Trump Defends Drivers Who Surrounded Biden Bus as ‘Patriots’

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Capricorn supporters blocked Governor Mario M. Cuomo's bridge on Sunday.

Capricorn supporters blocked Governor Mario M. Cuomo’s bridge on Sunday. A loan… Stephanie Keith/Getty Pictures.

The battle for the president’s seat is in full swing.

In recent days, supporters of President Trump have repeatedly violated the movement. In Texas, trump pilots circled the Biden bus on Friday, while trump pilots in New York and New Jersey stopped traffic on two major highways on Sunday.

On Sunday, the FBI said it was investigating an incident in Texas that Biden described as an attempt to sidetrack his team.

But Mr. Trump defended the Texas drivers on Twitter Sunday night: I don’t think these patriots have done anything wrong. Instead, the FBI and the judiciary should investigate the terrorists, anarchists and ANTIFA agents who set fire to our democratically governed cities and harm our people!

And his spokesman, Jason Miller, made a similar statement when asked about the incidents in New York and New Jersey. He said he was more concerned about the affairs of the city of Washington and was forced to block the windows pending the anarchy and violence of Biden’s supporters who revolted and looted Tuesday night.

During Friday’s incident in Texas, several vehicles carrying flags and trumpets circled a Biden Harris campaign bus from San Antonio to Austin, disrupting two events, Democratic Party officials said.

We’re much better than that, Biden said during a campaign end in Philadelphia on Sunday. That’s not who we are. And we have to change that.

Then on Sunday, caravans of Mr. Trump’s supporters blocked the government bridge. Mario M. Cuomo and the Garden State Parkway, which block two of the busiest highways in the Greater New York area, just two days before election day.

The video footage shot by motorists shows the president’s spinners parked in the middle of the western lane of the bridge carrying Interstate 287 across the Hudson River, named after the father of the current governor, Andrew M. Cuomo.

Some went outside in the rain and waved Capricorn and American flags while motorists honked.

The incident occurred around noon, when the trailer on the Tarrytown Highway in New York state was settled before entering the span that replaced the Tuppan Sea Bridge and connected Rockland and Westchester counties.

State Senator David Carlucci, a Democrat from Rockland County, described the blockade of the bridge as aggressive, dangerous and ruthless, with individuals endangering themselves and others.

New York state police need to work to identify and prosecute these individuals, Carlucci said. We all have the right to support a presidential candidate, but we do not have the right to endanger others or break the law.

William Duffy, a spokesman for the New York State Police, said the soldiers attended the demonstration, but that no arrests were made.

The bridge has never been closed, Duffy said, and the movement has been restored. According to the state police, the movement was stopped three times for a short time.

In New Jersey, according to video reports and local media, a caravan of Trump fans grated in the northern alleys of the Garden State Parkway near the South Emboy cheese serving area.

The New Jersey State Police did not respond immediately to requests for comments.

Sunday’s interruptions came at a time of heightened election-related tensions.

In Georgia, Democrats said they decided to hold a virtual press conference rather than a personal event in Floyd County, where they planned to criticise Trump for organizing a large rally in Rome’s central district during the coronavirus pandemic. Democratic officials said they would prefer not to hold a personal event because they were worried about a possible large police presence in the city, attracted by Mr Trump’s meeting.

It seems to pour oil into the fire of fear and hatred, said Wendy Davis, Democrat and Rome city commissioner. We have reason to believe that people today may be looking for trouble, and our law enforcement friends have been busy defending the president on the ground, as they should have been. As a precaution, we said we would defuse the situation.

The Siden fans gathered on Sunday for an event at the entrance to the Sharon Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

Siden fans gathered for a street event at Sharon Baptist Church in Philadelphia on Sunday… credit… Erin Schaff/New York Times…

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. began the big push in Pennsylvania Sunday with two events in Philadelphia in a final attempt to build strength in a state that could determine the outcome of the election.

My message is simple: Pennsylvania is critical of this election, said Biden at Sharon Baptist Church events on the soul of the election Sunday afternoon and again at an evening rally.

Every vote is important, he said, noting that President Trump won the 2016 elections with only about 44,000 votes. The power to change this country is literally in your hands.

During his rally, Biden attacked Trump in his usual way, criticizing his inadequate response to the coronavirus pandemic, his threat to repeal the Affordable Care Act, his rejection of climate change and his position in the world.

He’s Putin’s lapdog, that’s what he is, he says. Donald Trump isn’t strong, he’s weak. It enjoys little respect on the international stage.

And in a particularly caustic grandmother who pulled the beeps and applause from the crowd, he said the way to fight the pandemic was to remove Mr Trump from his office. The truth is, to defeat the virus, we have to defeat Donald Trump first. It’s a virus, he says.

We must put our souls in Philadelphia to go to the polls, he said, and urge voters to bring their absent ballots to the ballot box as soon as possible, if they still have them, or to vote in person on election day.

Shortly before the soul event, the Biden campaign announced that five media markets went full steam ahead in the final hours of the Pennsylvania presidential election.

On Monday, Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, Senator Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, will visit the state and Biden will travel west, while Harris will focus her efforts on the eastern part of the state. Mr. Biden and Dr. Biden will end the day with Lady Gaga in Pittsburgh; Mrs. Harris and Mr. Emhoff will meet with John Legend in Philadelphia on Monday night.

Biden’s campaign said the Quartet would try to reach a wide range of Biden coalition voters, including urban black voters, young voters and suburban moderate white voters, while trying to integrate into Tromp’s white working class constituency.

This campaign is not just about building a foundation or winning the support of committed voters – it’s always about both, according to the campaign statement.

President Trump in Rome, Georgia, at his fourth campaign meeting on Sunday.

President Trump in Rome, Georgia, at his fourth campaign meeting on Sunday. A loan… Doug Mills/New York Times.

On Sunday, President Trump continued his bickering over a five-session trip scheduled for Sunday, leaving a pile of lies, jokes, threats, closing statements and complaints about the rambunctious Midwest blowing right in his face.

At the third stop of the day, speaking in front of a large crowd in Hickory, North Carolina, at sunset, Trump called for the central theme of his victory in 2016: the dangers of immigration, reading his favourite poem, The Snake, and the warning of a tender woman (United States) saving a snake (immigrant) from being bitten.

His tendency to twist facts followed him from state to state, with a busy schedule that included a total of five battlefields – Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. During his second stopover in Dubuque, Iowa, he repeated a discredited statement that the country was at a turning point in the fight against the coronavirus and that a safe vaccine would be widely available in the coming weeks.

He will repeat his marathon on Monday with another five days of rallying.

In his first event on Sunday, a relatively modest performance in Michigan, he misrepresented that he had saved the automotive industry.

On stage in Washington, D.C., Trump thanked Michigan for voting for him four years ago by shouting to the wind and telling the audience: I’ve given you a lot of car factories, I think we’re even.

According to PolitiFact, employment in Michigan’s automotive sector will even fall by about 3,000 people by 2019.

Trump also supported the actions of some of his supporters in Texas, who circled Biden’s agitated bus on Friday and clearly tried to slow down and force it off the road. Mr. Trump argued that the vehicles on which Trump’s flags and signs were mounted protected the Biden Agitation Bus because they were good.

In Michigan, the state where Mr. Trump earned less than 1% four years ago, a recent New York Times/Siena poll showed he was eight points behind former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Today, the state is part of the country’s main battlefield. On Sunday, Trump said his campaign generates more enthusiasm than Biden’s campaign. They went together, and they had fewer people, he said of Biden’s joint speech with former President Barack Obama in Michigan on Saturday.

But in all his courage, the president left the slightest doubt during his stopover in North Carolina. Mr Trump said the geniuses on his staff told him to cancel Hickory’s trip, but he did. When they discussed the polls, he threw out a proposal and then fainted.

I should be upstairs… Can you imagine? He says.

At Hickory and his fourth stopover later in Rome, Trump turned to black voters and accused Biden of repeatedly and falsely attacking black Americans in pursuit of anti-punitive legislation.

For every black American I ask you to go to the polls, Mr. Atout in Georgia.

The president’s fifth and final event Sunday is a late rally in Grandpa-loca, Florida, which may threaten a midnight curfew in Miami-Dade County, imposed in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The mayor’s office stated that he had been assured that the rally would be on time, but that it would be over by 11pm. Mr. Trump still hasn’t shown up.

A drop-in voting venue in Houston, offering it for the first time this year.

Voting venue on trial in Houston, showing them for the first time this year. Credit… Go Nakamura for the New York Times.

The Texas Supreme Court rejected on Sunday a Republican attempt to lose more than 120,000 votes already cast at Harris County checkpoints, leaving the only remaining Republican option at the federal level.

The court’s decision was taken without comment.

The attempt to get rid of the votes in the Democratic Primary District of Harris is now based on almost identical efforts at the federal level, where the judge has scheduled a hearing on Monday before the elections.

The lawsuit claims that 10 counties in Houston, the fourth largest city in the country, illegally and in locations favorable to Democrats.

For the first time this year, the system was implemented by Chris Hollins, a Harris County employee, with the unanimous approval of the district commissioners, after testing it in a pilot project over the summer.

More than 127,000 voters voted on the spot, and that number could rise to more than 135,000 on election day Tuesday, Harris County lawyer Susan Hayes said. She stated that the district authorities intend to vigorously contest the complaint, which she described as a repressive act against the electoral process.

It’s crazy, she says. The votes must be counted.

The Democrats had hoped on Sunday that the Texas Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Conservatives would be a good omen for their fight at the federal level.

The case will be heard Monday morning by Judge Andrew S. Hanen of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, appointed by President George W. Bush.

In an intervention motion on Friday, Democrats said they threatened to throw the election into chaos by invalidating the votes of more than 100,000 registered Texas voters who voted for them as they marched through the city. The proposal was submitted by the Democratic Campaign Committee for the Senate, the Democratic Campaign Committee for Congress and the M.J. Hegara campaign, which runs for the U.S. Senate.

Prosecutors, including state representative Steve Toth and conservative activist Steve Hots, claim that the vote in the car violated state and federal law and that he should be arrested.

In a telephone interview on Saturday, Toth said that only the legislature had the authority to introduce a travel-based voting system. He also said the location of the seats leans toward Democratic voters and noted that Hollin is the deputy chief financial officer of the Texas Democratic Party.

If Hollins really wants everyone to be well represented, why are there 9 out of 10 in areas dominated by democracy? said Mort, who represents part of neighboring Montgomery County.

He denied that the complaint was intended to curb democratic dynamics in the last days before the elections in Houston and other areas with strong democratic positions.

We are not the ones who deprive everyone of the right to vote, he said. Hollins did it.

In his Twitter statement on Saturday, Hollins said voting was a safe and convenient way to vote. The Texas election code allowed it, the secretary of state approved it and 127,000 voters from all walks of life made use of it.

He stated that his office undertook to count every vote cast by registered voters in this election and that voters would be informed if further action was taken during the legal proceedings.

Members of the Farm Arts Collective will perform a sketch on Saturday before the Court of Scranton (Penn). A loan… Robert Nikelsberg for The New York Times.

Delays in the delivery of letterboxes worsened in the last days of the election, according to court transcripts published by the Post Office, increasing criticism of the agency, which is headed by one of the main sponsors of President Trump’s campaign.

The processing speed – i.e. the speed at which Swiss Post collects mail items when scanning at the receiving plant – rose from 97% on four consecutive days on 28 October to almost 91% nationwide on 31 October. October for ballots handed in by voters at polling stations.

In several states where fighting took place, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina, the numbers were significantly lower, which was attributed by postal workers to the weather conditions and the unavailability of postal workers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday the mood was 64% in downtown Pennsylvania and 78% in the Greater Piladelphia area. In Detroit it was just under 79%, in South Carolina it was less than 76% and in Greensboro, North Carolina it was just under 80%.

On Sunday, mailmen played with the Data Processing Act in the U.S. District Court in Washington. The court ordered the disclosure of mail delivery data in a lawsuit brought by several voters against Trump and the Louis DeJoy Post Office Minister, who has donated $1.2 million to the president’s campaign fund since 2016.

The post is taking a number of measures to address the delays, officials said, ranging from processing ballots sent by express mail in different postal areas to speed up delivery, to paying overtime and hiring additional staff.

Tens of millions of voters turned to postal voting to avoid voting in person because of the pandemic.

Fans of the trump at a rally in Michigan Sports Stars Park in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

Fans of the trump card at a rally in Michigan Sports Star Park in Washington, DC on Sunday. Credit… Doug Mills / New York Times.

Ray, Michigan. – The company turned to Irwin Patterson’s Trump store for his Trump sweatshirts, lawnboards and Blue Lives Matter flags, all available in a good video. On Sunday afternoon he estimated that he had seen about 100 customers at that time.

All this, Patterson said, points to a landslide victory for President Trump on Tuesday, even though the polls say otherwise.

Here in Michigan, just our little part of Michigan, the support we see here is crazy, he said when the snowdrift hit his customers. I mean, he’s only been out a month and a half.

He certainly didn’t embellish his corner of Makomb County in the southern part of the area known as Michigan’s Thumb, where every other home and business seemed to show Mr. Trump’s support. Another question is whether this support can help the president overcome the renewed enthusiasm of the Democrats and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in other larger communities close to him.

One of the visitors, Lisa Bradley, an ice skating instructor from nearby Shelby, said she was still surprised by the number of neighbors who posed as fans of the team when asked. I find that when they say the silent majority, I fully believe it, Miss Bradley said.

Ms. Bradley and others who were in Mr. …Patterson’s store were streamed with people hoping to attend a meeting that Mr. Trump stopped about a mile away to share something in common. But instead they had to make do with the President’s possessions and not with the President’s own eyes, because the grumbling of the transports and the blocking of the streets prevented them from getting to the scene.

It’s like a band, she says. It’s pretty cool, you know, that’s why I really wanted to go to his rally. Isn’t it nice to feel you’re an American again?

Together with other customers, she transformed the trampled lawn into the stage for Trump’s spontaneous rally, after noticing Trump’s flags waving and Trump’s gear carriers being taken off the road. Ms. Bradley also made it clear that she was confident Mr Trump would be re-elected. There are many people, she says, who have usually kept their voices quiet because we don’t want to endanger our work.

But Makomb County, whose independent, white, popular voters helped define the Democratic Reagan concept, voted twice for President Barack Obama and suddenly returned to the Republican column in 2016. Mr. Trump won with 54% of the vote.

As a sign of renewal for the Democrats, Gretchen Whitmer’s government won the district in 2018. But few seem willing to accept that Mr. Michigan wins or loses the presidential election. They said they didn’t see the same excitement about Mr. Biden.

And they suspect they’re guilty of fraud if the president somehow loses. Alex Coon, a computer analyst from neighboring Auckland County, quoted reports he had seen in conservative media that ballots were being thrown into the river and trash cans filled with Trump votes.

There’s so much going on with mail fraud now, he said. It is preferable to vote personally and wear a mask.

Patterson, who calculated that about 80 percent of his Macombe neighbors support Trump, said he also suspected Biden’s victory.

I’ll think about what they were pretending, he said. Honestly.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. speaks at a rally in Detroit on Saturday.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. speaks at a rally in Detroit on Saturday. Erin Shaff/The New York Times…

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. released Saturday night a list of 817 campaign contributors, his top executives, who raised at least $100,000 in addition to their own donations for his presidential campaign and joint party operations, demonstrating the strong support of key donors who helped him surpass President Trump’s fundraising efforts.

The list includes Hollywood celebrities (film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg), influential legal figures (Brad Carp, president of Paul Weiss), Wall Street directors (Hamilton E. James of Blackstone), and Mr. Biden’s colleagues (Mark Angelson, vice-president of the Biden Foundation before he retired).

The two largest states for Bundleers today were California with 195 and New York with 112. The Washington region was also well represented with 83 Bundles in Washington, D.C., 38 in Maryland and 32 in Virginia.

Biden made his list public Saturday night after over 90 million Americans voted for him. Trump has never published a list of democratic presidential candidates which, although not legally binding, was drawn up by each democratic candidate in the 2004 presidential elections.

The Biden campaign, which in its joint committee with the National Democratic Committee and the state parties collected cheques worth more than $700,000, did not appeal to donors who donated more than $100,000 themselves, but only to those who collected at least the same amount from others.

By the end of September, more than $100,000 had been received from the United Nations. By the end of September, Mr. Biden and his joint operations with the Democratic Party had received more than $100,000 from donors.

On Saturday, Mr. Biden unveiled the results of his first general election. The last time Biden published a list of his bundlel readers was in December 2019, when he announced that 235 people had raised at least $25,000 for his campaign.

Mr. Biden’s campaign also follows the higher levels of tutu. The $100,000 threshold is the second lowest reached by the National Campaign Finance Committee. The top rank of Biden Victory Partners is reserved for donors who have raised at least $2.5 million, followed by the Delaware League ($1 million), Philadelphia Founder ($500,000), Scranton Circle ($250,000), Unifier ($100,000) and Guardian ($50,000).



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Kozyr Lozhno declares that the ballots counted after election day are illegal

At a meeting in Iowa on Sunday, Chairman Trump disputed the legality of counting the votes during the vote on 3 November 2001. In fact, no state is legally obliged to report the final results on election night, nor is any state ever obliged to do so.

I’ve seen the people who had their votes stolen, and we’re not going to let that happen. Got it? With these ballots. And the decision of the Supreme Court, where that is not the case, was bad news – the Supreme Court gave them more time, more time. What does that mean? Does that mean we’re going to wait so it’s not the third person who gets into trouble? November is… Will it take much longer? No, we need to look at the election results on the third. November. On the night of the 3rd. November. It was, and it should be. What’s going on in this country? What’s going on in this country?

Video player Download

During a rally in Iowa on Sunday, President Trump disputed the legality of the vote count after the third ballot. The month of November in question. In fact, no state is legally obliged to communicate the final results on election night, and no state has ever done so. CreditCreditCredit… Doug Mills/New York Times

Since a few weeks, President Trump and his allies have been preparing the way to challenge the elections if he should lose. They have now concentrated on a final argument that has no historical or factual basis: that the ballots should not be counted on the last night of the election.

We need to review the election results in third place. November on the evening of the 3rd. November, Trump said Sunday at a windrally in Dubuka, Iowa, where he repeated a series of forgeries. That was and must be the case.

That’s not true, it’s impossible, and it never has been. No state ever announces the final results on election night, nor does any state expect this to be required by law.

On Sunday, Jason Miller, Trump’s senior advisor, presented a surprisingly open version of the same argument.

If you talk to a lot of smart Democrats, they think President Trump will lead on election night and probably win 280 elections, which is somewhere in that range, Miller told the CBA. And then they try to steal it after the election.

Mr Trump’s statement forms part of efforts to end the campaign to contest the legitimacy of the elections, including by encouraging his supporters to intimidate voters.

Democrats – and many unbiased observers – believe that Mr Trump appears to be in the lead on election night in swing states that report personal mail-in votes before a vote, because Democrats vote disproportionately by mail.

Comments such as Mr Miller’s statement that the full counting of the mail-in ballots was an attempt to steal the election. But if the states are after the third. Stopping the counting of votes on 11 November would be an extraordinary manipulation of the electoral process and would deprive millions of voters who voted validly and on time of their right to vote.

Voters sort the ballots Saturday in Newton, Iowa. In many states, it can take days to count the votes to get an accurate picture of the results. The loan… Catherine Gamble for the New York Times.

Pennsylvania voters expect ten times more absenteeism votes than in 2016, Pennsylvania NBC State Department chief Kathy Bukwar told on Sunday. This inevitably leads to longer bills.

But by saying that, I want to make it clear that the elections were never called on election night, Mrs. Bukvar said. It’s a process and we want to make sure that every vote of every valid voter is counted reliably and accurately.

In his Sunday speech in North Carolina, Trump criticized the Supreme Court for allowing Pennsylvania’s election officials to accept absenteeism votes within three days of election day. This extra time was considered necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic and delays in postal services.

Mr. Trump said he didn’t want to wait that long in Pennsylvania.

We’ll go there with our lawyers the night after the election is over, he said.

If people wanted their ballots, they should have got them long ago, he said.

Sunday at Adams Town Bearing, Pop, for a trailer park rally.

Partizan elephants for the rally in Adams Township, Dad, Sunday. The loan… Ruth Fremson/The New York Times.

BENSAL, Daddy. – Joseph R. Biden’s campaign, Jr. made Pennsylvania a top priority for volunteers during the last full weekend of the election by leading supporters from other countries on a critical battlefield – including a door-to-door campaign that was avoided for months during the campaign.

The Biden campaign reported that volunteers knocked on more than 350,000 doors on Saturday, made two million phone calls and sent 1.5 million text messages to state voters.

Polls show that Pennsylvania is closest to the three Rust Belt statements that President Trump recovered four years ago. And Pennsylvania had fewer early votes than the other states, which means there are many more votes available for conquest.

According to the American election plan, almost 400,000 absentee ballot papers requested by the Democrats would not have returned by Sunday.

Biden’s campaign advisor said the state is particularly behind schedule – Biden himself made several stops in the state on Sunday, and he and his campaign colleague, Senator Kamala Harris, had planned to visit the state on Monday – because such a large percentage of voters here should cast their votes on election day.

The Trump campaign has already shown itself from the best side and the door-to-door campaign was a milestone this autumn.

The Biden campaign has prevented door-to-door riots in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country for most of the year to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. This weekend, while agitators grabbed materials from the launch pad in Buck County, a suburb of Philadelphia that lent Hillary Clinton four years ago, volunteers dressed in ponchos in the rain checked their temperatures.

The Biden campaign took place at more than 50 such locations throughout the state, including 10 in Philadelphia and 15 in the city’s four municipalities.

Among the congressmen who came to the state Sunday to vote for Biden was Andrew Young, a former Democratic 2020 presidential candidate who made three stops in the Philadelphia area.

I would go anywhere in the continental United States, Yang said, but for the Biden campaign, Pennsylvania was quickly at the top of their list of priorities.

He traveled to Cheltenham, Korea, to win the support of Asian Americans, who make up about 4 percent of Pennsylvania’s electorate. Historically, they’ve voted at lower levels than other communities, Young said, adding that Asian Americans can be good decision-makers in Pennsylvania.

Interracial crowd with Latinx 4 Biden figures at a Sunday campaign meeting in Duluth, a suburb of Atlanta Ga.

A multiracial crowd with Latinx 4 Biden registering for a Sunday election rally in the suburbs of Atlanta, Duluth, Ga… John Amis/Atlanta Journal Constitute, through Associated Press.

Duluth, go. – The multicultural aspect of the suburbs of Atlanta that has clouded the Republican advantage in Georgia was evident Sunday, according to signs that Senator Kamala Harris put on a rally in the Gwyneth County parking lot. They announced it: Vietnamese Americans for Biden. And Latinx for Biden and Todos Con Biden and Desis for Biden Harris is a reference to people from the Indian subcontinent. They were in Spanish and Chinese.

Gwyneth County is located in the heart of young Georgia, which speaks several languages, organizes (sometimes) barbecues and is a big plus for this year’s Biden Harris ticket. Although Trump defeated Georgia by five percentage points in 2016, the current polls show that the race is in full swing.

Some Republicans in the state have acknowledged that the party’s problems could spread beyond 2020 if they do not find a way to talk to a minority in the state that could obscure the whites as a majority by 2028.

Standing at the Endless Energy Center, an arena about half an hour from downtown Atlanta, Harris was strongly inclined to believe that the Trump administration does not have the interests of minorities at heart. She said Trump has questioned President Barack Obama’s citizenship, maliciously treated Mexican immigrants, supported the banning of Muslims from entering the United States and called white nationalist protesters “beautiful people.

Georgia, we’re better than this, Miss Harris said. We deserve better!

Enrique Reyna, 42 years old, a construction worker who moved to Georgia from San Diego a few years ago, said that Latin American groups have intensively surveyed the suburbs and found an enthusiastic crowd, especially given the Trump government’s lukewarm attempts to stop illegal immigration. Kids are in cages, buddy, he says. It’s upset a lot of people.

After Mrs. Harris’ speech dozens of supporters stood next to the busy highway, waving signs and beeping to passers-by. On the sidewalk stood Rosemary Gabriel, 51 years old, a hairdresser from Nigeria. Sometimes, she said, she felt the kind of tribal thinking in the United States that she was used to in Nigerian politics and that she was terribly afraid of. I’m tired, she says, because of all the noise.

Fans cheered during a speech by Senator Kamala Harris in Miami on Saturday. The Asian-American population of Florida could change the situation on the battlefield. A loan… Scott Mclntyre for The New York Times…

In the last weekend before election day, the Biden campaign makes a final attempt to increase voter turnout among Asian-American voters, a growing demographic group that could play a role in the decision to go to critical crisis states.

More than 11 million Asian Americans will be able to vote this year, representing about 5 percent of all eligible voters in the country. One-third of registered Asian-American voters, more than two million in total, live in 10 major states, including Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

About 44 percent of Asian-American voters identify themselves as Democrats, compared to 23 percent who identify themselves as Republicans. It is the result of a study by AAPI Data, which publishes demographic data and policy research on Asian Americans and Pacific islanders. And the election of Senator Kamala Harris – black and South Asian – as vice-presidential candidate has inspired many in Asian, American and Indian communities.

Recognizing that the Asian-American voice on the edge can make a difference, especially when one of those games gets tense in the Swing State, the Biden campaign released a 60-second video on Asian-American celebrities Saturday, along with an updated list of more than 1,100 Asian-American and Pacific Islanders who supported them.

We are very proud of our micro-targeting messages and our individual approach to working with the A.A.P.I. community, so not only do we feel represented in the campaign, but we also have the opportunity and inspiration to participate, says Dennis Chang, Senior Campaign Consultant at Biden.

But while the majority of Indian and Japanese Americans identify themselves as Democrats, 48 percent of Vietnamese Americans identify themselves as Republicans or inclined to Republican politics, according to an opinion poll of Asian-American voters. And their votes can be decisive in some elections to the House of Representatives, such as the 39th General Assembly. District of California, where Young Kim, a Korean-American and Republican, challenges incumbent Democrat Gil Sisneros.

The Trump campaign also organized a series of virtual, personal, multilingual voter registration events for Asian Americans. Asian Americans, including myself, have always supported candidates who stand for a safe and strong America, said Ken Farnaso, deputy national campaign spokesperson.

Some Asian Americans have decided to focus on attendance, involvement and public relations. Ismailis Rise Up, a group of Ismaili Muslims in the United States, has trained more than 150 organizers across the country to lead human rights groups in key states and staging significant numbers of Ismaili residents.

On a fundamental level, we understand that we have to be our own lawyers, according to Senia Merchant, one of the co-founders of the group. When it comes to the question of democracy, we cannot sit back and wait and see what happens.

Reverend Rafael G. Warnock, Democratic candidate for Georgia's Senate, Atlanta, last week.

Reverend Rafael G. Warnock, Democratic candidate for Georgia’s Senate, Atlanta, last week. The loan… Lindsay Weatherspoon for the New York Times.

In three key states, early voters, campaigners and 2020 candidates are preparing for the Sunday peak of an extraordinary election season:


Hundreds of people voted Sunday morning for an online worship service broadcast by the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and now Senior Pastor, former President Rafael G. Warnock, is the most important democratic candidate for the Senate in Georgia.

Make sure you go to the vote on Tuesday, Dr Warnock said. If you have already chosen, I want you to turn to your friends and family today and ask them: Did you vote? Can I help you? Can I take you to the polls? Let’s make sure everyone goes to the polls.

Dr. Warnock then presented his digital easel to Reverend Robert Michael Franklin Jr., Honorary Chairman of Dr. Warnock’s Alma Mater, Morehouse College.

If Trumppence wins, we will be able to hold on with dignity and determination, even if the weight of disappointment seems heavy, he said. We will patiently denounce all apparent violations in all elections. We may be a loyal opposition, but in the end we will accept the legal results.


Residents of Philadelphia, where less than a week ago the murder of a black man by police led to protests and clashes in the streets, said Sunday to fear a new round of protests after the Third World War, regardless of which presidential candidate appears to have won.

I think there’s going to be excitement, no matter who’s leading, said Caitlin Foley, 36, the doctor who worked for Joseph R. I think there’s going to be excitement, no matter who’s leading, said Caitlin Foley, 36, the doctor who worked for Joseph R. Biden, Jr. – After the recent shootings, there’s still a lot of anger and misery. People are upset, scared and angry.

Whatever the results, the city’s voting machine will work as expected, said David Thornburg, Executive Director of the Committee of the 1970s, an impartial, non-profit group committed to fair elections. I’m always sure everything’s going to be all right, he said.


Lake County, Ohio, has long been a Belvedere County. The middle class, a predominantly white suburban area east of Cleveland, has voted one out of two winners in every presidential election since 1960.

The last presidential election in Lake County was close, but President Trump broke that tradition four years ago, defeating Hillary Clinton by more than 15 percentage points. This year the question is whether this is an outcome or whether the ageing of the population in the neighbourhood is steadily shifting to the right.

The views outside Lake County in Painesville were of course diverse.

We haven’t changed at all, said Lisa Hudson, a Republican District Volunteer. This province has turned red and it’s still red. She went on to say: All national investigations are wrong.

About 50 meters away is Anne Reiss, who distributes material from the Democratic Party. She said that Lake County’s feeling today is less disappointed than it was four years ago, which is a good sign for Democrats.


Amira Randolph, left, and Mary Mazang, on Sunday in Milwaukee. The loan… Chang W. Lee/The New York Times.

Fifteen-year-old Amira Randolph and around 25 other young people braved strong winds and freezing temperatures on Sunday to encourage the people of Milwaukee’s Near South Side to vote. Hidden, the stirrers withdrew a meter after the bell.

A native, Maribel Pinha, accepted the voice of Mrs. Randolph, but passed it on to her son, Rodolfo Geron, 19 years old, who is fluent in English.

Mr. Jeron, a student at Carroll University in Waukesh, was pleased with the memory. Yes, I intended to vote today, he said, adding that he voted for Joseph R. Biden, Jr. – I followed the debate and Biden agrees with what I believe and with the changes I want to see in this country.

The advocacy work is led by Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES), a multicultural group that is part of Action Voces de la Frontera, a Milwaukee non-profit organisation that promotes the rights of immigrants, students and workers.

Many of the students interviewed were Spanish, such as Katerina Villanueva, 16 years old, who said that her participation in a group of teenagers throughout the year helped her overcome her fears because she had grown up in a mixed immigrant family.

Other young people, such as 15-year-old Fatoumata Gisse, whose parents are Muslim and emigrated from Senegal to Milwaukee, have recently joined the effort. It is also important to vote for the young people, this vote is for our future, Mrs Gisse said. So why don’t you go outside and encourage people to vote?

– Sean Keenan, John Hurdl, Daniel McGraw and Kay Nolan.

President Trump's election night is at the White House.

President Trump’s election night is at the White House. The loan… Oliver Contreras for The New York Times.

President Trump’s election party will be held in the White House East Room, and the president’s advisers are discussing the possibility of inviting about 400 people, according to two officials familiar with the talks.

The party was moved from the Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, originally chosen as a campaign site, in part because of Washington regulations prohibiting the gathering of more than 50 people indoors to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

What was originally planned as a small meeting in the Oostzaal has now become a large indoor party with several hundred expected people.

The event is likely to cause safety problems as the coronavirus spreads more easily indoors. The event of the 26th. The appointment in September of Amy Coney Barrett of the Supreme Court, who brought people together in the rose garden, both indoors and outdoors, was widely regarded by health experts as a point of spread of the virus.

The White House official and the First Lady’s spokesperson, whose office oversees the east wing of the complex, did not respond to requests for comments. The campaign spokesperson did not respond directly to the e-mail requesting comments.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign announced Saturday that he would address people on election night from Wilmington, Delaware.

Senator Lindsay Graham will address reporters in Charleston on Saturday.

Senator Lindsay Graham will address reporters in Charleston on Saturday. A loan… Gavin Mclntyre for The New York Times.

Senator Lindsay Graham, South Carolina’s vulnerable ally, suggested that every young woman in America could succeed – if she opposed abortion, supported religion, and accepted the traditional family structure.

Graham’s comments came three weeks after his remarks, which were seen as an attempt to dictate political rules for racial involvement, stating that blacks could go anywhere in the state, as long as they were conservative rather than liberal.

I want every young woman to know that America has a place for her if she’s for life, if she accepts her religion and follows the traditional family structure — that she can go anywhere as a young woman, said Graham, president of the Senate Judiciary Committee, facing a surprisingly strong challenge from Jaime Harrison, a black Democrat.

First @LindseyGrahamSC said that black people in Britain can do anything… …even if it’s conservative, Mr. Harrison at the beginning of Sunday. He now says that young women can get a place in America if they come from traditional families. Are there any other requests we should know about, Lindsay?

Graham spoke at an election rally in Conway, South Carolina, after praising Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a role model for other women.

You know what I like about Judge Barrett? She’s got everything, the senator said. Not only is she an angry, smart girl, but she’s also incredibly talented. She embraces her faith, Graham said at an outdoor rally when he entered the scene carrying a baseball ceiling.

The letter to Mr. Graham’s press attaché was not returned immediately.

But a man close to the senator said he simply assumed that a woman who shared the conservative views of Justice Barrett could succeed instead of creating the conditions for all women to succeed.

In recent polls Graham has taken a limited attitude towards Harrison, but he suffers the same political misery as Trump – white suburban deserts, a huge gender gap and overwhelming opposition from black voters.

Sometimes his indigenous, open, freedom-loving style, which his reporters in Washington feared, sent him home.

If you are a young African-American immigrant, you can go anywhere in this state, you just have to be conservative, not liberal, Graham said on the candidates forum September 10. October.

Most of the campaigns were triggered by the pandemic.

Coronavirus facilities at the roadside polling station in Newton, Iowa. Most campaigns were dominated by the pandemic. The loan… Catherine Gamble for the New York Times.

President Trump began his fall campaign, for which he fought and attempted to arrange a last-minute surprise that Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Coronavirus vaccine. A spectacular economic recovery. Ministry of Justice investigating a blockbuster. Seriously slipping off an opponent he portrayed stumbling. A scandal involving Mr. Biden and his son Hunter.

But since the campaign is coming to an end and most national and state polls show that M. Trump Wrestling is a trump card winner, the cavalry never came for the surprise of October that allowed him to overtake Hillary Clinton in 2016.

As a result, Dr. Trump witnessed an out-of-control pandemic, an economy affected by the disease, and questions about his own style and behavior that made him a polarizing figure.

Some events in the political arena gave hope for a ride: the opening of the Supreme Court, the street protests that the president had tried to blame the Democrats, and even his three-day stay in hospital with the coronavirus, which some advisors had hoped would make him more susceptible.

That doesn’t seem to have changed. The nature of the seemingly earthly moments rather emphasized the central and fundamentally stable dynamics of the breed. Opinions on Mr Trump were largely the same.

More than anything else, the race was determined by the pandemic that exploded in public consciousness in March and Trump struggled to address both health and political issues.

The long-term consequences of President Trump's relationship with the truth are perhaps most obvious from a pandemic perspective.

Flags on Washington’s arms base representing people who died of coronavirus-related causes in the United States The long-term effects of President Trump’s relationship with the truth are perhaps most obvious in connection with the pandemic. Stephanie Reynolds’ loan to The New York Times.

Born against a backdrop of fictitious mass declarations and alternative facts, Trump’s presidency from the outset was a factory of lies, twisted distortions, conspiracy theories and blatant lies based on an assembly line that challenged verifiable facts and defied historical analogies.

But today, with the elections in two days’ time, the consequences of four years of manipulation are highlighted, with President Trump claiming that the vote itself has been intrinsically manipulated, undermining the credibility of the system. If contesting the law after Tuesday leads to a game for the extra innings, citizens may not believe in the result – and in their own democracy – and stay away.

A nightmare scenario of widespread doubt and denial of the legitimacy of the elections would mean the end of a period in American history in which the truth seemed to be at stake under a president who had strayed so far from normal boundaries that he created his own reality, which the allies called. Even if the election ends in a clear victory or loss for Trump, academics and players argue that the concept of public trust in the facts necessary for a democratic society to function during its term of office has been undermined, with possible long-term consequences.

You can limit the damage, but you can’t repair 100%, says Lee McIntyre, author of the book Post Truth and philosopher at Boston University. And I think it will be Trump’s legacy. I think the processes by which we have tested the truth for decades will be damaged in the long run.

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci on Capitol Hill in July.

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is on Capitol Hill in July. The loan… Stephanie Reynolds for The New York Times.

He took part in the two pre-election discussions in which President Trump distorted his position on the pandemic. It was emphasized – and taken out of context – in an advertisement for the re-election of Capricorn. And his own boss was openly mocking him, calling him a disaster.

Looks like Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the best infection specialist in the country, has had enough.

As Mr. Trump traveled through the country convincing the Americans that the United States had turned the tide for the coronavirus, Dr. Fauci looked forward to the coming winter and said it couldn’t get any worse.

It hurts a lot, Dr. Fauci said in an interview with the Washington Post on Saturday.

And in a statement echoed by the White House, a prominent non-political health official praised Biden’s treatment of the coronavirus and said she took it seriously in terms of public health.

He said the campaign should be approached from a different angle, focusing on the economy and the reopening of the country.

In an interview, Dr. Fauci asked for a virtual connection to his current location with Dr. Deborah L. Birks, coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Mr. Trump preferred the advice of another pandemic advisor, Dr. Scott W. Atlas, who questioned the use of masks and proposed a number of other conflicting philosophies in his fight for re-election and to tame the virus.

Dr. Fauci criticized Dr. Atlas directly in his interview.

I have real problems with this guy, he says.

Dr. Fauci suggested that Dr. Atlas, a neuroradiologist without infectious diseases, is not himself.

He’s a smart guy who talks about things I don’t think he has any real knowledge or experience, he said. He keeps saying it’s useless to take it apart and take it apart.

If Dr. Fauci has taken off the gloves, it seems that the White House, which once tried to avoid an open confrontation with a politically popular figure, has now done so.

In a statement sent to the Post, White House spokesman Judd Deer said it was unacceptable and contrary to all standards for Dr. Fauci to be in politics three days before the election. Dr. Fauci said his political preferences were revealed when he praised the president’s opponent, exactly what the American people expected from the swamp.

New Year's signs in Normandy Park, Wash.

New Year’s signs in Normandy Park, Wash. A loan… Chona Casinger for the New York Times.

In Illinois, Florida and Arizona, police were called in to investigate the Biden signs that were set on fire at night and the Trump flags demolished. The owners, furious at the disappearance of their campaign posters, installed sophisticated cameras that were on the move to catch the criminals. Only a few despicable people have traps with sharp razor blades shining beneath them.

With only a few days to go before the presidential election, the Americans are queuing up, sometimes even in the backyard of their house.

It’s just that there are a lot of bad feelings right now, and that’s what this is about, said Annie Phillips, 82, a retired teacher in a Seattle suburb who had two Biden signs stolen from her backyard. Tired that Miss Phillips, after taking the second panel, bought the third and nailed it to her garage door.

Americans are buzzing with excitement and fear. They had to endure a long and combative campaign in the midst of a pandemic and a complicated electoral process with an uncertain outcome.

Both parties report acts of political vandalism.

The battles behind placards, flags and other expressions of candidate loyalty take place regularly in every election season, but this year it seems to get more intense.

In Volusia County, Fla, one neighbor hit another in the face because he thought his own trump card was blocked by his neighbor’s Biden sign, according to authorities.

The trump pence plates were ruined with stickers. Biden Harris plates were knocked down on the lawn. In the centre of Iowa, the observation board along the highway was partially covered with a black sheet painted with a biblical verse: Love each other. John 15: This autumn, on a country road in northeast Wisconsin, there was a large Biden sign with torn holes and small flaps flying in the wind.

The excitement increases as the demand for election signs explodes in some areas. Stephen Slugotsky, the leader of the Democratic Party in Marikopa County, Ariz, said he saw 10 times as many requests for signs as in 2016.

It’s an interesting dynamic because everyone wants the sign, but people get it and steal it, he said. This makes people a little more reluctant to install it, especially in the front yard, but demand has exploded.

Alejandra Escobar, 22, working at home as a groundskeeper in Omaha.

Alejandra Escobar, 22 years old, in her house where she works as a field organizer in Omaha. Credit… Terry Ratzlaff for The New York Times.

When Alejandra Escobar started her first election work in Omaha as a field organizer for Nebraska’s Democratic Party, she imagined knocking on doors and talking to voters in private.

I didn’t expect to be in a dark cellar where my Wi-Fi would be very pierced, she said.

This year something is missing for the young employees working on the road to agitation: the initiation ritual linked to the first task of the agitation campaign.

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, massive calls for zoom work and virtual agitation have replaced the traditions that have long dominated work on the road to agitation – knocking on doors, in town halls, in the sleepless bootcamps of combat states.

For young professionals who want to start their political career, the practical training they receive in the workplace, created through early career development campaigns, is invaluable. As a rule, young professionals are trained to work in the complex areas of the campaign path in political science halls, where seminars for curators, guest speakers and simulation exercises are held to prepare the organisers for the work ahead. These programs – some partisan, some impartial – often provide shelter and serve as a camp for young professionals to find like-minded people.

Starting a career in a campaign is not only a matter of experience and learning, but also of relationships, both professional and personal. (Senator Ted Cruise, a Texas Republican, and his wife Heidi Cruise met while working on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in 2000).

Although the jobs in the campaign against the pandemic are clearly not what they used to be, some ambitious students prefer to focus on this path.

Chi Xu, 21, who took a semester of her Yale degree to work as a field organizer in New Hampshire for NextGen America, a non-profit youth engagement organization funded by former Democratic Party billionaire presidential candidate Tom Steyer, said she felt a strong moral obligation to actively participate in the election.

I mean, the world seems to be falling apart, she said. So if there was a year to go, this would be the last.

Courtyard sign for Biden in front of a house in Columbus, Ohio.

A courtyard sign for Biden at his house in Columbus, Ohio. A loan… Maddy McGarvey for The New York Times.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – John Ward, 62, came from North Ohio to support his partner when they voted at his polling station in suburban Columbus, where they lined up at Franklin County Mall about 20 minutes Saturday afternoon.

Ward and Catherine Workman, 58, do not always agree with politics; the lifelong Republican who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 is generally more conservative than she is. But this year, the couple supports the same person as the president: Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic candidate.

I haven’t become any less conservative, Ward. But Mr. Asset, he says, destroyed the presidency. This is an office that most people still respect.

(Administrator of the State of Ohio) stated that she thought Mr. Biden was a good and decent person who stood up for his values. She said she knew Mr. Trump had little support in his suburban community this year. His mother, who is over 80, and his three neighbors support Mr. Biden.

Mr Ward’s vote will be his first vote for a democratic presidential candidate. He said he was attracted by Mr Trump’s desire to challenge the status quo and the fact that the president’s term of office was not only bad, referring to his involvement in the economy. But Ward was concerned about the way Tromp’s family was doing in the White House and, like Tromp’s legacy, seems to have benefited from his presidency.

Wearing a vest with a patch indicating his support for law enforcement, the Department also said that Trump’s attempts to portray Biden as an anti-police agent were inappropriate. Biden said he wasn’t going to disarm the police. I heard him say it, and I’m gonna trust him on this.

I consider him a middle-class conservative Democrat, he moved on. Kamala Harris isn’t, and that pisses me off. But I think we should just take a look.‘Patriots’.jpg

A loan… Fran Caballero…

Is this election bothering you? You’re not alone. According to a study published in October by the American Psychological Association, 68% of adults consider this choice to be a major source of stress.

There is even a name for the condition, the Election Stress Disorder, which was invented in 2016 by the counselor of a Maryland couple called Stephen Stosney.

So how can you deal with your friends and family to bridge political differences on election day and afterwards without arguing or pointing the finger? It starts with dealing with your own feelings.

Be prepared not to get results.

There’s a good chance the presidential elections won’t take place on Tuesday night. This is not necessarily a concern in itself, as this year’s states will need time to count the flow of mailboxes, some of which cannot be processed before election day. But beware of viral misinformation, because candidates can try to claim victory prematurely or manipulate the results.

Take it easy if you need it.

Take the time to assess your situation before discussing the political issue with your family members. Maybe you should settle for a stew, says Eva Escobedo, a couples therapist at Just Mind, an advice center in Austin, Texas. She advised taking a day or two off to rest.

Limit your external influence on social media – Dr. Stosney suggests that you postpone certain times to examine your news or social media feeds. If you communicate with your family or friends via Facebook or Twitter, try to remove these conversations from the network, where you can have a more fruitful and meaningful exchange.

Stay active and connected.

If you feel anxious or depressed, take a walk or go jogging and try to stay outside for at least 30 minutes. Research has linked aerobic exercise to better emotional regulation; even moderate exercise such as walking can be beneficial. Make plans with your friends to occupy your mind.

But Dr. Jen Lee, a psychiatrist at UCLA in Los Angeles, warned that you would be in a troubled mood on election day. People are pretty tough, she says. Chances are you can handle it.

Trump's administration has allocated about $15 billion to continue construction of the wall on the southwestern border.

The Trump government has provided about 15 billion dollars to continue the construction of the wall on the southwestern border. The loan… Sergio Flores for the New York Times.

Four years ago Donald J. Trump won the presidency after a series of promises to his supporters. Did he keep it?

A recent survey by the University of New York showed that those who voted for Trump in 2016 thought he had broken less than one in five promises. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton said he lost more than four out of five points.

Look how he kept some of the promises he signed.

  • Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it: The construction of a barrier along the southwestern border was Mr Trump’s decisive battle cry in 2016. Over the past four years, Trump Administration has been responsible for administration up to and including grade 16. October 371 miles of border fences erected. And this week she’s going 400 miles. However, with the exception of the 16-mile barrier, all new barriers replace or reinforce existing structures. Trump hit the wall during a mission to his election rallies, and Mexico pays the price, he said. But Mexico doesn’t really pay.
  • Appointment of conservative judges: According to Russell Wheeler, a forensic expert at the Brookings Institution who currently appoints three Supreme Court judges and 25 percent of federal judges, the president is more successful than anyone in keeping the promises she made during the campaign.
  • Abolition and replacement of the Affordable Care Act : A multi-year Republican campaign to abolish and replace the Affordable Care Act failed and intensified dramatically in Trump’s first year as president. The restoration of a democratic majority in the House of Representatives after the 2018 by-elections has almost completely reversed all subsequent legislative attempts to repeal the entire bill, although the President and his party are still trying to do so.

Supporting President Trump at a meeting in Des Moines, Iowa last month...

President Trump’s supporters at a meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, last month. Doug Mills / New York Times.

Following Ann Salzer’s recent poll in Iowa, in which President Trump promoted a five-state tour on Sunday that included parts of the Rustbelt and the Southeast, one can forgive the feeling of déjà vu.

An opinion poll held on Saturday showed a late shift to Mr Trump after he and Democratic Party candidate Joseph R. Biden, Jr. had been fighting it out in the state elections for months.

Iowa’s most respected political conclusion, Selzer & Company, is a rare company that received last-minute support from Trump in 2016, eventually winning Iowa, other Midwestern states and Electoral College.

A new poll, conducted as usual for the De Moine Register, found that 48 percent of likely Iowa voters support Trump and 41 percent support Biden. The sampling error was plus or minus 3,4 percentage points.

Surveys conducted by Selzer in June and September showed that the candidates were selected at random statistically, with the last 47 percent of the candidates each receiving a place.

In a new vote, 5 percent of potential voters said they knew who they were going to vote for – or that they had already voted – but they didn’t want to talk. Overall, 94% of likely voters said they had already voted or made a firm decision on their support, meaning there were few convincing voters in the final days of the race.

Four years ago Trump was also seven points ahead in a pre-election survey conducted by Selzer in early November. The investigation came days after FBI Director James B. Kee e-mailed Congress to Hillary Clinton about a new investigation of the case. It wasn’t the only investigation in Iowa at the time, but it was the only one that recorded a movement in the direction of Mr. Atout. And it was almost good: In the end, he beat Mrs. Clinton by nine points, two points more than in the Seltzer poll.

Of the states where the fighting takes place, Iowa, a white, heavy village, is one of the most favorable for Mr. Trump card this year. But any poll showing a seven-point advantage in the state of war – especially from such a valued expert by experience – inevitably leads to a dive in the head.

The poll also revealed that Senator Johnny Ernst has an advantage over his Democratic rival Teresa Greenfield in a hotly contested race for Senate control.

Mr. Trump has regained strength in a recent poll in Iowa, mainly by bringing independent voters back to his camp. He beat Iowa’s independent voters by 49 to 35 percent, which he could do almost nowhere. Along the way, he plunged Biden’s lead among the state women from 20 points in September to nine points.

However, the Seltzer study is only a state study; a study released Thursday by the University of Queennipiaq shows that Mr Trump has only one point in front of him. And while election observers may wonder what a Seltzer poll on trends in the Midwest might reveal, Biden doesn’t need Iowa, even with his six votes, to win the presidential election. His campaign hasn’t become a major investment in the state.

After receiving a list of six possible campaign themes, the trumpeters said it was supported by the economy and taxes; 37 percent of presidential voters chose this theme. Unemployment in Iowa fell to 4.6% last month, the fifth highest in the country.

Among Biden’s supporters, the most frequently cited topic was his ability to restore the good in America, which was chosen by 26 percent.

Overall, only 9% of all potential voters who support one of the key candidates said that his handling of the pandemic was their biggest concern. This is despite the fact that Iowa currently has one of the highest per capita fares.

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