Hollyoaks spoilers: Kieron Richardson reveals Ste’s return and what happens

Hollyaukee Station

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The last time Steve Hay (Kieron Richardson) went to Hollyoaks, he did some serious damage after being maintained and used by a malicious right-wing extremist group that carried out racist attacks on the community.

Only after the bombardment, in which Yasmin Maalik (Hayesha Mister) almost died, did Ste realize that the people in which he was imprisoned were not his allies, but evil villains who wanted to divide the village.

Now that Steh is back in Hollyoax, he knows he has to build a lot of bridges – and that won’t be easy.

Kairon told Metro: Ste lived in Newcastle, first in a room where he was helped. He goes to meetings with Prevention. He bought an apartment and a job, but it became a bit public – and he was back in the ear. So he had a choice, given the consequences of the village – apparently he decided to go home.

He’s full of regrets, he’s changed. He’s afraid to meet people. I don’t think he’s as confident as he used to be – actions have consequences and he has to deal with them now.

Yazz faces Ste in Hollyoaks

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I think he’s afraid to bump into the Maaliki because of what he did to them. We knew he was treated well, but he still did those awful things, he may not have been in his right mind, but he still had to meet Yaz, who now has a hearing problem.

He has to face Misba, his family and their shame, as well as his best friend Tony, who tried to help him. He must hope for forgiveness.

It’s a big call to Maalik and her family to forgive her – and Kiron thinks it’s going to be a difficult journey.

He’s mutated: He has to respond to the children’s footsteps and show them that he has changed – and show them the new actions he really needs to appear in a new light. He would never go back to the old status of distant things, because he too was sometimes a little crazy – it would be nice if he would grow up after all he’s been through. Chapter two.

Ste and Yaz are in Hollyauke.

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He goes back to the village, he needs a place to live, to take care of his family and his children. And for a lot of old faces who don’t have a positive opinion of him right now.

But how could Kieron have missed the show? Since his divorce took much longer because of Covid, he’s glad to be back.

The actor gave in: I guess I missed it a lot more than I thought – in my head I just wanted to get away for a while. After everything that’s happened, it’s been 12 months. I don’t know if there weren’t enough characters or characters to play – it all came together in one.

I spent most of my adult life in that studio – it was weird not going there every day. And now things are so different.

I didn’t think it was really bad for the show, because we have to go back and watch different episodes. New viewers are happy to look at old episodes and see iconic figures from the past. It was sad not to receive new material, but the gift of the old episodes was a blessing.

Metro.nl recently confirmed that Kieron’s real man, Karl, will come to film some scenes that require close contact – and Kieron expects to find this strange!

He smiled: It’s a little weird! It’s like your two worlds collide. I like to keep them separate. Carl’s been here before, but not to film a scene – it’s so weird. I know a man who’s an understudy, and they’re not like other men!

It will be true that my husband is who he says he is once the magic of writing works!

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