting with tenderness!

It’s best to forget about the game the next day. I miss all the games, the travelling and especially the European away games.

My daughter thinks a 3-2 away game is normallyfootball.

Dan Gardiner Dan Gardiner and daughter in Grimsby

Dan Gardiner, 46, of Suffolk, took his nine-year-old daughter to help Grimsby win 3-2 at Colchester on March 11. February. It was her first evening game and she saw Charles Wernam score a hat-trick, including a goal of the season in the second division.

The game was special for many reasons, and in hindsight it’s even more special because it’s something we can’t experience right now, says Dan.

A small downside is that my daughter thinks winning a 3-2 away match is normal football and keeps asking when we can do it again.

My last normal photo before lock-out

Jonathan Silby, 45, lives in Somerset but is from Limm. The first one. In March he visited Manchester City during the Karabakho Cup in Wembley. He saw with his son, who just turned 11. He celebrated his birthday, and his father the way the city beat Aston Villa 2-1.

The special thing is that we had a great day, Villa had a good fight, but we stuck to win the race, Jonathan said. Covid-19 was on the front page of the newspapers and we were afraid to be on television, let’s say, but in reality the crowd was so different that it soon became normal with the first imprisonment.

I’m really glad we came to this game, because I don’t know when we can go back.

I remember posting this picture on Facebook as part of my last normal picture before the suspension, because it clearly shows that it was different.

Jonathan Silby Jonathan Silby and his son at Wembley

El Classico was a pretty spectacular way to cover Route.

Aston Villa fans Mark Attwood, Ian Tetsill and John Pryce, all 51, from Kingswinford in the West Midlands, were able to get tickets for the Real Madrid concert at the Clásico de Barcelona on 1 January. Mars. Last year’s planned trip finally coincided with the Karabakho Cup final.

With flights, hotels and tickets booked in Madrid, we gave our girls our tickets for the last cup indefinitely and finally watched the Villa game in an Irish bar at the end of Bernabeu Street, says Mark. We were able to watch the whole race before we went to El Classico to take a seat.

If you knew you couldn’t go to the games during the forced period, it was a pretty exciting way to get out. The atmosphere was exciting – it’s easy to see why this is one of the biggest games in the world. We played in the pouring rain and both teams finished the championship – Madrid won 2-0.

Mark Atwood, Ian Tetsill and John Prince (all 51) Mark Atwood, Ian Tetsill and John Prince at Real Madrid Stadium.

Meeting with my Chilean hero.

Bishop of Stortford’s Connor O’Reilly, 21, watched his team, Cambridge United, and took the field on June 7. Mars lost 2-1 to Leighton Orient. A chance encounter with Chilean East goalkeeper Lawrence Vigourou was a highlight for Connor, who is half Chilean.

Connor O'Reilly Connor O’Reilly and Lawrence Wiguru

I travel all over the country with my Chilean flag with the Cambridge logo in the middle, and when Team Orient was training for the start, he saw the flag and came closer. We chatted and exchanged a picture, and it was especially nice to see that he is doing well for a decent East Side.

The match itself began, and 1256 fans gathered at the guest house and sang throughout the match. We played badly and ended up at halftime (2-0), but that didn’t stop the fans from singing the whole game.

We scored a well-deserved goal from Paul Mullin, but we couldn’t score the winning goal and Viguru made an incredible save in the last minute.

My four year old daughter met Klukas

Simon Bailey, 42, of Newcastle Under-Lyme, took his wife Claire and their daughter Abigail, then four years old, to see Stoke perform the 7th Symphony. Mars at bet365 Hull Stadium beat the team 5-1.

Abigail Abigail in Stoke City

What made this game special, even more important than the last Stoke fans could watch, was that it was the first game my wife Claire attended and the third for Abigail, who saw her favorite player Sam Klakas score two goals, Simon said.

Now that Abigail is five, she loves soccer and looks forward to Stoke’s game when he’s safe.

Bucket set

Matthew Crouch, 26 years old, travelled from Portsmouth to Barcelona to see Lionel Messi on day 7. March Real Sociedad beaten 1-0.

My friends and I discussed a trip to Barcelona to see Messi in the prime of life for almost a decade, Matthew said. It was on all our wish lists and despite the threat of being stuck in Barcelona for two weeks, we didn’t cancel the trip.

Every time he held the ball at his feet, the whole stadium fell silent. There was a sense of anticipation and the expectation that he would do something special every time. You’re the one who’s gonna be with me forever.

Looking back, it’s not the best football game I’ve ever seen live, but it was an honour to be a part of it. The memories of the atmosphere still make me shiver.

Matthew chewer Matthew chewer at Camp Noe

I would like to revise relay.

Martin Crow took his four-year-old daughter Scarlett to her first game against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, where they will play game 7 of the season. March 2020: 2-2 tie against Gillingham.

Martin Crow Martin Crow and Scarlet Red in the Light Stadium

It was a very special occasion for me because I went to my first race at the same age and I had a ticket for the season since I was eight, Martin said.

When I took Scarlet with me for the first time, I wanted to pass on the baton to the next generation and that was very special because we were with my parents who are both incredibly passionate about Sunderland and their granddaughter.

This picture was taken at the end of the game. I don’t think she wanted to go! Share something so special with your children that it is simply impossible to put it into words.

The pleasure of doing something we no longer take for granted

On his 50th birthday. Matthew Spillum of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador is celebrating his 50th birthday. Paul, Minnesota and his wife Rina travelled to Liverpool to witness the defeat of the Reds in Bournemouth from 2 to 7 March. Mars.

It was a wonderful birthday present from Renee, made even more extraordinary by the events that happened so quickly, Matthew says.

Looking back, I’m glad that during the title season I can not only watch the game at Enfield, but also do all the things we no longer take for granted – a busy stadium, a busy but comfortable pub, live music, museums, travelling – when it’s the turn of everything that changes so radically.

In many ways it seems to be the last possible international holiday. In many ways I’m almost lucky that the world has changed so fast since then, because I feel like I’m enjoying this trip much more.

We live six blocks from Minnesota United Alliance Field, where we’re the season ticket holders. Despite the fact that MLS is going on, it might as well take place in Liverpool, as it is difficult to maintain such a daily connection when the game is just an online abstraction and not a game experience.

Matthew Spillum and Rinas woman in Enfield Matthew Spillum and Rinas woman in Enfield

Special trip with father

Tom Sperrink, a Volkov fan, took his father to 34th Street. February 27th. February in Spain to attend the Europa League game with Espanyol – the 32nd game of the season. A draw in the second set – fulfilling his dream of winning in Europe. The wolves lost 3:2 during the night, but won 6:3 overall.

Tom said: The stadium was full in the quarter, the draw was almost over and dusty (in our favour), but it didn’t matter because I was in Barcelona to see the wolves win a European knockout tournament with my father, and to be in Brighton when we had moved to the first division a few years earlier would have been incomprehensible.

And so the wolves won the Spurs next week, but I wasn’t there, and I saw on TV the connection of our country with the Olympiacos (without knowing that it would soon be the norm).

Tom Sperrink Tom Sperrink with his father in Barcelona

As soon as we got home, he asked when he could go back to.

Dexter and Coby in Selhurst Park Dexter and Coby in Selhurst Park

The Moret house in Carshalton, Surrey, saw a 39-year-old man on the 7th. Walks with his sons Dexter (four) and Coby (seven) and their grandfather John to Selhurst Park as Crystal Palace beat Watford 1-0 in Selhurst Park.

The game was special because it was Dexter’s first game, Dom said. He was the youngest of the three brothers and had seen his brothers go to the games since he was born, so he was determined to go to Selhurst.

The race wasn’t very successful, but he immediately entered the famous Selhurst atmosphere and sang Glad All Over Over when the team got on the podium. We were right outside Jordan Iew’s door on Holmesdale Road, and Dexter went crazy when he hit the back of the net.

As soon as we got home he asked when he could go to the next game, and a few days later we had to tell him it probably wouldn’t be that fast.

I’m so glad he had to go to the game for the lockdown and Dexter is so glad he now knows what his brothers were talking about.

My main goal, as soon as my grandfather and I can get back to the live matches, is to bring the three boys to the five of us for the first time. Fingers crossed before 2021.

Hope to see Macklesfield

Sara, 62 years old, associate professor and Plymouth Argyla fan, won the 7th prize in the competition. March: 3-0 home win against Mcclesfield Town. McField Town was brought before the Supreme Court in September.

It was a special game at that time because there was a very positive atmosphere around the club. We don’t know if it was the last Saturday before the lockdown and Argyle’s last race, which is even sadder for Silkman fans, as well as their last race in history.

Looking back, I’m of course sad that our season couldn’t go on. I really believe we’ll end up like champions – but we’ll never know. Later we were promoted to first class, and now I have to be satisfied with their progress in streaming service, as all fans are. I’d like to dedicate it to the fans, management and players of Macclesfield Town, I hope to see you again one day.

Ability to celebrate the memory of my father.

Leeds United fan Matt Thompson, 47 years old, competed on the 7th. He took part in the 0-0 draw between Annan Athletic and Cowdenbeath in Galabankon on 3 March 2020, in memory of his deceased father.

Annan Matt Thompson with his friend Jonathan Coleman at Annan Athletic

I found out my father designed something like this for Annan Athletic, Matt says. For many years, every time we walked past Annan, we talked about watching the game.

In 2018 her father was diagnosed with Lewis Dementia – Parkinsonism, and soon we realized that it was not appropriate to go to Gala Bank because his physical condition was deteriorating. In 2019 he died of complications due to the disease. He was only 67 years old.

I decided to do what we talked about and postpone it, but I actually went to Annan Athletic.

I chose the game and emailed Philip Jones, President Annan, who was kind enough to include a brief commitment in the game schedule and welcome me to Galabank Stadium before the game.

Even though the game was a 0-0 draw, I enjoyed every minute of it and it was worth a five hour drive back and forth with my buddy John. I’ll get back to my son as soon as I can.

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